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Cute CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves

CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves #1 - Check out the robot's eye part. This is the normal look.

CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves #2 - Mask on! This robot is practicing one of the most basic preventive measure against COVID-19.

CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves #3 - Party robot welcoming the year 2022, or what's left of 2022. Lol.


CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves #4 - I think this robot looks like the frontliner who's giving vaccine jabs.


CoffeeBot Paper Sleeves #5 - Awww! A robot with heart-shaped eyes. Let's spread love and kindness!



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There is a Coffee Bot machine at Pantai Hospital Kuala Lumpur at Bangsar. You can find it at the lobby at Block A, almost next to Starbucks.



Green Week at Club Med Asia Pacific Resorts (30 June - 6 July 2022)


Green Week at Club Med Asia Pacific resorts

According to the Sustainability at Club Med website, Green Week returns to Club Med's Asia Pacific resorts in 2022 for a second edition as part of Club Med's sustainable vision for the planet.

There are 7 days of green activities organized at Club Med resorts in the APAC region to raise awareness on sustainability and local development.

Since I live in Malaysia, I'd like to highlight the activities to be held at Club Med Cherating. If you'd like to find out more about activities at other Club Med resorts, please head over to their Sustainability - Green Week 2022 website.

Images below are from Sustainability at Club Med website.

Day 1: Jump back into NATURE


Tree planting; Mini Club seedlings planting to kickstart the young ones' first environmental sustainability journey; Amazing Family! digital treasure hunt to learn about the local culture, history and biodiversity at Club Med Cherating.

Day 2: Our ZERO FOOD WASTE agenda


Participate in engaging activities (e.g. cooking demonstrations) using leftover food waste and peelings.

Day 3: Live the 'WILD' LIFE

Learn how to create local animal arts & crafts using upcycled materials; discover local flora & fauna during nature walk with G.Os; learn how to make your own sustainable soap; discover how soap affects marine life at the turtle conservation workshop at Club Med Cherating.

Day 4: Bye bye PLASTICS


Participate in beach and mountain clean ups to preserve the local ecosystem; take part in a quiz about plastic waste to learn about the impact of single-use plastics on the environment to reduce the impact of plastic waste.

Day 5: Stand in SOLIDARITY


Join the Worldwide Snacks emblematic event with La Fondation and a fundraising event to be held at Club Med Cherating for the Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, an NGO that restores depleted wild populations of critically endangered turtles in Malaysia.

 Day 6: Preserve LOCAL CULTURE

Learn about local ingredients used in local cooking in cooking classes and local food corner; discover local culture and products at local markets; support local artisans and sustainable products by purchasing local products at the Boutique.

 Day 7: AND AFTER? Work towards the future

Make the pledge to work towards the change you want to see in the world by planting your wishes for the future of our planet on their Wish Tree.




How I Celebrated My Birthday & Father's Day in 2022

Happy Birthday to me!


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

My first pair of Michael Kors sneakers - Michael Kors Allie Extreme Color-Block Leather & Logo Trainer. Quoting the product description: Constructed from smooth leather and Signature-print canvas with a color-block finish, they feature a bubble sole that delivers a lightweight feel and chic "walking on air" appearance.

Thanks to hubs for this awesome gift!

My two boys spent some of their pocket money to buy this Bundaberg Ginger Beer for me.

My sister - who knows me well about my favorite fruit - bought these lovely durian as my birthday fruit!

Thanks Miki for this carrot cake! Miki is my go-to personal fashion advisor if I'm looking for some stylist pieces of attire.

Thank you Amanda for this coffee burnt cheese cake! Amanda is the principal and founder of Fusion Music Studio in Puchong. Contact her if you want to enroll your kids in music lessons.


Happy Father's Day to hubs!


In conjunction with Father's Day, all four of us took the LRT to downtown KL, the Pasar Seni area.

There was a skateboarding event by VANS at Kasturi Walk next to the Central Market building in KL.

 Since we were already in this part of town, hubby said we should try some well-known dishes at the nearby Kedai Kopi Lai Foong.

We didn't order this roast duck. But my youngest saw it hanging there and went, "Papa look! A flamingo!"

 We ordered this famous lala beehoon. My eldest loves lala so I shared this bowl of yummies with him. The portion was huge and the amount of lalas was pretty impressive. The soup was very tasty.

 My husband ordered this plate of char kuey teow.


Father's Day project by my eldest boy

He crafted and wrote sentences about the things that he appreciates his papa for on a piece of paper. Then he cut the sentences on the paper into strips and put them into a glass jar.
After that, he presented the jar to his papa for him to pull out each strip to read what was written on it. Awww!


Father's Day project by my youngest boy

This was done at his kindy. Thank you teachers for the thoughtful art & craft!

Happy 9th Father's Day to the hubs!


Anniversary & Birthday Trip to Club Med Bali (June 2022)

Club Med Bali


When in Club Med Bali, one must take many photos and videos. So yeah, super long post ahead, get ready!


Based on the description from Club Med Bali's website, the Superior Rooms are comfortable and generously proportioned. The shades of red and exotic wood furniture reflect Balinese craft traditions. My husband and I and our two kids stay in two adjacent Superior Rooms.

Gastronomical Excellence


I have been to Club Med Cherating in Malaysia, Club Med Phuket in Thailand, and now Club Med Bali in Indonesia. One of the many reasons I love to spend my holiday at Club Med is the convenience of access to many types of food and cuisines under one roof.


I have the freedom to choose what I want to eat and drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Exploring the Grounds


At Club Med Bali, we can embark on a journey connecting ourselves to the soul of this wonderful island destination, Bali. Let me copy these beautiful words from the welcome card: Discover its rich culture and traditions, explore nature's wonders, and experience the art of renewal in this beach paradise.


If you do make a trip here, look out for these 10 most photo-worthy spots:

1. Balinese Theater

2. Big Buddha

3. Nusa Dua Beach

4. Spa Respite

5. Coconut Walkway

6. The Kintamani

7. Zen Pool

8. The Deck

9. Sunrise Palapa

10. Bali Swing


Free Flow Beverages

One of my favorite highlights of this trip is sipping my drinks at the gorgeous Kintamani Bar.

Chillaxing at the Zen Pool

There are ample comfortable lounge chairs and even swing-beds in the vicinity of the Zen Pool where you can just lie down and rest while sipping on a glass of your favorite wine.

Here's my glass of rosé . Cheers!


Sun, Sea, Breeze

The Nusa Dua Beach is gorgeous.

Kids Club


If you are bringing your kids along, it's a super awesome idea and arrangement to place them at the kids club based on their age groups. They will be taken great care of because there are so many activities lined up for them throughout the day! The caretakers, known as G.Os are really good at handling the kids. My youngest boy remembers G.O Deri from #ClubMedBali very well.


More info about the kids club rates on their website (click the Childcare & Kids Rates tab).

Sunset Cruise

Some of us registered for the sunset cruise (5:30-6:30pm). We caught a glimpse of the sunset. The sea was a little bit choppy but overall it was a pleasant experience.

Party after 9PM

This is a great place where people are partying responsibly. There are no crazy non-kid friendly scenarios. Those who drink are drinking responsibly. Those who dance are dancing sensibly. So in my opinion, perhaps Club Med is the only legit place to bring kids to party.


Truly Memorable Trip!