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Packing JuJuBe Hello Friends Fuel Cell as Baby's Lunch Bag

Did you miss my first blog post about how I pack my JuJuBe bags? Head over to this blog post. For this post, I just wanna focus on how I pack my JuJuBe Hello Friends Fuel Cell as my baby's lunch bag.

What did I pack in my JuJuBe Hello Friends Fuel Cell?

Zojirushi 350ml thermal jar (contains baby's lunch)
A small container (to be used as a bowl)
Dr Brown's soft-tip drinking bottle
OXO TOT feeding spoon (with travel case)
Baby Bites baby bicsuit
K-MOM travel wet wipes
K-MOM zipper bag
Highchair cover

This is how the fuel cell looks like when it's fully packed.

Another angle of the fully packed fuel cell.

The fuel cell is also huge enough to add in my toddler's Skip Hop water bottle. Sometimes I replace the cloth bibs with Jujube Super Toki Be Neat (bib). I also like to bring out Offspring's travel wet wipes.

This is how Hello Friends Fuel Cell looks like (front view).

This is how Hello Friends Fuel Cell looks like (back view).

Close-up look of the logo. Hello Friends is the latest print of the JuJuBe for Sanrio collaboration.

Can you spot the ribbon?

This is how I carry my fuel cell. Sometimes I add a long strap so that I can sling it over my shoulder.

This is the Super Toki Be Neat that I mentioned earlier on. It's a reversible bib.

My two boys can share the Be Neat during lunch!


Little Innoscents for Innocent Little Ones

What are these rainbow-colored yummy looking things that my two boys are playing with? They are the Organic Baby Skincare Range by Little Innoscents!

Little Innoscents produces all-natural and certified organic products that are certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO), one of the world's leading organic certification body.

Little Innoscents Organic Baby Skincare Range

They are:
  • Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced
  • Naturally scented with the finest essential oils
  • Certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO) to assure authenticity
  • Not tested on animals

In the bathroom

Organic Spearmint & Sweet Orange Hair & Body Wash (250ml)

Do I like it? Yes, it's great for both mommy and baby! The smell of spearmint and sweet orange essential oils in the body wash is invigorating. It feels like having a tea party in the bathroom! More info here.

Organic Milky Whites Toothpaste (50ml)

Do I like it? Yes, it's fluoride-free and safe to be swallowed (as long as the kids don't purposely eat it!) It also has this cool and delightful minty refreshing smell. More info here.

After bath

Organic Mineral Powder (50g)

Do I like it? It's great for both mommy and baby! However, I'm not a fan of putting powder on myself and my kids so I can't say much. Having said that, I'm pretty impressed that this talc-free powder is made from Kaolin (Australian White Clay) used therapeutically by the Aborigines for thousands of years and works almost like magic to absorb excess moisture and toxins from the body. More info here.

Organic Moisture Rich Body Lotion (100ml)

Do I like it? Yes, it's great for both mommy and baby! The heavenly scent of Ylang Ylang is so nice. This lotion works as a great moisturizer in air-conditioned room. More info here.

Organic Hair Fudge (75ml)

Do I like it? I'd say this will be a great hair care solution for little girls especially if they have unruly, frizzy hair. I've two boys, both doesn't have much hair. So..... Read more here.

Baby's diaper & skin care

Organic Paw Paw Balm (50ml)

Do I like it? Definitely! It's great for both mommy and baby! I can use it whenever I have cracked nipples and I use this balm on baby's bottom as diaper change cream. It contains all these amazing ingredients: Australian organic paw paw (papaya) extract, shea butter, calendula. A must have balm in family first-aid cabinet and travel kit. More info here.

Organic Intensive Soothing Cream (75ml)

Do I like it? This is another must have cream in family first-aid cabinet and travel kit. Great for cloth diapers because it doesn't contain zinc oxide. I'm a cloth diapering mom so this is perfect! Apart from that, this cream is great for treating redness and itchiness caused by skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis (of which none in the family has it) but it's great to have one tube handy. More info here.

Going out in the sun

Natural Sun Lotion SPF 30+ (100ml)

Do I like it? Definitely! It's great for both mommy and baby! Safe for babies 6 months and above. This natural sun lotion contains soothing Vitamin E, Organic Green Tea, Cucumber and Rosehip extract with no nanoparticles, chemical absorbers, and parabens. Nothing synthetic! More info here.

For flu

Organic Winter Blues Balm (75ml)

Do I like it? Anything and by anything I mean natural remedy that helps calm my baby down during flu episodes is welcomed! So, yes! More info here.

You can visit this page for the full range:


And now the good news! You can get FREE SAMPLES! So read on.


Want to try Little Innoscents before you buy the full size range? How to receive a FREE sample of Little Innoscents? Just follow these 2 simple steps!

1. Like Little Innoscents Facebook page:

2. Message their Facebook page and type "I would love to try Little Innoscents!" and include your details as below:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Street address
  • Postcode
  • State
  • Contact number

Terms and conditions

  • Limit to one sample per household.
  • Samples will be randomly selected.
  • Offer valid while supplies last.
  • Valid for Malaysian residents only.