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Baby & toddler menu

Baby-led weaning in progress.

  • ELB stands for Electric Lunch Box. I have two SEED ELBs: SD-967 (Vacuum Seal Version) and SD-937. 
  • I have also tried Zojirushi Stainless Steel Food Jar SW-FBE75 (750ml).
  • All grains and legumes are advised to be soaked overnight to remove phytic acid. Although soaking does not remove ALL phytic acid, a tremendous amount is reduced. Babies/toddlers are such picky eaters and when we feed them, we want them to absorb all nutrients possible. So, any amount of phytic acid removed helps a lot. Researches also show that phytic acid is the main culprit in kids' tooth decay. For adults, it's OK NOT to soak our rice and grains because we eat a variety of food, we get our nutrients from more sources, and we brush our teeth better than toddlers.

Grains & seeds

Pasta & noodles


Muffins, bread, cookies & cakes

Pancakes, pikelets, cutlets, quiches

Other dishes (desserts, one-pot meals, etc)

Useful guides

Baby purees


  1. Hi would you recommend an electric cooker eg seed one like u have or thermal cooker? Especially for toddler meals?

    1. Hi Janice,

      I guess it depends on how do you want to prepare your toddler's meals.

      For the SEED electric lunch box, I use SD-967 (Vacuum Seal Version) and SD-937 on weekdays to cook mostly one-pot meals for my toddler. One-pot meals are easier to pack to my babysitter.

      On weekends, I cook over stove, using normal wok and pan.

      I use thermal cooker to cook soups on weekday nights and weekend. I think I'm using the HOF brand (not sure about the full name).

      Sometimes I use slow cooker, if I want to stew meat longer.

      I guess it depends on what sort of food you wanna prepare.