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My Weight Management Journey

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Latest update (June 2013)!!!

My 5-month pregnant look (at the bottom of this post) is my latest testimonial of TRA's no rebound guarantee even after one year. I still can wear normal non-maternity dress size S.



It took me 13 long years to slim down. But I believe some highlights from my weight management journey are worth sharing. Here you go!

1999 (20 years old)

I've just finished Form 6 in 1999. I was a petite 1.49m girl weighing 57kg.

2000-2003 (<24 years old)

University years.

I had 1-2 small meals per day and sometimes I did binge-eating (ate way too much for one meal, and then I stopped eating completely for 1-2 days). I also walked to my classes (5-8km) every day.

So, my weight dropped dramatically from 57kg to 48kg. My metabolism rate was alarmingly low. I looked frail and fragile despite being slimmer.

2003-2007 (<28 years old)

Working / office life.

I didn't like to exercise, thus I lived a sedentary lifestyle, and I spent quite a lot on food. I had late-night supper quite often too.

My weight went up and fluctuated between 50-51kg. I definitely put on more fat and I looked chubbier and somewhat felt healthier.

 2008-2009 (29-30 years old)

As I grew older, I found that it's much harder to shed off those extra kilos on my own no matter how little I ate. So, I signed up for slimming sessions at London Weight Management during these 2 years.

It started off with a "free trial" session and before I knew it, I had spent almost RM15K in 2 years for numerous continuous sessions / treatments due to the consultants' recommendations and "professional advice".

My weight did go down to 45kg but it rebounded back to 49kg within 6 months after I stopped going completely.

My weight loss during this period was mainly due to water loss and some fat % loss, I was never told about increasing my muscle mass % in order to achieve my optimal metabolism rate.

2010-2011 (31-32 years old)

Because I put on weight due to rebound after stopping London Weight Management, I decided to join Fitness First gym. My understanding was that if sedentary lifestyle was the culprit of weight gain, going to gym should fix the problem.

After one year, nothing much changed but I did feel somewhat healthier generally.

I also began to take supplements such as Vitamin C and Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) for general health.

Seeing no results from my own gym stint, I signed up for PT (Personal Training) at Fitness First for 3 months (August - October 2011).

I was happy with visible reduction in fat % and increase in muscle mass %. I weighed at 45kg, I looked slimmer, and I felt really fabulous!

After I used up my personal training quota, I maintained going to gym (October 2011 onwards) but my workout wasn't as intense as during the personal training period.

2012 (33 years old)

February 2012: My jeans felt tighter around the hip and tummy area and to my horror, my weight went back up from 45kg to 49kg! 

March 2012: I joined the TRA program - The Right Approach.

April 2012: I gained visible reduction in fat % and increase in muscle mass % in the second month of doing the program.

May 2012: I achieved my optimal weight (42.5kg) in this third month. My visceral fat (fat surrounding internal organs) count dropped from 3 (medium risk) to 2 (low risk). 

July 2012: Here's my latest look:

And my results:

I didn't lose much weight in terms of kg but I gained reduction in body fat %, increase in muscle %, and decrease in centimeters around my waist, hip, and thigh areas. That's what counts!

I've never felt so healthy before! The LifePak in the TRA program also helped to ensure optimal metabolism rate and boost my antioxidant score which is an added bonus towards looking good.

The eating guideline including in this program also helped me to build up a long-term, healthy, and well-balanced eating habit and lifestyle.

I can proudly say that after 13 years, I finally found the right way to healthy, long-term weight management.

More of my after-program photos here.

What is TRA?

TRA is about reduction in fat % and at the same time increase muscle mass % + build up healthy eating habit.

So, it's about LONG-TERM weight management, with NO-REBOUND as its goal, not just short-term weight loss. This is exactly what I am looking for!

Here are a few pointers:

Body Weight = Bones + Water + Muscles + Fat

Do not be too excited if your weight goes down drastically in a short period of time because that's most likely contributed by water and muscle loss.

Muscle mass reduced = metabolism rate reduced = if you eat more food = you will put on undesirable kilos

Your turn!

You don't have to go through 13 years like me. You can do it now. THREE months - that's all it takes. Trust me.

If you wish to learn more about this program and try it, feel free to contact me. I'm more than happy to help you. :)

Why should you do TRA?

For the overweight, TRA is to shed off those dangerous layers of fat.

For the chubby, TRA is to shed off those extra fat for a more streamlined look.

For the already slender, TRA is to build more muscle for a more athletic look.

This program is for everyone, as long as you want long-term HEALTH.

When you are healthy, you are beautiful.


My latest look (1 year after TRA and pregnant)

(5 months)


What a mouthful! Capricciosa!

Pasta Fresca or Fresh Pasta - there are five choices. We choose F-3 (Pappardelle with Mushrooms in Spicy Ragu Sauce) and F-4 (Pappardelle with Porcini and Eringi Mushroom in Cream Sauce).

Pappardelle are very broad fettuccine about 2-3 cm wide with fluted edges. This is my first time trying pappardelle and I absolutely love it! Furthermore, hubby and I love mushrooms. So the combination of pappardelle and mushrooms are just super awesome! By the way, ragu means beef according to one of the staffs at Capricciosa, Subang Parade.

Perhaps we should try the other three pastas next time. F-1 (Fettuccine with Clams and Mussels), F-2 (Amatriciana Fettuccine with Eggplant and Bacon), F-5 (Fettuccine with Smoked Salmon in Tomato Cream Sauce).

Oh my... I'm drooling while writing!

This is the Capriocciosa Pizza, one of the chef's favorites. Toppings include beef bacon, beef pepperoni, mushrooms, and bell peppers. Great meal to be shared!

Perhaps we should try the other four pizzas next time. I don't mind the Quattro Formaggi. Cheese is another one of my favorite snacks! :D


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June this month was a pretty hectic yet memorable month for me. I got married, celebrated my birthday, went for honeymoon, and moved to our new house. While packing and unpacking in the new house, I realized I have tonnes of things to throw, donate, or sell!

Coincidentally, earlier this month (July), I received an email informing me about the latest online hub in Malaysia where you can sell, swap or give away your preloved stuff such as clothes, shoes and accessories!

This hub is called, a website started off by two enthusiastic sisters, Nadzirah and Diyana.

According to the dynamic duo, is a cool website to help girls (and some guys!) clear out or refresh their closet!

What can you do on this website?

1. Renew your wardrobe for free by swapping with other members of

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3. Interact with other stylish and open-minded members at their forum

Wonderful Women Bloggers

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Note: This is not an advertorial.


Pancakes, me gusta!

I love pancakes! Bribe me with pancakes, anytime.

Since I haven't tried making my own pancakes, I satisfy my cravings for pancakes by creating a Pinterest board named Pancake Craze and of course, go to Pancake House!

Pancake House says, "We're more than just great pancakes."

These are fluffy blueberry pancakes served with a dollop of whipped cream and maple syrup in a mini porcelain jug. Oh, the satisfaction that comes from sinking your teeth into nothing but fluffiness and sweetness!

Well, since they claim they are more than just great pancakes, we try their Halo-Halo, a kind of sweet dessert famous in the Philippines. Halo-Halo is shaved ice topped with milk, sweet corn kernels, sweet potato, sweetened banana, fresh jackfruit strips, and custard. I had my first Halo-Halo when I was in Manila a few years back.


Project: Reflect 52 #29 - Our entry for SHARP's 100th Anniversary Share contest

 SHARP organized "The Anniversary Share Meets You" roadshow in Malaysia last weekend from 20 July (Friday) until 22 July (Sunday) at Sunway Pyramid.

On their Facebook page (Anniversary Share News | Sharp), I got to know that all Anniversary Share participants will receive a prize! So, I went with the hubby.

Seriously, I just wanted to receive my prize of participation in the contest. I didn't know that they will project my entry on the humongous screen at the roadshow! The hubby and I were invited to take a shot at the screen with my entry.

*blushing like a tomato*

The MC at the SHARP roadshow announced our presence, my entry of participation, and explained a little bit about SHARP's 100th Anniversary Share contest.

In case you aren't aware, here's the link to my entry.

My entry's description:

Christmas 2011 - It isn't about finding the perfect gift, but the perfect moment with your family. Thanks David for our lovely memorable engagement - the Claddagh ring, the yellow watches - on Christmas day. 6 months later, we are married. :)

Here are the prizes. The gorgeous red T-shirt is now the hubby's. :)


Da Nang Honey Time (Part 7): Minor caving at Marble Mountains, Da Nang

This is the last post of our wonderful 6D5N honeymoon trip to Da Nang and Huế in Central Vietnam. :)

We did some minor caving at Marble Mountains, Da Nang.

Here's the view halfway up one of the mountains.

The entrance ticket.

There are a lot of stone-carved steps on the way up and down the mountains.

Some structures are pretty well-blended with the mountains.

Some of the temples on the mountains. 

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Da Nang Honey Time (Part 6): Huế Memorabilia

Our 6D5N honeymoon trip includes Da Nang and Hue (Huế) in Central Vietnam. 

Huế, the former imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945) is located about 700km south of Hanoi and about 1,100km north of Hồ Chí Minh City (formerly known as Saigon). Huế's famous landmarks include Sông Hương (Perfume River), Truong Tien Bridge, and the formidable Citadel.

We took the "sleeping bus" to Huế, about 80km from Da Nang. The journey took us three hours. The "sleeping bus" has three rows of upper and lower bunk-beds. It's a pretty cool experience.

Thai Binh II Hotel - after checking in and oohing and aahing non-stop at the gorgeous room setting, we went out to hunt our way to the Citadel.

To get into the Citadel, we passed through the Thuong Tu Gate, one of the eight gates of the complex and formidable walled city built by the kings of the Nguyen Dynasty. The Citadel is now undeniably one of the most preserved ancient structures in Huế.

This is the Flag Tower opposite the massive Ngo Mon Gate, the entry into the Imperial City where the ancient Nguyen Dynasty's families lived and ruled for a few generations.

Our entrance tickets to the Imperial City.

The main sights as stated behind the ticket are Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace, Ta Vu House, Huu Vu House, Royal Theatre, Dien Tho Residence, The Mieu, Hung Mieu, Hien Lam Pavilion.

This is the Ngo Mon Gate that leads to the Imperial Palace. This massive, formidable gate once served as the observation point for the Emperor to review his troops and for ceremonies.

This is my favorite structure - the stunning gate to Dien Tho Residence.

Dien Tho Residence once housed residences and audience halls for the Queen Mothers of the Nguyen dynasty. There's also an enchanting pleasure pavilion and a lily pond.

Phoenix on walls created with colorful ceramic pieces. Stunning!

This is Dong Ba Market, the largest market in Huế.

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Da Nang Honey Time (Part 5): Da Nang Memorabilia

Our 6D5N honeymoon trip begins in Da Nang, Central Vietnam.

Da Nang is a laid-back town. It's about 5 p.m. local time and you can see quite a number of elderly men playing Chinese chess by the roadside. Interested onlookers gather around, taking their own sweet time chatting, looking at chess players, or just staring into nothingness.

Bach Dang Street, Han River, crystal clear blue sky, and an insanely hot weather.

The Han River Bridge during the day.

The Han River Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge that is lit up brightly at night.

The lights change colors rhythmically and watching them at night is a spectacular experience.

Most Da Nang men, even women and children travel around either on motorbikes or bicycles. In fact, this is the first time I see so many motorbikes, like ants crawling everywhere, non-stop. There are some cars, mostly Korean cars.

There are almost no traffic lights even on major streets. Everyone drives as if nothing unfortunate will happen. But the way they honk every single minute to alert other motorists and drivers, is rather irritating.

There seems to be quite a number of mini petrol kiosks along the streets.

There are also people who look like they are motorbike mechanics sitting by the roadside.

The Han Market, a must-visit place to experience how life in a Vietnamese market is like.

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