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Packing My JuJuBe Bags (Part 1)

Motherhood is an awesome journey! There are many "rabbit holes" to jump into and they are cleverly disguised as stress buster and confidence booster. Fellow rabbit-hole-jumping-moms will agree with me. I was in the "rabbit holes" of babywearing and cloth diapering for about a year, i.e. I've bought quite a number of ringslings, wraps, and cloth diapers. About two months ago, I managed to claw my way out but I accidentally dropped, I mean jumped into another new hole called JuJuBe.

This blog post is all about my JuJuBe bags. This is part 1 and it focuses on what I've packed for our 3D2N trip to Genting Highlands a few weeks ago.

Here's my baby and he's always attracted to the Sweet Victory print bags, my very first JuJuBes!

I agree with my baby. Sweet Victory is indeed very sweet when I put all bags of the same print together. See photo below for my Sweet Victory collection: Be Light (tote bag), Be Spendy (zip-around wallet), Fuel Cell (insulated bag), and Be Quick (large wristlet/purse).

On 1 July 2017, I attended Malaysia's very first JuJuBe Tea Party (Trunk Show) in conjunction with the global launch of their latest Tokidoki collaboration print, Sea Punk. See photos below.

Okay, now let's see how I packed my JuJuBe bags for our 3D2N trip to Genting Highlands a few weeks ago.

1) Sea Punk Fuell Cell as baby's food bag

Items: Zojirushi thermal jar, milk storage bottle, plastic bowl with cover, baby feeding spoons, cereal packets, wet wipes, tissue holder, bibs

2) Sea Punk Big Set Piece as baby's teether bag

Items: Sophie the Giraffe teether, Ange Mom banana teether, Teether Joy teething rattle and matching teething necklace

3) Sweet Victory Be Quick as diaper change bag

Items: Disposable diapers, tissue paper, wet wipes, changing pad, hand sanitizer

4) Sweet Victory Fuel Cell as toiletries bag

Items: Sea Punk Medium Set Piece (to put my cloth pantiliners), Koala Pals baby shower cream, first aid spray, Sterimar nose spray, Ning Salmah baby calming oil, Four Cow Farm tea tree remedy, Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple butter, Elixir by Soraya Respire balm, Claire Organics lip balm, Bud's Mozzie Clear lotion, Mustela cleansing gel, Mustela cleansing water, toothpaste, facial cleanser, toothbrush, first aid packet (medicines, band aids), alcohol swabs, baby gum & tooth wipes, insect repellent patch

5) Kaiju City Fuel Cell as kids spare clothes bag

6) Sweet Victory Be Light as diaper bag

Items: (Inside the bag) Kaiju City Fuel Cell with my kids' spare clothes, Sweet Victory Be Quick (quick diaper change bag), ringsling, wetbag, nursing cover

(Outer pockets) Wet wipes, tissue paper, hairband, baby shoes, Sweet Victory Be Spendy (wallet), mobile phone

I looped the Be Quick's strap to my Be Light so that it won't be easily stolen.

Since this Genting trip, I've added a few more bags to my collection, so there will be Part 2 coming up! Stay tuned!


Matrix Global Schools at Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban

Early last month, I had a chance joining an educational tour to Matrix Global Schools located at Bandar Sri Sendayan, Seremban with fellow parent-bloggers. I think I can hear, "What? An international school in Seremban?" Yes, you're right. Pretty interesting right?

Let's start with what's Matrix Global Schools. They are comprised of Matrix Private School, Matrix International School and Matrix International Pre-school. This is the best part: Matrix Global Schools operates across a 20-acre site, with buildings unrivaled in design and a wide range of topnotch facilities. See photo below from Matrix Global Schools' Facebook page. Majestic!

While we were touring the school's facilities, I kept on seeing this phrase: "NULLI SECUNDA" everywhere on the walls. It sounds like an inspiring motto. True enough, when I read up about them, here's what I found on Matrix Global Schools' website: "Our philosophy is to challenge our students to be intellectually curious, responsive and persistent; to be committed to and expressive of their ideas. Our goal is to ensure all will become articulate, courageous and will develop a realization that the world is their classroom and that our lessons are for life. To achieve this, we nurture a close partnership with parents and the community. Learning is truly a global and "Second to None" experience on our 20-acre campus."

NULLI SECUNDA = Second to None

That's one bold, inspiring claim they have there!

We were introduced to Denise Sinclair, the Principal for a short prep talk about Matrix Global Schools. There are and Matrix International Pre-school (MIPS), Matrix International School (MIS), and Matrix Private School (MPS). More information on

If you're wondering what are the differences between Matrix International School and Matrix Private School, the photo above sums it up. Feel free to email them at or call 1300 229 888 if you need more information.

Have a look at some of the school's facilities in photos below:

The Little Chef cooking facility is very popular with their younger students.


Science lab

The preschoolers' block with their classrooms and playrooms are pretty interesting.


Matrix Global Schools welcome everyone to experience their unique Matrix environment during their MGS International Day on 11 July 2017. This event is OPEN to the public, so everyone can join them in a variety of activities celebrating multicultural mix.

Theme: Cultural Diversity at MGS (West meets East, East meets West!)
Date: 11 July 2017 (Tuesday)
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Performances include:
*Welsh Traditional Dance/Marina & The Diamonds dance 
*Irish Highland Dance 
*Scottish Traditional Folk Dance: Strathspey & Tulloch 
*Yemen Traditional Folk Dance 
*South African Gumboots Dance 
*Malaysian Silat, Sumazau, Chinese Hat Dance 
*Pakistani Folk Dance ...and many more!

[For Public Only] Is it your first time visiting Matrix? If yes, just fill in the registration form so their friendly counselor can give you a FREE personalized tour:

PR 12652, Sendayan Merchant Square,
Persiaran 1 Sendayan Utama,
Pusat Dagangan Sendayan,
71950 Bandar Sri Sendayan,
Negeri Sembilan. [Map]

1300 229 888