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Be WOW-ed! by the New KOTEX® LUXE*

Pads, the most intimate, girls-only product, play a significant role in the monthly affairs in a girl's life, apart from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and period pain, I bet most girls would agree. ;)

However, so far, the best we girls can get in the market are functional pads that come in boring packaging with uninteresting design. Well, what choice do we have unless somebody takes the initiative to do something different about it?

Having said that, I'm glad that Kotex has taken the lead to "revolt"! The revolution has begun...

You will be WOW-ed!

KOTEX® introduces the world's first and only pad that combines superior technology with stunning design -- the new KOTEX® Luxe* Ultrathin Design Pads. Now we have fashion AND function in feminine care -- a pretty cool and catchy urban concept.

I'm glad to be among the first in Malaysia to enjoy this breakthrough experience with the new KOTEX® LUXE*.

Kotex is not a foreign name among Malaysian girls. We grow up knowing what Kotex is when we sneaked into our mother's or elder sister's wardrobe for fun; we share about what brand we use among our gal pals; we debate among ourselves which brand is the best. So on, and so forth.

Being the market leader in feminine care in Malaysia for 58 years, Kotex definitely understands Malaysian ladies' needs and wants.
KOTEX® LUXE* -- the latest innovation from Kotex marks the beginning of a new era in feminine care. Now, pads are no longer just a form of protection but also one of self-expression.

Take a look at the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads that comes in a range of six gorgeous designs influenced by contemporary fashion trends. Sweet! Which range do you fancy? The sweet 'girl-next-door' feel or the 'indie chic' look designs? The key selling point is self-expression. I have been WOW-ed! I love them all!

KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads -- sweet 'girl-next-door' design.

KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Design Pads -- funky 'indie-chic' design.

KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Night Pads -- available in 32cm.Okay, gorgeous designs aside. What about functionality? KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads are already synonymous with superior performance with its MicroMax® 2 Technology -- a super absorbent ultrathin core that provides maximum protection and its soft cottony cover. So, it's proven that the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads are gorgeous and functional at the same time.

If you're fascinated, let me tell you something more...

The new KOTEX
® LUXE* Ultrathin Desgin Pads will retail from 1st November 2010 at all Guardian, Giant, Jusco, Tesco, and Watson outlets at RM4.90 for a pack of six (three designs). The newly upgraded KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Day pads (23cm) and KOTEX® LUXE* Fusion Night pads (32cm) will retail at RM15.90 for packs of 20 and 14 respectively.

Note: The tin version of the new KOTEX® LUXE* Ultrathin Pads that comes with six pieces per tin is a limited version. Do get them while stocks last!

There's a WOW hardcover notebook and a mug in the exclusive preview kit too. Nice!

Discover Your WOW Personality


Project 365 - Photo #304

Healthy vegetables & chicken soup for lunch for two. :)

Ingredients: Carrots, potatoes, yellow onions, garlic, baby corns, and chicken breast meat.

This is one of the easiest soup to cook ever. It's less time consuming too. Just bring everything to boil in a pot and voila! Smells good and tastes just as delicious! Oh... I add a block of chicken stock cube to enhance the soup's tastiness. :)


Project 365 - Photo #303

Karen Fox's "Cupid's Melody".


Faery Nic Stone had no idea he was about to make the mistake of his eternal life when he asked the Queen of the Fae to grant immortality to his beautiful bride, Anna. To become immortal, he discovered only too late, Anna first had to die and then be reborn...

It has taken twenty-five years for Nic to re-enter the mortal world to search for his lost love, but he is convinced that he has finally found her. After all, Dianna Fielding is the spitting image of his wife. Masquerading as her gardener, he vows to seduce her heart all over again. But why is it her sister, Stacy, who makes him ache with that all-too-familiar longing? Either someone has cast a spell on him, or Nic is falling in love with the wrong woman. If he follows the stirrings of his heart, will he find true love -- or will his beloved be lost to him forever?


Project 365 - Photo #302

Weird, colorful Halloween candies!

Posted via email from joycescapade :: posterous


Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 -- Compatible, Familiar, Professional

Malaysians can now purchase two editions of Office for Mac 2011 -- Office for Mac Home and Student 2011, and Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 from retailers around the country starting 26 October 2010.

Office for Mac 2011 is built for the Mac community for great productivity experience. "Office for Mac 2011 offers Mac users a suite of top-of-the-line applications with the most complete feature set available today," said Vosen Chong, Product Manager for Windows & Office at Retail Sales & Marketing Division, Microsoft Southeast Asia.

Compatible, Familiar, Professional

The new design in Office for Mac 2011 is an evolution of the Office 2008 Elements Gallery and uses the classic Mac menu and Standard Toolbar giving users the best of both worlds. The ribbon and Toolbar are collapsible for more screen space or for the more advanced users who rely on keyboard shortcuts.

Built using the latest Mac OS X technologies, the ribbon delivers a modern and fluid experience and also gives users a more consistent experience across platforms, which is key to productivity as 75 percent of Mac users also use a PC.

Word for Mac 2011
  • Full screen view: Maximize the space for reading and writing documents. Screenshot as follows.
  • Beautify your documents: Create visually rich newsletters, brochures, and more.
  • Collaborate in real time: Simultaneously edit a file with multiple authors.
PowerPoint for Mac 2011
  • Broadcast your slides: Work with others and show your presentations online.
  • Retouch your photos: Remove backgrounds or add color in just a few clicks.
  • Access your files anywhere: Post, access, edit, and share your files from virtually anywhere.
  • Dynamic Reorder: One of the most visually impactful features that gives users the ability to interactively re-order all of the layers in a document or presentation. Screenshot as follows.

Excel for Mac 2011
  • Spot trends with Sparklines: Create small charts in a single cell to discover patterns in your data. Screenshot as follows.
  • Automate with Visual Basic: Save time by automating repetitive tasks.
  • Display data visually: Clarify your data with icons, data bars, and color scales.
NEW! Outlook for Mac 2011
  • Clean up your inbox: Condense long e-mail threads under a single subject.
  • Bring your crowd with you: Easily import your Outlook .pst files when you set up your new Mac. Screenshot as follows.
  • View your calendar in e-mail: See your schedule displayed within the meeting invitation.
Learn more about:

Office for Mac Home and Student 2011 includes the following:
  • Word 2011
  • PowerPoint 2011
  • Excel 2011
  • 90 days of technical support
Estimated Retail Prices:
  • Single Install: RM468
  • Family Pack (Three installs): RM599
Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 includes the following:
  • Word 2011
  • PowerPoint 2011
  • Excel 2011
  • Outlook 2011
  • 1 year of technical support
Estimated Retail Prices:
  • Single Install: RM768
  • Family Pack (Two installs): RM1,099
More information is available at

Project 365 - Photo #301

Steam Rice with Sausage & Chicken -- one of the latest rice dishes from OLDTOWN White Coffee restaurant. The other two similar dishes are Steam Rice with Mushroom & Chicken and Steam Rice with Salted Fish & Chicken. Ala carte price is RM9.50 per bowl. I'd say that's freaking expensive.

By the way, they cleverly display a disclaimer on the menu: "Preparation takes up to 20 minutes." So, if you can't wait that long, don't order. :P


Good things come with Microsoft

Microsoft releases the latest Mac version of the most popular productivity suite -- Office for Mac 2011 worldwide on 26 October 2010. In Malaysia, the launch is held at La Bodega Deli at Bangsar Baru. I'll write about the product in a separate post.

Update: Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 -- Compatible, Familiar, Professional

For now, let me share about some pretty good stuff that transpired during the event, apart from the live demo of Office for Mac 2011. :)

Windows 7 celebrates its 1st birthday this month, October.

Happy 1st Birthday, Windows 7!

A cute cupcake decorated with a "Happy 1st Birthday" shout-out to Windows 7.

Each attendee received a limited edition Windows 7 T-shirt from GAP as a door gift.

And I was lucky enough to be one of the lucky ones to get this Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500 from the lucky draw. ^^

Project 365 - Photo #300

I so love this pair of Lightsaber Earrings that I found on this website. Original photo is here. Hope could get them online. ^^


Dinner @ La Bodega Deli, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru

Once in a while, my sister and I will dine at budget-blowing diners, just for the fun of it. This time round, we choose this place -- La Bodega Deli at Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru.

Cold, Roast Lamb Salad
We're delighted to be presented with an interesting combination of rare roast lamb slices, crunchy croutons, cherry tomatoes, iceberg lettuce, spinach, olives, and glazed apple slices. Two thumbs up for this pleasant, delicious, and healthy dish, albeit a little bit pricey.

Sardinas A La Parrilla
The large portion consists of five slabs of grilled sardines with garlic and parsley. A squeeze of lemon juice adds zest and enhances the level of tastiness. Awesome!


Understand Him & Her

Original article: 5 ways to understand him better

1. Be patient with his memory
The hippocampus, where initial memories are formed, occupies a smaller percent of the male brain than the female brain. So, don't take it personally.

2. Don't expect him to get hints

Men aren't as skilled at women at reading subtle emotional cues. Parts of the limbic cortex, which is involved in emotional responses, are smaller in men than in women. Men have a smaller density of neurons in areas of the temporal lobe that deal with language processing. That's why it's probably a good idea to tell him directly how you're feeling. Expecting him to infer from your hints could leave both of you scratching your heads.

3. Don't take conversation lulls personally
Men in general just aren't as verbally adept as women are. Large parts of the cortex -- the brain's outer layer that does a big part of recognizing and using subtle language cues -- are thinner in men than they are in women. Don't expect him to chatter with you on dates with the skill of a girlfriend, and don't assume he's not interested in you if he occasionally lets the conversation lapse. Think of it this way: he's simply basking in your moments of quiet companionship.

4. Appreciate his naturally upbeat nature
Male brains produce 52 percent more serotonin (the chemical that influences mood) than female brains. Men may also have an easier time rolling with life's big stresses. If he tells you he recently lost his golden lab or suffered a job loss and doesn't get all teary, it doesn't mean he's heartless; rather, he has healthy stores of serotonin in his system.

5. Don't expect his take on your relationship history to match yours
Women use the left part of the amygdala -- the part of the brain that creates emotional reactions to events -- to put memories in order by emotional strength, meaning that something emotionally important to them (like a great first date a couple of months ago) will be ordered in front of what they ate for breakfast yesterday. Men, however, use the right part of the amygdala to put memories in order. Traditionally, the right hemisphere of the brain is associated with the central action of an event, while the left hemisphere is associated with finer details.

Translation: You'll both remember your first date, but he might not remember the color of your sweater or the light rain that was falling that night. It doesn't mean he was checked out; it just means he's a guy.

Original article: 5 tips for bonding with her better

1. Pay attention to the little things
Women will see shades of meaning in small gestures, because significant regions of the cortex -- the outer layer of a brain that conducts much of its high-level computing -- are thicker in the ladies. A small act of kindness (from a kiss on the cheek to simply calling ahead to make reservations) will blow her away because she'll consider both the gesture and the thoughtfulness behind the gesture.

2. To keep up with her memory, take notes
It's a scientific fact: women remember everything. The hippocampus takes up a larger percent of the female brain than the male brain, which is good to know because it's where memories are formed. So while you remember -- maybe -- the day you met, she's recorded your first flirtation, first phone call, first date, first kiss, etc. Use electronic tools to keep up with her mighty hippocampus.

3. Follow her calm lead versus instigating fights
Women are much better at reining in her aggressive impulses than men. Female brains have a much larger orbitofrontal-to-amygdala ratio (OAR) than male brains do. That suggests women are better than guys at responding calmly to rudeness or aggression. The orbitofrontal cortex (OFC) is the main 'modulator' of amygdala action. So if you're at a party and someone insults you, the amygdala, which is a very primitive and old structure in human brains, will be yelling, "Kill the guy!" The OFC is the part of the brain that will say: "Consider the context; there are people around." Thus, if you want to impress her, quiet your own amygdala and behave as gracefully as she does.

4. Write her a poem... or at least a cute email
Women excel in something called verbal fluency, or being able to come up with appropriate words, given cue. In general, women's brains are wired to be more language-centric than men's. Women often know the right thing to say, send great cards and love notes, and choose words with such care.

5. Be her serotonin
Women's brains produce significantly less serotonin -- the brain chemical that helps make us happy -- than male brains do. So if she has a tough day at work, treat to her to a transfusion: try a pep talk, soothing back rub or long hug.


Project 365 - Photo #299

Bought this T-shirt from the Blӧok (belookedat) outlet at Bangsar Baru. I was attracted to the visuals that resemble the Twitter bird and those lines that resemble networking. Pretty cool. RM29 only.

I'm wearing it!


Save Social Energy (3) -- Windows Live Messenger 2011

Here we come again. Let's talk about saving social energy. Undoubtedly and honestly speaking, we're spending more and more time each day on social networks. The catch is how do we spend our time and energy more efficiently so that we can balance work, social networking, and other lifestyle requirements effectively?

I'm impressed with Microsoft's Windows Live Messenger 2011. You can read, post, share, and interact on Facebook and other networking sites through this NEW Messenger. They call it -- the ultimate social dashboard. So, I don't have to launch multiple tabs on my web browser to view different streams of my social network feeds. Save the clutter but I still can chatter! :)


Let's see how to streamline my social networking sites with Windows Live via the Windows Live Messenger interface.

From the screenshot above, you can see that I've upgraded my Windows Live Messenger (WLM) to the 2011 (NEW) version. You can do so by downloading and installing Windows Live Essential 2011 pack.

Note: Kindly ignore the Chinese girl visual on the right. That's not part of the new WLM window but my wallpaper from Reggie Lee's Merdeka theme pack. :)

Then, I've decided to link my Facebook account to my Windows Live account. You can do so my clicking the "Add" button at the bottom right corner of your WLM window.

You'll see the prompt to connect Facebook to Windows Live as above. Adjust the settings to suit your preference by checking and/or un-checking the boxes. Once done, click "Connect with Facebook".

Then, you'll be prompted to log in to your Facebook account once you click "Connect with Facebook", as explained earlier on. Click "Login" to proceed.

You'll familiar with the "Request for Permission" screenshot above. Click "Allow" to proceed.

Voila! The "Facebook" icon appears at the bottom right corner of my WLM window.

For final touch-ups, log in to your Windows Live account and adjust the settings. Click "Save".

Now, you can see the list of your connected services. At the moment, I'm connected to Facebook. :)


Note: No integration with Twitter yet. Hopefully Microsoft will come up with something to do with Twitter in the near future.


Visit Windows Live Essentials 2011 for download.

By the way, do visit or for more information about saving social energy.


Click here to view the compilation of my Save Social Energy posts.

A good article to read:
Integrate your existing Social networks with the new Windows Live Messenger


Media Alert by Symantec: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows of Spam

The first half of the final installment in the Harry Potter saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will be released next month and as Harry Potter enthusiasts all over the world eagerly wait in anticipation, Symantec has already started observing spam messages around this event.

Spammers have been trying to put innocent fans under their "spell" by promoting fake offers such as asking users to sign up "TODAY" to get all seven books in the Harry Potter series. As an incentive, users will purportedly receive free tickets to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART I. A great lucrative offer that one just cannot afford to miss!

Here's a sample message from this campaign:

Subject: Get your HP 7 Tickets Now
Subject: Movie tickets and book collection

When the 'Submit' button is clicked, users will be asked to provide their email address and other personal data and are then redirected to a "complimentary" offer of a four days/three nights stay in a luxury resort:

Last year, Symantec had observed spam targeting Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince and had discussed the attacks on the Symantec Security Response Blog. This time, Symantec have noticed an early spam wave and are expecting it to grow as the release date draws nearer. Beware, or you might find yourself bewitched by The Deathly Hallows of Spam!

Symantec advises users to be wary of such unsolicited offers and not be lured by "the spell" of such email harvesters:

1. Always apply common sense rules -- be careful what you click on. Exercise caution when clicking on links from unknown senders. Always maintain a level of caution around any messages from within a website or that appear to be sent by a website -- check the URL. It's best to type the URL directly into the address bar.

2. Look for signs of identity theft. Be on the lookout for things in the mail, including credit cards you did not request. Clear signs of lingering identity theft problems include being contacted by vendors regarding accounts you are unaware of, or worse, debt collectors for purchases someone else has made.

3. Use website rating services such as Norton Safe Web
to check if a website is safe. Norton Safe Web is a community where web users collaborate to report and share dangerous phishing or malware websites. Norton Safe Web Lite can also be downloaded for free for a safer search experience.

4. Stay informed. For more information on digital dangers and other protective measures, visit


Project 365 - Photo #298

Chris Priestley's "Uncle Montague's Tales of Terror".


Edgar's uncle lives in a house beyond the woods. Edgar is sure that the village children watch him from behind the trees as he passes through, but he is determined not to show his fear.

One day Edgar's uncle enthralls him with a chilling set of tales, and there is evidence of each one having actually happened: a tiny doll, a gilt frame, an old brass telescope... How did Uncle Montague come by such a grim collection of cursed objects?

But there is no time for answers. Edgar has to make it back through those woods before dark... or are the answers OUT THERE?

Prepare to be chilled to the bone as you discover that Uncle Montague is the subject of perhaps of the most surprising and most terrifying tale of all.


Weekend DVD 2: RED (2010)

Still Armed. Still Dangerous. Still Got It.

RED (2010) is an action-comedy movie with its title deriving from the stamp on former CIA agent Frank Moses' (Bruce Willis) file, meaning "retired, extremely dangerous".

Synopsis: Former CIA agent, Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is living a simple yet mundane life after his retirement. His only joy of the day is calling the girl he likes, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker), a customer service agent working on his pension files.

Frank's idyllic life is disrupted when a hit squad raids his house. Realizing that somebody wants to get him killed, he goes on the run and takes a reluctant Sarah along.

Hoping to uncover the mastermind behind the killings, he meets up with his former team members, Joe (Morgan Freeman), Marvin (John Malkovich), Victoria (Helen Mirren), and ex-KGB agent, Ivan (Brian Cox). And... they are back in action!

The cast that ensembles A-list old-timers as CIA retirees is truly amazing as they share a lot of on-screen chemistry. It's fun watching them having fun in their respective roles.

- Malkovich is truly a scene stealer as a crazy, paranoid former CIA operative with his funny one-liners. His sense of danger is remarkably efficient and accurate despite being paranoid all the time.

- Willis, Freeman, and Mirren are completely believable as retired, extremely dangerous former operatives. Mirren handles guns like a pro!

- Cox is all suave, slow, and steady; Richard Dreyfuss, although just a cameo, is still as convincing as ever.

- Others, i.e. Parker (as sweet, innocent Sarah) and Karl Urban (as tough Agent Cooper) are providing more meat to the story, which helps to move the story along in full speed.

Highly recommended and it's really a must-watch movie!

If you like this movie, you'll also like The Losers (2010), The A-Team (2010), and The Expandables (2010).

Weekend DVD 1: The Island (2005)

They don't want you to know what you are.

The Island (2005) is a sci-fi action movie directed by Michael Bay. Yes, that Michael Bay who directed Transformers I & II.

Synopsis: The year is 2019. Lincoln Six Echo (Ewan McGregor) s one of the thousands of residents living in a strictly controlled facility without any contact with the outside world. This Utopian facility is headed by
Dr. Merrick (Sean Bean). These residents have only on hope -- to be chosen to go to "The Island" -- reported to be the last uncontaminated place in the world.

Fueled with inquisitiveness and curiosity, Lincoln soon discovers the shocking truth about the facility and their existence. Refused to be kept in captivity any longer, Lincoln makes a daring escape with a fellow female resident, Jordan Two Delta (Scarlett Johansson) to search for answers.

Now, it is up to Lincoln and Jordan to save the rest of the facility's residents from their cruel destiny. Pursued by bounty hunters led by Albert Laurent (Djimon Hounsou), they eventually find themselves face to face with Lincoln's sponsor whereupon they decide to stop Merrick's evil plans and expose his horrifying activities to the world.

This sci-fi movie is very engaging even from the very beginning as it starts off with an interesting premise and continues steadily to reveal the final truth in the end.
Although concepts such as human clones, memory imprints, evil corporations, and the pursuit of individual freedom and identity in a futuristic setting are not new in this genre, they are explored successfully and entertainingly. Besides that, the crash and action sequences are good. Not surprising, Michael Bay is known to love cars blown up on highways in his action movies.

Throughout the entire movie, we receive subtle glimpses of the truth from time to time and as the movie approaches its ending after two hours, you'll find it totally enjoyable and satisfying. Highly recommended!