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Chilled Dragon Fruit Cheesecake

Called Katy and she said, "Yes, go ahead!" Thank you so much, Katy!

So, this photo-heavy post is credited to Katy for her recipe called Chilled Dragon Fruit Cheesecake. :D

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients - 500g cream cheese, 300g cream, 2-3 dragon fruits, 100g butter, 8-12 pieces digestive biscuits.

Step 2: Cut the dragon fruits into pieces.

Step 3: To make the base, mix crumbled digestive biscuits with butter. Press into cake tin and freeze in the fridge.

Step 4a: Cook the dragon fruits.....

Step 4b: .....till they turn lumpy.

Step 5: Set the dragon fruits aside to cool and measure the cream.

Step 6: Beat the cream cheese with sugar.

Step 7: When the cream cheese is smooth, add cream and gelatin.

Step 8: Divide the cream cheese into two batches, add dragon fruits to one of them.

Step 9: Fill the cake tin with layers.

Step 10: Keep swirling as the tin fills up to get marbled effect.

Step 11: Put into the fridge to set and chill.

Step 12: It's feasting time!

1 comment

  1. Oops, the pictures are from the friend who made that cake. She said it's good that I helped her to promote the cake. :)

    Let me check with her the speed thingy.