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My Trademark: joycescapade

I'm the proud owner of joycescapade - my online identity. It's derived from my blog, Joy 'N' Escapade, which was born into the blogosphere on 17 August 2007.

From this post, "Hardest thing to write: About Me" and from the results of Google-ing joycescapade (screenshot below), it's evident.

joycescapade is my trademark.

The hunt™ for an online identity has ended.

I've been using joycescapade almost anywhere online, especially via blogging, i.e. Joy 'N' Escapade and micro-blogging, i.e. Twitter & Tumblr. For my Facebook, I maintain my name.

Here's a screenshot of my blog's top-left sidebar. I've grouped my trademark links on this slot to ease navigation from one site to another.

Happy browsing! :D

I like this little write-up.

Joycescapade: Living up to her favorite quote, "if it is to be, it is up to me", Joyce blogs & micro-blogs freestyle on the things she deems important and inspirational in life namely food, movies and more! Follow her gastronomic adventures across the Klang Valley and beyond to delight her taste buds. An avid movie lover, Joyce hits the cinemas practically every week so hit up her blog for the latest at the theaters.

Updated screenshot for 2010 as below:

Updated screenshot for 2011 as below:


What's Windows 7 Malaysia?

I like NEW things, especially those that challenge me intellectually. So, I spent some time reading up what's so BIG DEAL about Microsoft Windows 7. I'm not a techie, definitely, and until today, geeky and complicated technical jargons and their mumbo-and-jumbo still "haunt" me... :P

My laptop is still running on Windows XP. It
seems that I might have the chance to get it upgraded to Windows 7, the latest OS from Microsoft.

Okay, let me go straight to the point.

On My Blog

I've allocated a permanent slot and updated necessary Windows 7 Malaysia links on my the right navigation bar of my blog for easier reference.

Links About Windows 7 Malaysia

Join the revolution and check out Windows 7 Malaysia!

1. Website
* Windows 7 Malaysia: The movement, conversations, contests

2. Twitter
* Follow Windows 7 Malaysia on Twitter

* Do include this hashtag: #win7my when you're tweeting about Windows 7 Malaysia. Let's make it a trending topic on Twitter!

* You may find real-time results for #win7my hashtag here.

3. Facebook
* Be a fan of Windows 7 Malaysia on Facebook
* Be a friend of Windows 7 Malaysia on Facebook

3 Things I Like on

When you scroll down, you'll find these 3 things (highlighted in pale pink boxes):

1. Share your thoughts & experiences about Windows 7 and they'll be cross-posted on your Facebook wall.

2. Follow Twitter updates of @win7malaysia & #win7my hashtag stream.

3. Sign in to Window's Live Messenger's web version.

Next Step

Get Windows 7 installed on my working machine. :)

Hardest thing to write: About Me

I don't know HOW TO write "About Me", serious.

See all the different versions that I have here:

1. Facebook:
Me? I'm ISFJ = Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging. Need I say more? In layman's term, I keep myself low profile, I'm sensitive towards feelings & I'm a high achiever. I say bye bye to things that are not up to my standard :) This is my approach to my life & work. See profile.

2. Twitter:
I believe: If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me; If It Be So, So Be It; Let Your Word Be, Yes, yes, No, no. I tweet & retweet things important to me. :)
Follow me.

3. Tumblr:
The name is Joyce Rachel. This is her escapade of things that inspired her and she deems as important to her life. See profile.

4. Blog:
Welcome to Joy 'N' Escapade. I'm Joyce Rachel Lee. I believe in "If it is to be, it is up to me", "If it be so, so be it", "To be or not to be", "Let your word be yes, yes; no, no". © Joyce Rachel Lee 2009


How? :P

My Mini Behavioral Profile

I took this test: Mini Behavioral Profile.

Here's how it's taken: There are four groups of words. Read each list and choose the group of words that best describes the way that you behave.

Group 1: Bold, Driving, Pioneering, Direct, Competitive, Determined
Group 2: Optimistic, Inspiring, Persuasive, Convincing, Sociable, Trusting
Group 3: Precise, Perfectionist, Orderly, Diplomatic, Accurate, Meticulous
Group 4: Adaptable, Systematic, Logical, Patient, Relaxed,


Guess what? I chose the words in Group 3. Here's what it says:

Preferred Work Environment
* You enjoy focusing on data, facts, and figures. To you, accuracy is EXTREMELY important.

* You hold yourself and those who work with you to very
high standards. When those standards are met, all is good. When they are not, watch out.

* You have the ability to easily analyze lots of information and data prior to making a decision.

* Your office is probably very well organized and this gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Generating accurate and precise work comes easily to you.

Productivity Blockers
* People who make snap decisions without analyzing all the data get under your skin.

* Being the center of attention does not appeal to you. You'd much rather do your work behind the scenes, with as few distractions as possible.

* In your mind work is work, and not a place for fun and games. Loud emotional outbursts annoy you and throw you off track with your work.

* People who do sloppy work irritate you and you would prefer not to work with them.

Original link can be found here.


Click the links below to view results of other groups.

Group 1 | Group 2 | Group 4


In short, I'm the Conscientious type, i.e. task-oriented & reserved.

Click here to view Dominance, Influence, and Steadiness.


Gospel Meeting: Life's Principle & Life's Purpose

Hymn: The wedding feast, the peak of man's enjoyment

Stanza #1:
The wedding feast, the peak of man's enjoyment
Was full of pleasure till the wine ran dry.
The human life, like wine, is soon exhausted,
Till Jesus comes, divine life to supply.

When Jesus comes, new wine is made from water,
When Jesus comes, the darkness turns to light.
He touches death—it's turned to life eternal,
Weakness to strength and blindness into sight.

Stanza #2:
And still today, this Jesus is so living,
Able to save from death in any form.
Now open up your heart and call upon Him;
To you He'll come, in spirit you'll be born.

Message: Life's Principle & Life's Purpose

1. Life's Principle -- To Change Death into Life:

a. Christ Coming in Resurrection to the People in Their Enjoyment (John 2:1-2)
b. Their Human Life Running Out and Their Being Filled with Death (John 2:3-7)
c. Christ Changing Their Death into Life Eternal (John 2:8-11)

2. Life's Purpose -- To Build the House of God:

a. Christ Cleansing the Temple (John 2:12-17)
b. The Body of Jesus, the Temple, Destroyed and Raised Up in Resurrection (John 2:18-22)

Hymn: Kau Yang Terindah (Lord, You're Beautiful)

Click here to listen to this hymn.

Original Lyrics in Bahasa Indonesia:

Note: Indonesians called God as Allah

Kau yang terindah di dalam hidup ini,
Tiada Allah Tuhan yang seperti Engkau,
Besar perkasa penuh kemuliaan.

Kau yang termanis di dalam hidup ini,
Ku-cinta Kau lebih dari segalanya,
Besar kasih setia-Mu kepada-ku.

Ku-sembah Kau, ya Allah-ku,
Ku-tinggikan nama-Mu selalu,
Tiada lutut tak bertelut,
Menyembah Yesus Tuhan Raja-ku.

Ku-sembah Kau, ya Allah-ku,
Ku-tinggikan nama-Mu selalu,
Semua lidah kan mengaku,
Engkaulah Yesus Tuhan Raja-ku.


Translated Version (Lord, You're Beautiful):

Oh Lord You're beautiful,
In my life You're beautiful,
And You alone O God are high above all else,
For all glory and power belongs to You.

Lord Jesus You're so sweet,
In my life Lord You're so sweet,
And I love You Lord more than any other,
For Your faithfulness and love endures forever.

I worship You O mighty God,
I extol Your name with all of my heart,
And every knee shall bow at Your Name,
For You are Jesus, You're my Lord and King.

I worship You O mighty God,
I extol Your name with all of my heart,
And every tongue shall confess Your Name,
For You are Jesus, You're my Lord and King.

Wei Han & Doreen's Wedding @ Petaling Jaya

Two weeks after Vincent & Christine's wedding thanksgiving meeting, we've another sweet couple - Wei Han & Doreen. :)

Here's every Christian couple's consecration vow before the Lord for their household. Joshua 25:14: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Here's the list of the hymns, complete with ready-to-listen MP3 files. Right click the links below and listen to the songs in another tab/window.

Call on Your Name
A Divine, Romantic Story

Here are the lyrics of A Divine, Romantic Story:

Stanza #1:
There is a great mystery,
A wonderful story;
For ages 'twas hidden,
Now shown in His wisdom;
'Tis a divine romance
Of God and man in time;
Beyond understanding,
Yet seen in God's speaking.

God fell in love with man;
For only God's love can
Make man just the same as He
In life and in nature.
We are His expression,
His bride, His enlargement;
Forever, together,
As living, insep'rable as one couple

Stanza #2:
Though He was rejected
By men who were blinded;
His love is constraining,
His heart still unchanging;
Thus in incarnation
Came He as salvation;
His name is called Jesus,
And He came to seek us.

* Repeat chorus

Stanza #3:
Though born as a sinner,
His blood has redeemed me.
He suffered on Calv'ry,
Then raised up in glory,
To regenerate me.
Now joined in one spirit
I love to enjoy Him,
For I've been forgiven!

* Repeat chorus

Stanza #4:
His love is so tender,
To Him I'll surrender;
His name is so precious,
I gladly call, "Jesus!"
His Person's so charming,
My heart ever winning;
I'll hold back no longer,
I'll love Him forever.

* Repeat chorus

[Friday-28] Friday Dinner @ Pasta Zanmai


[Friday-28] Accident (2009)

In Accident, a 2009 Hong Kong thriller, Louis Koo portrays Ho Kwok-Fai, an "accident choreographer" who, with the help of his team members, causes death to the victims of his clients by trapping them in "accidents" that are well-crafted to resemble unfortunate mishaps.

During a mission, one of his team members was accidentally killed. He became delusional and paranoid about the incident, assuming that someone was out there plotting to terminate him and his team. He went deeper and deeper into his own assumptions and distorted belief.

The movie started off with quite a momentum. Then, it dragged on rather slow and dialogue-less while focusing on the paranoid and presumptuous protagonist for about 35 minutes before he finally figured out what he had done. The movie then ended with another impressive scene, albeit predicted.

Anyway, one thing to be learned: Don't assume anything until it's proven. If not, a lot of people gonna get hurt.

French Bulldog Rolls Over Video


My beloved Nokia E71

Phone Hunt™ has ended. It's actually a company phone with company line. At least, I'm owning it on behalf of the company. :P

Gotten it in late August 2009, if I don't remember wrongly. Since then, I've experienced and still experiencing LOADS of fun and convenience while I'm away from my working laptop. Here are a few points:

1. Enhanced mobile surfing experience (especially WAP, Twitter & Facebook).

2. Checking work email while I'm on the go without hassle.

3. Capturing higher quality photos with its 3.2MP camera for my Twitpic, Facebook Mobile Uploads, and this blog!!!

4. Its battery can last up to 5 days if I don't engage it in exhaustive tasks, especially mobile surfing for too long.

Thank you!!!

Note: Photos below are taken with Nokia 6500, 2MP camera only.

Pretty, ain't it?

Thingamajig from Seoul, South Korea

My sister came back from her business trip to Seoul, South Korea with these.....

Sweet, pretty, colorful tidbits

Looks like Doraemon's Dorayaki

Tidbits box

Pink cosmetic pouch

Purse mirror and key chain set

Key chains

Mobile phone charm

The Voca People

The Voca People is a new international vocal theater performance combining vocal sounds and an acapella singing with the art of modern beat-box.


Cameron Highlands Trip (21-22 September 2009)

Highlights of Cameron Highlands Trip (21-22 September 2009)

* The goal of the gospel is that, loving the Lord Jesus with the first love, we'd pour out upon Him what is most precious to us.

* The Lord doesn't give us what we want; He gives us what we need.

* Love the Lord with the first and best love.

* Faith is for receiving, love is for enjoying. We need to grow in faith and in love.

1 Tim. 1:14 - "And the grace of our Lord superabounded with faith and love in Christ Jesus."

Every time we meet with the brothers and sisters in Christ, the Lord will speak to us, maybe not much but there'll be something that impacts us. This is very true. The Lord is among us when we meet together and He'll speak into us the rhema words. I need to recover my attendance to church meetings. Also, the Lord is faithful in taking care of His sheep and the fruits that we bear by abiding in Him. We may not be in the condition to take care of His sheep but He will take care of both. I'm so comforted to see the younger brothers and sisters functioning as living members. I thank the Lord for His grace. All are His work, not ours.


Note: Click this link to view more photos on my Facebook.


Fresh Strawberry Fried Rice

Nice, sweet & sour. Not weird at all. :D

Fresh Strawberries
Not so sweet though despite their gorgeous outer looks. :D

Eat these sourish strawberries with sweet yogurt for dinner. :D


[Friday-27] Tsunami in Haeundae

Tsunami in Haeundae (2009) is Korea's first disaster film. It's supposed to be a serious and grim movie, however, you'll find some funny slapstick-like elements here & there in the movie to lighten up the movie's somber atmosphere. 

The first one hour of the movie is rather draggy and slow-paced with focuses on different characters. It's rather confusing at first because the characters weren't related to one another. 

The movie became "watchable" when the coastal town of Haeundae was struck by mega-tsunami as predicted by one of the marine geologists and the Koreans tried to survive by all means. The scenes reminded us of the real catastrophic tsunami that struck in December 2004 and took the live of as many as 300,000 people.

Overall, if you could bear the first half of the movie, you'll still find the rest of the movie interesting and meaningful.

Find full synopsis here.


[Friday-27] A Perfect Getaway

Basically, you just need to pay attention to three couples - Cliff & Cydney (Steve Zahn & Milla Jovovich); Nick & Gina (Timothy Olyphant & Kiele Sanchez); Kale & Cleo (Chris Hemsworth & Marley Shelton).

Kale & Cleo appeared rather briefly in the movie while Cliff & Cydney, Nick & Gina dominated the screen for the rest of the movie with heart-thumping action and close-up gore.

I wonder how did they do all those "knife-stuck-in-your-skin" kinda scenes... They looked awfully real!

The movie took a perfect twist towards the end. I love the way the filmmakers pieced the frames together to show the audience what exactly transpired, before they revealed the final "truth" behind all those thrill and tension. Unless you've read spoilers, you'll be kept in suspense till the movie reached its crescendo during the final 40 minutes or so of the movie.

Perfect storyline, perfect ending. Perfect getaway on a Friday night.

I'm off... Cameron Highlands till Tuesday night (22 September 2009).

Don't think I'll be blogging till I'm back on full broadband speed. But I may still do micro-blogging via Twitter & Twitpic with my E71. :)

Happyyyyy Holidaysssss everyoneeeee!


Dinner @ Mizi Japanese Steamboat Restaurant (Bandar Puteri, Puchong)

It's Happy Friday!!!!! Furthermore, it's a Friday before a 4-day long holidays due to Hari Raya celebration. So, 7 of us went for dinner at Mizi Japanese Steamboat Restaurant (美子火锅) - No. 17, Jalan Puteri 2/5, Bandar Puteri, 47100 Puchong.

You'll be handling your personal steamboat "apparatus" - a metal container for broth and food, temperature controller, etc. You can control the amount of food you want to cook and how much you want to eat at one time.

For food, I opted a set that comes with clear broth and meat slices. RM21++ (plus a cup of hot green tea). If you wish to substitute clear broth with herbal soup or tom yum, you'll have to pay extra RM3 and above, depending on your choice.

Not bad.

2nd Spicy Tweet-up at My Spicy Corner @ SS9A/17

Recap on first tweet-up.

Now, it's 2nd tweet-up! Let me highlight "How to go to @SpicyCorner" again.

The easiest way to reach this restaurant without getting lost in the jungle of Kpg Tunku and Sg Way is by taking the
Federal Highway (follow the direction that heads towards KL). Take the left turn (under) the LDP cable bridge, then turn left into an uphill road. Go straight, find Caltex and park your car somewhere there. My Spicy Corner is opposite Caltex. Easy, right?

Banana Leaf Rice (Vegetarian) Set

See those little metal bowls surrounding my rice and papadum? From left to right: Rasam, vegetables, dhal, potatoes, vegetarian curry, and dessert (sago, milk, vermicelli). I've my lunch with my fingers today! :D

As usual, I ordered one Madras Tea. Read my recap (link on top) about the first tweet-up to find out what Madras Tea is.

Fellow Tweeples (@chrisleow, @joycescapade - that's me! @wind_goddess, and @geminianeyes) with @SpicyGuy, our mini tweet-up's great host! Eat, chat, laugh. :D

Mr. Spicy Guy enjoying his Portuguese Grilled Chicken with Rice.

Here's the link for more photos on my Facebook Photo Album.

Blackberry & Apple

The videos below are from an email.

Note: Kindly allow buffering if you're on low bandwidth.

Video #1: Blackberry Takes a Shot at Apple!

Video #2: Apple Hits Back!


Where are you, Adam?

Since young, I was trained to do my best in everything. I was the no. 1 student in my class throughout my primary school years, then I secured myself among the top 10 list throughout my secondary school years, and graduated from University of Malaya with a CGPA of 3.68/4.00.

I wasn't an all-rounder, I failed miserably in sports or any physical activities but I've won awards in writing, debating, and stuff like that.

I was also very active in church during my university years and have been trusted with various responsibilities - children service, youth service, bread-and-cup service, etc. Then, after graduating from a Christian training, I was given even more responsibilities as a church worker and traveled to many places.

Everything was fine. I was considered a happy, spiritual, and good sister in Christ among my church members at that time. The funny thing is, the Lord decided not to reveal my Adam to me throughout those years. I accepted the Lord's decision.

Then one day, the Lord took my dad away and my world fell apart. I was bitter and began to inch myself away from church services. Also, due to sour experiences in boy-girl relationship stuff, my faith in the Lord was thinning day by day...

So, I turned my attention from church-related matters to more "crucial" stuff to me at the moment, i.e. building up my career, boosting my network, strengthening my foothold among clients, etc. It's all work, work, work.

I fail in relationships, so I want to succeed in my career, no matter what it takes. Being a proud high-achiever and somewhat perfectionist, I must be able to substitute failures in one aspect of my life with achievements that define who Joyce Rachel Lee is in other aspects.

I've been asking the Lord to show me who's my destined spouse, or if I'm destined to be single, please show me signs or whatever it is so that I'll stop feeling bitter about being single and getting older day by day.


Yesterday, my bruised ego about a situation was awakened rather abruptly. I wept, but rather briefly, and I blogged about "Count my blessings" to heal my battered soul.


Today, a work "baby" died. Goodbye. I didn't get volatile, surprisingly. The product died but the flame of enthusiasm in me won't die. I shall retaliate because I won't tolerate failures.


While chatting with a friend, a married guy, he reminded me that I need a boyfriend more that I need a pet. Haha. Or, should I laugh it off?

Getting into a relationship with marriage prospects is not like buying mobile phones or clothes off the rack.

It takes time to build mutual trust and understanding between a guy and a girl.

It takes time and opportunities, no matter how random it is, to realize the possibility of the existence of chemistry.

It takes two hands to clap or two fingers to snap to make it happen.

It takes one party to express the possibility of a relationship to the other party.

It takes courage to venture into this zone.

And I think, it takes prayers to realize it.


Or maybe a smile is all it takes?

I don't know.

Where are you, Adam?

Count my blessings

Blessing #1: Appearing with friends on Star R.Age!

Read the article:
Not just a party | What went down at the inaugural Twestival KL 2009. Screenshot is shown below. Wanna read more about what happened on Twestival KL night? Read my article. :)

Also, after attending this twestival, I got to know more local Twitterers/Tweeples, there were prominent bloggers, social medial champions, and one work-related prominent Tweeple! OMG! Simply fantastic! I think I should put "Networking" as one of my favorite activities.


Blessing #2:
Eventful on-the-road journey!

I'd be driving my sister's car to work till this Friday (18 Sep 2009) because she's in Korea.

Here's a summary of my journey: Kelana Jaya (office) - Mutiara Damansara (followed colleagues for lunch at Ikano, I didn't drive) - Subang Hi-Tech (meeting) - Bandar Utama (sent a friend back home, jammed all the way from Subang Hi-Tech to Bandar Utama, hahaha!) - Kelana Jaya (reached home).

I know this route is "kacang" only compared to some of my colleagues, but then I count the possibility to travel as a blessing and I felt so energized! :D


Blessing #3: Chomping yellow HQ's famous in-house bakery sandwich!

This is Turkey Ham Wholemeal Sandwich with wholemeal bread, turkey & ham slices, alfafa, pickles, tomato & cucumber slices, lettuce, mayo & mustard! YUMMY!!! Quite pricey though, can fight with Subway.


Blessing #4: Realizing that I'm still human despite loving my job too much!

After a very long chat with a confidante, here's what I feel. "How to get rid of that bruised ego feeling? Hate only increases pain. Forgetting is almost impossible, much less forgiving."

People say, time will tell and heal all wounds. I hope it's true because I still feel the pain of knowing the truth that I've tried so hard to deny...


Blessing #5: Sipping Starbucks' Dark Mocha & having Korean lunch with colleagues!

Read this post & this post! :D

No matter how I feel, I know I'm blessed.

Lunch @ Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant, NZX

It's a birthday lunch for Fionne at Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant (Ara Damansara, Jln PJU 1A/41B, NZX).

Tips: If you wish, right-click the photos & view their description in another tab/window.


Then, back at our office & after office hours.

This strawberry birthday cake is prepared by the birthday girl's elder sister. It's pretty, strawberrily (:P) & delicious!


"Z" Factor: Joyze & Janize's Lunzh

Joyze & Janize haz lunzh at Buna Restaurant, Kelana Mall, specialized in serving Thai & Kelantanese dishez.

Joyze haz Pad Wun Sen or Fried Vermicelli (Thai dish); Janize haz Nasi Dagang Ikan (Kelantanese dish).

Then, we claimez our Starbucks coffeez with two free voucherz. Janize haz Java Chip; Joyze haz Dark Mocha.

Haz haz haz. I likez the "Z" faztor. :D