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Redefining motherhood in the first quarter of 2017

So, the first quarter of 2017 ends. That's four months gone from 2017. Hmm, what have I done in the past four months?

In 2013, I became a mother. The transition from having no kid to one kid was challenging, I kid you not. But to be honest, the transition from having one kid to two kids was (actually, still is) a nightmare. Amidst challenges during the past four months, I found peace with three major activities as seen in the photo above. Can you guess?

Here they are:
Breastfeeding, Babywearing, Cloth Diapering

That pretty little bottle is Buds Cherished Organics Breast Massage Oil that helps breastfeeding mothers stay calm and relaxed and promotes lactation, making breastfeeding easier. A few days ago I had a blocked duct but it was cleared within a day after I massaged the blocked area with this oil plus baby's marathon nursing sessions.

 I'm also into babywearing; that's Daiesu Kelarai Ringsling. And I'm into cloth diapering. Oh there's so much to tell but I guess I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

Check out my second Instagram account which focuses on babywearing and cloth diapering - @myfluffjournal

Okay, that's all for now.

By the way, my blog is not dead. I'm still finding time to update it more frequently. Lol. But you can follow my FB page for more bite-sized updates daily.


Mother's All-Natural Range by Four Cow Farm

I'm pretty excited when Four Cow Farm contacted me about their product range for mothers! I'm currently using their baby range for my four months old baby. I love Four Cow Farm's baby range, especially their Calendula Remedy and Tea Tree Remedy. Excellent remedies for diaper rash and other minor cuts and wounds.

Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural Range consists of Castile Hair & Body Wash, Intensive Restorative Oil, and Daily Rich Cream Salve. They contain the finest ingredients for stretched or stressed skin due to pregnancy or postnatal fatigue. Safe enough to use anywhere on the face or body, and with only the finest ingredients safe for mothers and newborns, Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural range is the perfect start to caring for skin from pregnancy and beyond.

After having two kids, this range is exactly what I need. Let's look into the three products one by one.

Castile Hair & Body Wash

When you see the word "Castile", it actually means the product is made from 100% olive oil. No coconut oil or other nut oils at all. This makes Castile wash very gentle on the skin.

Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural Castile Hair & Body Wash is made only from the finest 100% Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed Olive Oil and no other oils, making it excellent on fine, sensitive or tired and stressed skin. It also contains Organic Pomegranate Extract rich in antioxidants and unique skin-fortifying effects to protect and strengthen skin requiring greater care. No artificial fragrances too.

Ever since I switched to Castile washes a couple of years back, I've grown accustomed to non-foaming and fragrance-free body washes, so I really super like this Four Cow Farm Castile Hair & Body Wash for mothers. Super good product that I use for hair, body, and face. The one product that rules them all!

Being an excellent product for mothers and mothers-to-be, and particularly on any skin experiencing tension, strain or stress, this special formulation is a gentle and nourishing daily all-over hair, face and body wash that's rich, protective and moisturizing. It's suitable for irritated skin, dry hair or scalp or those sensitive to chemicals.

Daily Rich Cream Salve

Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural Daily Rich Cream Salve is a luxurious blend of the finest organic oils and extracts for soothing and caring for sensitive, stressed or stretching skins. This salve/lotion contains Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Organic White Tea, and Pomegranate Extracts. All these premium ingredients work together to aid in the skin's protection and recovery.

Excellent as a rich and soothing daily all-over face and body salve for mothers and mothers-to-be, it can be applied anytime whenever our skin is tired and stressed.

For me, this luscious salve is great as day and night face cream.

Intensive Restorative Oil

Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural Intensive Restorative Oil is a fortified blend of the finest restorative organic oils for boosting the care of sensitive, stressed or stretching skins. Ingredients include Organic Rosehip Oil, Organic Camellia Oil, Natural Olive Squalane, and a combination of non-GMO Natural Vitamin E tocopherols.

This oil is all about moisturizing and moisture retention to help restore skin suppleness and elasticity that has experienced tension, strain or stress.

For me, this rich oil is great as serum or intensive booster before applying day/night cream.

Wanna pamper yourself and your mommy friends with Four Cow Farm's Mother's All-Natural Range? Check them out below:

Four Cow Farm website
Four Cow Farm Facebook page
Four Cow Farm Instagram page

Disclaimer: Four Cow Farm Malaysia has kindly sponsored the Mother's All-Natural Range products, but opinions on this blog post are my own.