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When February ends...


Five more days... and it will be March. March is gonna be a very busy month. Perhaps I won't be able to blog as much as I want.


There are quite a number of draft posts, I guess I will have to publish them as and when I find the time to do so.


What's happening in March?

🏤 New routine because both kiddos are in their new school year.

🏠 Settling down in new house.

📋 Work project deadline, and then more deadlines because there will be more projects.


May the early spring awaken your soul and remind you to celebrate a new beginning with the hope and liveness it brings!


Discovering East Coast Malaysian Food


Restoran Nurul Islamiah Roti Payang

If you are in Kuala Terengganu and if you want to have freshly baked roti payang (also known as naan) with delicious kari daging cincang (minced beef curry), you should go to Restoran Nurul Islamiah.
The restaurant is open from 4pm till 11pm, so it's a great place for supper and catch up with friends over multiple glasses of teh tarik too.
Here's roti payang biasa (I believe it comes from the word tempayan) with kari daging cincang. My two kiddos have roti payang cheese (similar to cheese naan for us KL people).

If you fancy rice, try their nasi briyani.

'Gerai tepi jalan' that sells breakfast food

My father-in-law bought nasi dagang for breakfast. I have no idea what the gerai is called but if you drive along the road heading towards Kuala Terengganu town, there are quite a number of gerai that sells local breakfast food such as nasi dagang, nasi minyak, laksang, etc.

These are some of our favorite breakfast food - kayu keramat, karipap, and the round balls (I don't know these are called locally).

There are two types of karipap - one with potatoes and another type with minced fish. The round balls are filled with minced fish too.

Biskut Temangan

These Biskut Temangan are definitely my favorite pastry. It's like Tambun Piah but it's flat and super delicious!

So, have you tried any of the above East Coast Malaysian food?


Hoppy Rabbit Chinese New Year 2023 Meals


Happy Hoppy Rabbit Chinese New Year!

CNY is all about celebrating, feasting, resting, taking a break from work routine, and doing nothing else but having time for people who matter the most.

Take a look at what my parents-in-law prepared for CNY meals on different days.

Reunion Dinner on 21 Jan 2023

 Highlight of the reunion dinner was definitely the plate of yee sang with abalones!

CNY Day 1 (Lunch Menu) on 22 Jan 2023

Highlight of Day 1 Lunch is this dish called "Lap-Lap".

Lap-Lap basically means biji-biji. All ingredients in this dish are chopped / cubed / diced. There are long beans (chopped into small cubes), chicken liver (cut into small pieces), water chestnut (cubed), green peas (drained).

To enjoy this dish, take a spoonful of the mixed ingredients, sprinkle a handful of peanuts, wrap them in fresh lettuce and eat!
잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida)! This is the Korean way of saying, bon appetit!

CNY Day 1 (Dinner Menu) on 22 Jan 2023

 Highlight of Day 1 Dinner is the Mookata.

CNY Day 2 & 3 (Lunch & Dinner Menu) on 23 Jan 2023

Family favorites are the highlights on these two days. Check out the braised whole pumpkin and bak kut teh.