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How Bare Nuhcessities will change your knowledge about baby skincare products

I'm 100% sure, after you read this blog post about Bare Nuhcessities, your knowledge about baby skincare products will change.

Let me summarize the philosophy behind the formulation of their product range for you.

EWG Green

Now, this is a very eye-opening point. I've never heard of EWG. So, I looked it up. EWG stands for Environmental Working Group - an American environmental organization that specializes in research and advocacy in the areas of toxic chemicals and the likes.

Now, try this. Check the rating of the baby body wash brand that you're currently using on your baby via the EWG website.

If the brand itself isn't listed on EWG, take a look at the list of ingredients on the bottle. Check the rating for EACH individual ingredient and their related health concerns, if any.

Remember, if the list includes several ingredients with moderate or high hazard ratings, an accumulative amount here and there in the long run will cause harm.

For the longest time ever, I really thought fragrance is a necessary ingredient in any bath product. Guess what, fragrance/parfum has a rating of 8! Oh my goodness! From now on, I'm not going near any brand that includes fragrance in its ingredients list.

GOOD NEWS is Bare Nuhcessities product range ONLY contains EWG Green ingredients!

Balanced Microbiome

Bare Nuhcessities places a lot of importance on healthy skin microbiome. A healthy skin microbiome protects us against infection. The aim isn't for a temporary/superficial recovery, or with withdrawal side effects - but long term. Here's a very good article about skin microbiome.

Only Necessities
Anything applied on our baby's skin would need to be broken down by their new/underdeveloped organs. Gosh, I've never thought of this. So glad to know Bare Nuhcessities insists only necessities are added into their products.

Natural Ingredients

NO parabens, synthetic fragrance/parfum, preservatives, SLS/Sulfates, PEGs, mineral oils and the likes.

Preservatives Free

NO preservatives! Bare Nuhcessities' products contain natural essential oils that help preservation besides giving a refreshing scent. Their packaging size corresponds with the product's lifespan, which means you can't find huge 1L bottles that are supposed to help you save money. The bigger the bottle, the more preservatives are added. Get it?

Now, let's see the products one by one. You can purchase them online via their website.

Bare Bubbly Baby Wash

Foamy bubble bath for baby sans SLS! I'm shouting Hallelujah!

The mild, safe and natural foamy bubbles are sugar-derived and non-drying. Contains shea butter and niacinamide to moisturise and promote filaggrin growth, to help develop a strong skin barrier.

Includes natural active ingredients plus Chamomile, Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils for healing properties and refreshing scent. Oh yes, I do love the refreshing scent that's so calming and soothing.

No coloring! Can you see the clear liquid in the bottle?

Bare Balancing Baby Lotion

This lotion contains probiotics, botanicals and oats to help reduce inflammation and restore skin flora, encouraging a balanced microbiome and strong skin barrier to protect against aggressors.

I'm prone to heat rash, same goes to my toddler. So I've been lotion-ing him every night after his bedtime shower. Best applied within 3 minutes after patting dry.

Includes natural active ingredients plus Chamomile, Frankincense and Bergamot essential oils for healing properties and refreshing scent. Oh yes, I do love the refreshing scent that's so calming and soothing. A change from lavender for once. Haha.

Creamy lotion. Now you see it, now you don't!

I'm not a lotion person my entire life because I hate that yucky sticky feeling that won't go away. Most lotions also contain fragrance that irritates my poor sense of smell.

This lotion, however, could be absorbed pretty well, leaving behind a refreshing scent that goes away soon after.

Bare Barrier Baby Balm

This balm soothes sensitive skin by helping to build a strong skin barrier. Contains shea butter and safflower derived linoleic acid and hydrating botanicals to calm, including Magnolia bark, traditionally prized for its anti-inflammatory properties.

I'm applying a thin layer of this balm on my toddler after the lotion, especially when his heat rash spreads to his entire back.

Good as diaper or nappy rash balm if necessary. It's considered edible so if you're using it as nipple balm, it's pretty safe. A mommy friend mentions she uses it as lip balm too. Sounds pretty versatile!

Bare Calming Oat Soak

If you're having a newborn baby, this product is highly recommended! We actually don't need to use soap on newborns. So, these mild, safe, and natural no-rinse colloidal oat soak bags are a great replacement for soap when you bath your newborns.

Or if your baby has dry skin, these oat soak bags give a protective layer to lock in moisture and prevent dryness. You can give your baby gentle rubs with the bags while bathing him.

Just soak a bag in the bath tub for 10 minutes. Then use the plant fiber bag to gently massage. No rinse required.

Bare Natural Dry Wipes

Eco friendly, plant based DRY wipes, 100% biodegradable, certified free from harmful substances, great for sensitive skin.

Now, I can hear you asking, "DRY wipes? Why not wet wipes?"

Sure, I can tell you why NO wet wipes.

First, wet wipes contains chemicals. Second, wet wipes are usually made of polyester, a common allergen. Third, wet wipes contains synthetic fragrances. Fourth, wet wipes contains paraben, the most commonly used preservatives.

Not convinced yet? Read this article: Why Dry Wipes

Bare Natural Travel Wipes

For the sake of convenience, Bare Nuhcessities also came up with travel wipes! They are actually dry wipes, compressed into small coin-sized tablets!

Each packet of travel wipes comes with a tube, so when we're out and about, we just need to bring the tube filled with little travel wipe coins. Isn't that amazing?

By the way, you can use these as your make-up remover wipes too!

Compressed dry wipe coin.

Add water and see it grows!

 I've been using this to wipe my toddler's mouth and hands after he's done eating. So much safer than preservatives-laden wet wipes!

Do try out Bare Nuhcessities and let them know your experience!