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Working Mom Blogger

Working Mom Blogger
Working Mom Blogger

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This is me

I’m Joyce Rachel Lee, a digital content management specialist, mommypreneur, and mommy blogger. I'm a mom of two Eurasian boys and I'm running a business of helping people to improve their lives through revolutionary anti-aging health & beauty products and business opportunity.

I'm also a certified breastfeeding peer counselor. Feel free to contact me if you need assistance regarding breastfeeding as you embark on your motherhood journey.

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My Bio: The Provider (ISFJ)

Introvert (20%) = Think/reflect first before acting. Regularly require an amount of "private time" to recharge batteries. Motivated internally, mind is sometimes so active it is "closed" to outside world. Prefer one-to-one communication and relationships.

Sensor (42%) = Sensible and grounded, focusing on the concrete and the here and now.
Use common sense and create practical solutions is automatic-instinctual. Learn through experience and are cautious with untested ideas. Memory recall is rich in detail of facts and past events. Appreciate tradition, but are open to new ways of doing things if there are tangible benefits. Best improvise from past experience. Like clear and concrete information; dislike guessing when facts are "fuzzy".

Feeler (26%) = Caring, supportive, appreciative. Prefer to cooperate and agree rather than argue over who is right, thus will
naturally seek consensus and popular opinions. Instinctively employ personal feelings and impact on people in making decision. Naturally sensitive to people's needs and reactions. Unsettled by conflict; have an almost toxic reaction to disharmony.

Judger (13%) = Like to keep track of things in order not to be caught off-guard or unprepared, and for the same reason tend not to leave a decision up in the air or an issue unresolved.
Plan many of the details in advance before moving into action. Focus on task-related action; complete meaningful segments before moving on. Appreciate flexibility, even a little spontaneity but most comfortable when in control. Naturally use targets, dates and standard routines to manage life. 

What Makes the ISFJs Tick 

ISFJs are driven by their personal values, and are conscientious in their behavior. They typically want to work hard, get along with others, and make sure they do what is expected of them.

ISFJs value relationships highly and strive to cooperate and maintain harmony with others. They want stability and longevity in their relationships, and tend to maintain a deep devotion to family. They feel most connected with people they know they can rely upon over the long term.

ISFJs appreciate tradition and like knowing how things were done in the past. They are loyal to established methods and values, and want to observe the proper, accepted way of doing things. They place great importance on fitting in with established institutions and contributing what they can to maintain strong, stable social structures. In groups, they often take on the role of historian, ensuring that new members respect and value the established customs.

More about ISFJ.

Melancholic / Phlegmatic

I'm a Blue
DISC - Compliance
Archetype - Caregiver

My Favorite Quotes
  • If it is to be, it is up to me.
  • If it be so, so be it.
  • To be or not to be.
  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness.

Happy reading and have a nice day. :)

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