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Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Training 2015 - A Special Project with Global Health Media Project

Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor (MBfPC) or Pembimbing Ibu Menyusu Malaysia (PIMM) is a project organized by to train Peer Counselors (PCs) or Pembimbing Ibu Menyusu (PIM) regarding technical knowledge about breastfeeding and its challenges in society nowadays.

The objective of this project is to incorporate PCs' roles and services in supporting breastfeeding mothers, starting from their peers and extending to the communities at large.

MBfPC's tagline: "Empowering Breastfeeding Communities".

In 2015, MBfPC is blessed to work with Global Health Media Project. In this collaboration, a training program is conducted with the following agenda:

  • A full 3-day Breastfeeding Peer Counseling training
  • A 2-month practical period
  • A post-training assessment

I'm blessed to receive an email from Pn. Kamariah about this special project. And so, I attended the 3-day training on 22nd to 24th May 2015. After the training, we were given two months to practice our skill as peer counselors to help at least four breastfeeding mothers. At the end of the practical period, we attended a post-training assessment / focus group discussion to complete the program.

3-day Breastfeeding Peer Counseling training

The training room at Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya.

The trainers.

My favorite subject: Breast anatomy.

Babies under one year old were allowed in the training.

A trainee's baby.

Important demos about breastfeeding positions.

Fellow trainees, trainers, little ones, and demo dolls.

Post-training assessment

Post assessment & focus group discussion.

I'm now a certified breastfeeding peer counselor!

Gotta put this cert in a frame. :)


More about MBfPC


Malaysian Peer Counselors' Convention for Breastfeeding and Natural Parenting 2015

Venue: Holiday Villa Subang
Date: 14-16 August 2015

Itinerary: Download PDF

Embracing Your Role,
Knitting Our Network,
Normalizing Breastfeeding.


  1. salam,

    macamana ye untuk menjadi seorang kaunselor laktasi?
    perlu mohon dimana ye? perlu training dimana ye?

    1. Hi JulieJuliana,

      Breastfeeding Peer Counselor tak sama dengan kaunselor laktasi (lactation consultant).

      Kaunselor Laktasi memiliki sijil dalam ilmu laktasi dan mereka perlu mempunyai degree dalam bidang perubatan.

      Breastfeeding Peer Counselor atau Pembimbing Penyusuan Ibu terdiri daripada siapa-siapa yang ingin membantu para ibu melalui pengalaman penyusuan, khususnya mereka yang mengalami kesukaran dan memerlukan bimbingan dan motivasi daripada rakan-rakan.

      Untuk pengetahuan lanjut, sila hubungi

      Terima kasih.

  2. Where to find this trainer? We need help.

    1. Hi Megat, contact - +(603) 9543 9614 / +(6016) 201 9567

    2. More info here: