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Movie: Skyfall (2012)

Skyfall (2012) is the 23rd spy James Bond movie. It is released as part of the 50th anniversary of Dr. No and the Bond series.

Synopsis: During a field operation in Turkey, James Bond (Daniel Craig) is accidentally shot down by field agent Eve (Naomie Harris) while he is struggling against a French mercenary, Patrice (Ola Rapace). Bond plummets into to the depths of a ravine and is presumed killed. A cyber-terrorist attack on MI6 puts M (Judi Dench), the head of MI6 and Bond's commanding officer under the political pressure by Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes), the Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. Upon hearing about the attack on MI6, Bond returns to aid M. He tracks down Patrice in Shanghai and comes across Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) who eventually leads him to the villainous mastermind, Silva (Javier Bardem), who is seeking revenge against those he holds responsible for betraying him.

Note: NO spoilers below, only my appreciation about how awesome Skyfall is.

I did a little homework and research about the history of "Bondage" so that I could understand how did the James Bond series evolve throughout a span of 50 years.

  • Sean Connery (1962-1967, 1971), Scottish actor - 6 movies
  • George Lazenby (1969), Australian actor - 1 movie
  • Roger Moore (1973-1985), Welsh actor - 7 movies
  • Timothy Dalton (1987-1989), British actor - 2 movies
  • Pierce Brosnan (1995-2002), Irish actor - 4 movies
  • Daniel Craig (2006-2012), British actor - 3 movies

With the exception of Lazenby who was only 30 years old when he shot his one and only James Bond movie, the rest of the actors played James Bond when they were in their mid-30s up to late 40s. Wait... Roger Moore played his last Bond role when he was 57.

To date, Sir Sean Connery is still the most chivalrous Bond ever. He defines who James Bond is, but I was too young to remember him in action. To be honest, I only remember Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. The handsome and debonair Brosnan has a certain kind of charisma, manner, and charm that seals him as an iconic Bond.

When Daniel Craig was chosen as Bond in 2006 for Casino Royale, four years after Pierce Brosnan's final Bond movie in 2002, Bond fans went berserk. Craig, unlike previous actors, was not considered to fit the tall, dark, handsome, and charismatic image of Bond to which we had been accustomed. To be honest, I haven't watched Casino Royale (2006) and Quantum of Solace (2008), mainly because I was also among those who disapproved Craig as Bond. But Skyfall changed it all.

Now that I have done my homework, I understand why Daniel Craig was chosen. The new Bond movies, starting with Casino Royale was to be a reboot of the series, establishing a new timeline and narrative framework not meant to precede any previous movies, thus freeing the Bond series from more than forty years of continuity and allowing the new movie to show a less experienced and more vulnerable Bond. [via] 

Daniel Craig makes a superb Bond: leaner, more taciturn, less sex-obsessed, able to be hurt in body and soul, not giving a damn if his martini is shaken or stirred. [via] 

Yes, he is indeed a superb Bond! He is amazing in Skyfall, without indications of being overshadowed by either Sean Connery or Pierce Brosnan. Daniel Craig is THE Bond.

I love this comment by Ivan-Zadeh, "Craig's brilliance is that, just by looking at him, we see the deep scars of hurt beneath his icy blue eyes, even before a slightly weird finale takes Bond into uncharted childhood 'back-story' territory and it all goes a bit Nolan-era Batman." Wow.

Here's one the best summaries by the reviewer for Irish Independent: Skyfall may be "the best Bond in many a moon, and maybe even the best of them all." With a script that "balances humor and suspense skilfully" and a leading actor in Craig who "seems more relaxed and at ease in the role", the conclusion was that "Skyfall is a hugely enjoyable roller-coaster ride and easily the best action movie this year".

And, don't forget Javier Bardem as the villain Silva. He's the first Spanish actor to play the major lead villain in a James Bond movie. I don't think you can forget him, he's a f***** up villain with a freaky demeanor.

On a side note, I read that Daniel Craig will star in at least five James Bond movies, taking his tenure through the 25th entry in the series. [via]

P.S.: After his reign, I personally hope Henry Cavill (Man of Steel, 2013) will be considered as the next Bond.

Back to Skyfall.

My advice? DON'T MISS SKYFALL, even if you are not a Bond fan. 

By the way, here's the official theme song by Adele. Haunting.


Project: Reflect 52 #43 - Top 9 characteristics of a successful relationship

I got this couple checklist from the September issue of Female magazine.

Top 9 characteristics of a successful relationship

  • Friendship: That's true, sometimes when the hubby and I are talking, we are like old friends catching up. It's true about your spouse being your best friend.

  • Humor: The hubby is not one of those crazy "hee-hee-haa-haa" guys. He is not Psy (you know, Psy from the Gangnam phenomenon). But, he has his certain ways - especially with words and sentences - that make me laugh till my stomach hurts.

  • Communication: This is a lifetime lesson. We avoid "cold wars" as much as we can. I can be quite cranky sometimes; he makes an effort to understand what I want, and I try my best to practice to be less cranky. :P

  • Equal chore-sharing: Believe it or not, the hubby sometimes offers to do laundry. He can even do some simple cooking. :)

  • Sexual intimacy: This is NSFW, so let me keep this for private consumption. :)

  • Affection: I "demand" for hugs, hold hands, and little kisses all the time. Hahaha!

  • Mutual and separate social lives: Yeah, we do have.

  • Reliability; doing what you say and saying what you do: Ummm. Not easy because sometimes we don't really mean what we say or do. LOL!

  • Relationship vision: To have kids and build our little kingdom! :D


Donated my old clothes for Electrolux Washing-thon!

Have you heard of Malaysia's FIRST Outdoor Washing Marathon?

It's done by Electrolux and it's called Electrolux Washing-thon, happening from 1 to 4 November 2012 at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya!

Their collection drive for used / useable clothes is going on from 17 till 30 October 2012 but you may also donate them on the spot from 1 till 4 November at Citta Mall.

My hubby and I cleared our wardrobes and we had quite a number of old clothes to be donated.

Taaaaadaaaaa! Two bags and one box of old clothes ready to be deposited at one of their designated drop-off points.

We went to Paramax at Bandar Puteri Puchong and deposited them into a dedicated "cage" outside the shop.

A kind deed done!

We don't need those clothes anymore but we believe our little act of kindness will benefit some people out there. 

Doing something meaningful like this is really rewarding.

You can do the same too!


 For more news and updates, visit their website at

You may also find them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ElectroluxMY).

Here's their Facebook event: Washing-thon.

Go ahead and join us!

See you there! 


Movie: Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012)

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is the sequel to the horror movie Silent Hill (2006).

Synopsis: Heather Mason / Sharon Da Silva (Adelaide Clemens) and her father Harry/Christopher (Sean Bean) are on the run from a cult group that wants her back to Silent Hill, but Heather does not fully understand the entire situation. When her father is kidnapped by the cult group, she is determined to come to Silent Hill to save him and learn the truth about herself and the nightmares that haunted her for so long...

I'm not a gamer, so I'm not aware of the existence of the Silent Hill video game series until recently. Anyway, one doesn't have to be a fan of the video game series to enjoy the thrill ride through "hell" conveyed by this movie.

The visuals are dark and creepy; and the atmosphere of gloominess and uneasiness as expected from a video game adaptation is always heavy in the air. 

In fact, this movie somehow reminds me of A Nightmare of Elm Street - horrific nightmares, imagination versus reality, monsters, and everything scary.

In a nutshell, do add this horror flick to your movies-for-Halloween list. It may not be the best horror movie this year but it has its fair share of scares and horror to scare non-horror movie goers. :)


Electrolux Washing-thon, 1st Outdoor Washing Marathon, 1-4 November 2012 @ Citta Mall

The brand Electrolux has always resonated with me because we used to own an Electrolux washing machine when I was little. Till today, I can still remember smelling freshly washed laundry that was almost a daily affair.

So, you can imagine my delight when I know that Electrolux Home Appliances Sdn Bhd is organizing Malaysia's FIRST Outdoor Washing Marathon called Electrolux Washing-thon from 1 to 4 November 2012 at Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya!

Electrolux Washing-thon is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that aims to give back to the community in support of the needy and less privileged by washing and drying donated clothes from the society.

Quoting Mr Koh Soh Hoie, General Manager of Electrolux Malaysia and Singapore, "We, at Electrolux live the life of a thoughtful brand and we plan to continue delivering on this promise."

I believe they will fulfill their promise. :)

Throughout 1 to 4 November 2012, from 10am to 7pm, Electrolux targets to collect, wash, dry, and fold at least 3,000 pieces of clothes that will be distributed through Grace Community Services to kids and adults in need.

This is definitely a fun-filled event for everyone and a fun family day out for kids and adults, as well as a great initiative for active volunteerism to help the community.

Now, what can you do to participate?

#1: Donate used / usable clothes. 

A collection drive for used / useable clothes is going on from 17 till 30 October 2012. Be on the look-out for the Electrolux Washing-thon trucks at designated drop-off points throughout Klang Valley.

Find out the locations here.

#2: Join the Electrolux team as a half or full-day volunteer.

Volunteers are needed to help sorting the donated clothes (the whites from the colored) before washing, and to fold the clothes once they are washed and dried. 

To register as a volunteer, please send an email to with the following details:
  • Name:
  • Contact no.:
  • Date:
  • Time (you will be volunteering): 10am-3pm or 3-8pm

You may also contact them at 03-7843 5885 / 5981 from Mondays to Fridays, 8:30am to 5:30pm.


The main event will be held at Citta Mall's Carpark area.

For more news and updates, visit their website at

You may also find them on Facebook ( and Twitter (@ElectroluxMY).

Here's their Facebook event: Washing-thon

Go ahead and join us!

See you there!


Movie: Sinister (2012)

Once you see him, nothing can save you.

Sinister (2012) is a supernatural horror movie.

Synopsis: True crime novelist Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) moves his family - his wife Tracy (Juliet Rylance) and two young kids, Trevor (Michael Hall D'Addario) and Ashley (Clare Foley) into a house where the previous residents were murdered and the family's youngest kid went missing. He is using the gruesome murder as the basis for his new book, hoping to achieve another breakthrough. Upon moving into the house, Ellison stumbles upon a box containing a projector and several reels of Super 8 footage in the attic. Much to his horror, the tapes are showing the murders of the family who previously lived in his house in 2011 and four other murders in 1998, 1986, 1979, 1966. Ellison's marriage is deteriorating and his kids are acting stranger and stranger each day. Ellison has no choice but to find out the truth behind the string of gruesome murders.

Thumbs up! Oh my goodness! At the end of the movie, all I can say is, "That was the scariest movie I have ever seen this year!" I didn't watch its trailer or read its synopsis before I watched this movie. I went into the cinema without expectations and I had to admit I scared myself silly for 110 minutes.

I would like to point out the most crucial element of this movie - the use of Super 8 footage in such a slow and eerie way that you will remember every single bloody detail. There are five reels, each has a title with the year - Pool Party '66, BBQ '79, Lawn Work '86, Sleepy Time '98, and Family Hanging Out '11. The titles are so benign, right? The years don't suggest anything weird too. Everything seems fine. 

But the moment Ellison watch the reels, and as you watch together with him, you can start to feel that familiar sense of dread and suspense rising in the pit of your stomach. :S

Not only so, the director continues to keep us uneasy in our seats by giving us a whole lot of manipulative camera angles, bizarre images, sudden loud noises, and haunting music score. Everything is unsettling and there are many instances I have to close my eyes and ears. But those horrific imagery are not something you can forget easily. Argh!

The horror genre is here to stay. There are many horror movies made each year but
Sinister stands out in the crowd. A good horror movie is not just about blood, gore, and sadism. Sinister offers more than superficial scares; it toys with your emotions, especially your fear of the supernatural and netherworld. It gives you a glimpse of what if Evil pays you a visit today?

It's Halloween in a week's time. To all horror movie fans, DON'T MISS this movie!


Ryu Murakami's "Audition"

Ryu Murakami's "Audition".


Documentary-maker Aoyama hasn't dated anyone in seven years since the death of his beloved wife, Ryoko. Now, even his teenage son, Shige suggests he should think about remarrying. One day, his best friend Yoshikawa comes up with a plan to hold fake film auditions so that he could choose a new bride. Aoyama decides to go along with the plan.

Of the thousands who apply, Aoyama only has eyes for Asami Yamasaki - a young, beautiful, delicate, and talented girl whose dreams of becoming a ballerina were cut short by an accident. Aoyama is infatuated by her despite learning about her turbulent past, which included consistent abuse as a child by her crippled stepfather.

Soon, Aoyama believes he is falling in love with her. Yoshikawa warns Aoyama that Asami may not be all that she seems, but Aoyama ignores him, seeing only the perfect woman he imagines Yamasaki Asami to be.

By the time Aoyama discovers the horrifying truth about his new girlfriend, it may be too late...


This novel was adapted into a controversial movie in 1999 by director Takashi Miike. I'm not watching this movie; it's now an acclaimed cult movie. :S


The scariest line ever: You're a liar. You only love me, right?


Movie: House at the End of the Street (2012)

Fear reaches out... for the girl next door.

House at the End of the Street (2012) is a psychological thriller.

Synopsis: A newly divorced mother, Sarah (Elisabeth Shue) and her 17-year old daughter, Elissa (Jennifer Lawrence) move to a small, rural town  to reconnect and start over. They discover they are living next door to a house where a young girl, Carrie Anne murdered her parents. Elissa befriends the surviving member of the family, Ryan (Max Thieriot), only to learn there are chilling secrets that may cost her life.

Max Thieriot's character, Ryan reminds me of Norman Bates from Psycho (1960). In fact, House at the End of the Street does resemble Psycho in some ways. However, it lacks the dark degree of suspense that Psycho has. I'm a bit disappointed with the so-so amount of thrill and suspense, but I do like the little twist-ending. It's kind of short but straight to the point and gives this movie a crystal-clear and bittersweet wrap. 

Jennifer Lawrence is still in her element but it's rather hard for me not to compare herself as Elissa to Katniss in The Hunger Games. I keep on telling myself, Elissa is just a normal 17-year old, so her character is not supposed to be able to fight a psychopath like a pro, or as tough as Katniss. LOL. I hope I haven't typecasted Jennifer Lawrence as a tough cookie.

Okay, since this is the month of Halloween, it's safe to say that House at the End of the Street is the mildest horror movie of the month.

Look out for these upcoming super horror movies - Sinister (watched), Paranormal Activity 4, Silent Hill: Revelation (watched).

Go scare yourself silly! :)


Suzanne Collins' "Mockingjay"

Suzanne Collins' "Mockingjay".


This book centers around Katniss and the districts' rebellion against the Capitol. Katniss, now a refugee, is quite damaged from her experiences, agrees to be used by the rebels as a propaganda tool (the embodiment of the mockingjay symbol, complete with costume) to unite the districts in the uprising against the Capitol and President Snow.



The Hunger Games trilogy:

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire


Suzanne Collins' "Catching Fire"

Suzanne Collins' "Catching Fire".


Nine months after the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss learns that her act of defiance with the Nightlock berries has started a chain reaction that inspired rebellion in the districts. District by district, the citizens of Panem begin to stage uprisings against the Capitol. Katniss, despite following President Snow's instruction to extinguish the uprisings, has inadvertently fuels the rebellion even more, and the mockingjay pin she wears becomes its symbol.



The Hunger Games trilogy:

The Hunger Games
Catching Fire


Project: Reflect 52 #42 - My first pair of Levi's Demi Curve jeans

I bought my very first pair of Levi's Demi Curve jeans - a necessary and affordable "splurge". :)

Why? Because I'm still retaining my new-found body shape without rebound or weight regain even after four months upon finishing The Right Approach program. :)

Levi's Demi Curve - frames perfect proportions, flatters your waist, smoothes your shape. Excellent!

I have never been able to wear a size 24. Now I can!!! I'm bursting with confidence and happiness!

Thanks TRA!

The latest me. :)

More photos on my Facebook album here.


Fill in the Blank Friday - Relax & No Stress

Belated post for my Fill in the Blank Friday series.

1. One thing I plan on doing to relax this weekend is to snuggle in bed with the husband, with him sleeping away like a baby; and I, reading the book that I'm currently reading - Mockingjay, the final book of The Hunger Games.

2. A big pet peeve of mine is when people park their car BEHIND my car (we call it double-parking in Malaysia) without leaving any contact details on their dashboard. I have no way to alert the car owner except pressing my car honk repeatedly until the idiot appears. It's fine if they leave some form of contact, at least I can give them a courteous call and tell them I need to move my car.

3. I am really loving the idea of having my own baby next year. I'm not pregnant yet but the idea of venturing into motherhood is getting more and more real each day. :)

4. The rain is calming if I'm safe and sound at home, and it's kind of a nuisance if I'm driving on the road.

5. My favorite girly indulgence is my weekly home body spa using the Galvanic Spa kit, ageLOC Body Spa gel, and Dermatic Effects Lotion.

6. A song I always get stuck in my head is none. I'm not a song person, I forget them pretty quickly.

7.  The best cure for stress is reading. I will just grab a book, sit or lie down, and read.


2012 Terengganu Rip Curl Pro Surf Contest, 30 November - 2 December @ Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu

What do you get when you string these words together?
Monsoon, Terengganu, Rip Curl, Surfing, Beach

You get the first ever 6-star pro surf contest in Malaysia!

Rip Curl (Malaysia) and the State Government of Terengganu are collaborating to conduct the first ever 6-star pro surf contest on 30 November till 2 December at Pantai Batu Burok, Kuala Terengganu!

Allow me to go off-track for a while...

Terengganu, my husband's hometown, is my favorite state in Malaysia. My road trips back to Kuala Terengganu always include spending some time at the beach, no matter how short it is. My husband, then boyfriend, proposed to me on one of these beautiful stretches of beaches too...

*snaps back from day-dreaming*

Okay, back to the surfing contest.

From 30 November till 2 December, surfers from different regions of South East Asia will compete in five different divisions – Men's Open, Women's Open, Master Division and Bodyboard Open, and Longboard Open in this international event.


Let's find out who are Malaysia's top surfers.

Earlier this week on 15 October at One Utama, Rip Curl (Malaysia) announced that they have signed an official 1-year Official Rip Curl Malaysia Riders deal with two top Malaysian surfers – Bryan Ng and Brenda Lee. Rip Curl Malaysia has also renewed their contract with Mohd. Suhaimi (Semmy), a 17-year old young surfer from Cherating.

Congratulations Bryan, Brenda and Semmy!

Brenda (left) is Malaysia's top lady surfer. Bryan (right) is also a top surfer. Semmy (middle) is a young and promising surfer.

By introducing these top surfers and with the upcoming first 6-star pro surf event at Pantai Batu Burok, Rip Curl Malaysia believes the local surfing community will grow. They are set to introduce Malaysia as a surfing destination to professional surfers from different regions and to attract more non-surfers to experience the surfing sports. This event will also become the platform for local surfers to gain experience by competing at the international level.



I love the beach!!! Here are some beach photos from my road trips.

Monsoon or no monsoon, see you at Pantai Batu Burok from 30 November to 2 December!


Why do you need Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50?

Why do you need Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50?

Because the sun will not burn out yet; and because of that you can't run away from the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays.

UVA and UVB rays

In layman terms, UVA rays penetrate your skin and cause premature aging. UVB rays causes the skin to darken and burn. Both harmful rays cause the structure of your skin to break down after years and years of exposure, leaving it dull and lacking in elasticity.

Signs of premature sun-damaged and aging skin

Look into the mirror and find out wrinkles around your eyes and mouth. You can also look out for uneven pigmentation, which appears as age spots. If you are over 30 years old and you still don't use sunblock when you are out and about under the sun, you are gonna look older than your real age very soon.

Do you enjoy engaging in outdoor activities?

These were some of the outdoor stuff that I did and without a doubt, I was exposed to the sun A LOT!

Trekking up and down a hill.
Blog post here.


Climbing up and down a longhouse.
Blog post here.

Lazying by the beach.
Blog post here.

Road trips!
Blog post here.

Soaking myself silly in a hot spring pool.
Blog post here.

Can you imagine the amount of UVA and UVB rays that I was exposed to? Argh! 


The arrival of Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50!

Then my Savior arrives to save me from further damage! He is the new Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50!

He tells me, "Whether you're working, running errands or spending time away, sun protection is a must because UV rays penetrate glass and are reflected from surfaces such as windows, water and even sand. Being indoors or in the city is no excuse to neglect your daily sun protection routine!"


Back to the same question...

Why do you need Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50?

Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 is formulated for everyday lightweight and lasting wear, and enriched with botanical extracts of tamarind, cotton, and stevia.

The photo-stable AvoTriplex® Technology of Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 does the following:

 Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven®

Banana Boat products, including the new Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 are hypoallergenic, dermatologically tested, and are Sun-Tested, Sun-Proven® protection against harmful sun rays.

That's why I have so many of them - SPF30, SPF50, SPF110! Hahaha!


Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 comes in 60ml units and is available at RM32.90 at all chain pharmacies, retail stores, and hypermarkets.



Okay, just so you know, I'm giving away ONE (1) Banana Boat Ultra Protect FACES SPF50 to ONE (1) lucky winner!

It's my first ever giveaway for my blog readers. So, join now by clicking here! :)