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Natural childbirth, skin-to-skin, breastfeeding, virgin coconut oil, coconut water

Here's a list of must-know things as I prepare myself for motherhood.

Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth refers to a labor and birth process free from unnecessary medical interventions and free from medications for pain relief.

I choose natural childbirth. So far, I've been preparing myself as much as I can to avoid induced labor (induced labor pain is far worse than natural labor pain) and Caesarean birth.

More info from this article: 


Nowadays, most consultant obstetricians and gynecologists encourage skin-to-skin for mother and baby right after baby is born.

I'm definitely doing this!


Breastfed kids are smarter. The American Academy of Pediatrics suggests exclusive breastfeeding for six months after birth before adding food, and that mothers continue to nurse until their child is at least 1 year old.

I will make this happen!

About newborn's stomach capacity for breast milk from my previous post:

"More baby stuff - breastfeeding, mom & baby expo, baby movements"

More info from these articles:

"Breastfeeding Boosts Smarts as Babies Grow, Study Finds"

"Breastfeeding 'can enhance a child's IQ': Longer a mother chooses to feed baby the better their intelligence scores aged seven"

Virgin coconut oil and coconut water

More info about the benefits of consuming coconut water and oil during pregnancy:


Am I ready to be a mum?

Believe it or not, baby and I are now approaching 36 weeks!

There are a whole lot of changes going on during my pregnancy journey so far - both physiologically and psychologically.


You can learn more about physical changes from this infographic. But I'd like to summarize some major experiences throughout my journey so far:
  • First trimester (4-12 weeks): some food cravings; mild nausea; no vomiting; feeling tired but not lethargic; super excited!
  • Second trimester (13-27 weeks): some food cravings especially for butter, milk, and pasta; honeymoon period; no major physical discomfort; most people still can't detect that I'm pregnant especially before 24 weeks; love my baby's movements!
  • Third trimester (28-40 weeks): oh-my-god-I-need-more-sleep; I'm-a-peeing-goddess; minor aches here and there; baby moves until I feel like my belly's gonna burst; so funny watching my belly goes lopsided with either a knee or an elbow jutting out once in a while; anxious but excited!

Here's the major one: I FINALLY SHOP ONLINE!!! It's a big thing you know... because I don't really trust online shopping for as long as I'm still breathing. :P

To date, I frequent a few sites and I would say that Zalora Malaysia is one of my favorite online shopping destinations. ^_^

I have also taken an online test just for fun: Are you ready to be a mum?

Results say: You were born to be a mum!

LOL, do I have a choice? :P

Also, here's an article that makes me ponder about work-life balance for moms.

Baby's popping anytime after I have reached 37 weeks. Wish me luck! :D


Movie: Pacific Rim (2013) in 3D

To fight monsters we created monsters

Pacific Rim (2013) is AWESOME!

No worries, no spoilers at all.

You just need to remember two things: massive robots called Jaeger (German for "Hunter") and giant monsters called Kaiju from a portal between dimensions opened at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Kaiju (Japanese for "strange beast") means giant monsters from Japanese sci-fi movies, such as Godzilla.

Then, just lean back and enjoy multiple impressive and intense digital fight sequences between Jaegers and Kaijus.

The movie's soundtrack composed by Ramin Djawadi adds necessary gravity and grandeur. The cast, especially Idris Elba as Stacker Pentecost, commanding officer of the Jaeger project gives a very convincing performance. He exudes a lot of authority effortlessly and you could feel the weight of the world on his shoulders when he shouts, "Today, we cancel the apocalypse!" 

Most importantly, the Jaegers are too darn handsome!

Gipsy Danger

Striker Eureka

Cherno Alpha

Coyote Tango

 Crimson Typhoon

You must watch this movie!


Dinner @ KimchiHaru, IOI Boulevard Puchong

Stone Bulgogi Bibimbap (Beef)

This is always the best choice for a healthy yet fulfilling Korean dinner.

Sardine Kimchi Jigae

I have never thought of eating sardine with kimchi, but this dish turns out to be quite a surprise for me. It's notably palatable except for the fact that it makes me sweat too much. So, if you don't mind sweating during dinner, any kimchi jigae dish will do.

Zazang Tobbap (Chicken)

This dish is rather similar to Chinese dishes made with zha jiang sauce. It's surprisingly delicious albeit looking a little bit too monotonously brown.


There are three branches at the moment:

Petaling Jaya (13-LG1, Block D, Jaya One)
Puchong (G-55, IOI Boulevard)
Subang Jaya (10, First Floor, Jalan SS15/4)


More baby stuff - breastfeeding, mom & baby expo, baby movements


Do you know that newborns' stomach is very small and they don't need to drink so much milk (plain water is also not needed)? The chart above shows infant's stomach.

  • Day 1: 5-7ml per feeding (mainly from colostrum)
  • Day 3: 20-27ml per feeding
  • Day 10: 60-80ml per feeding
Another photo:

Photo source

I have decided to breastfeed my baby and I'm going for direct latching with NO formula milk, NO bottle, and NO pacifier for as long as I can.

Bottle-feeding causes nipple confusion and baby might refuse to direct latch after that. I will make sure my baby is NOT given a bottle especially during the first few weeks while baby and I are learning the art of breastfeeding with joy.

If you're a mommy-to-be, I encourage you to:

Mom & Baby Expo (12-14 July 2013)

Can't wait for the next Mom & Baby Expo at Mid Valley! I have made a list of baby essentials to buy!

Baby movements

This chart explains the meaning of different baby movements.

  • Movements that are felt like ripples or waves: Baby says, "I have enough food and sleep and I'm in a very good mood!"

  • Movements at a few spots: Baby says, "I'm rolling around!"

  • Sudden jerky movements: Baby says, "I'm shocked!"

  • Rhythmic movements: Baby says, "I have hiccups!"


The New Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko

The New Watch by Sergei Lukyanenko - volume five of the Night Watch series: Night Watch, Day Watch, Twilight Watch, The Last Watch.


At Moscow airport, Higher Light Magician Anton Gorodetsky overhears a child screaming that a plane is about to crash. He discovers that the child is a Prophet: an Other with the gift of foretelling the future. When the catastrophe is averted, Gorodetsky senses a disruption in the natural order, one that is confirmed by the arrival of a dark and terrifying predator.

From the Night Watch headquarters Gorodetsky travels to London, to Taiwan and across Russia in search of clues, unearthing as he goes a series of increasingly cataclysmic prophecies. He soon realizes that what is at stake is the existence of the Twilight itself - and that only he will be able to save it.