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Hoppy Rabbit Chinese New Year 2023 Meals


Happy Hoppy Rabbit Chinese New Year!

CNY is all about celebrating, feasting, resting, taking a break from work routine, and doing nothing else but having time for people who matter the most.

Take a look at what my parents-in-law prepared for CNY meals on different days.

Reunion Dinner on 21 Jan 2023

 Highlight of the reunion dinner was definitely the plate of yee sang with abalones!

CNY Day 1 (Lunch Menu) on 22 Jan 2023

Highlight of Day 1 Lunch is this dish called "Lap-Lap".

Lap-Lap basically means biji-biji. All ingredients in this dish are chopped / cubed / diced. There are long beans (chopped into small cubes), chicken liver (cut into small pieces), water chestnut (cubed), green peas (drained).

To enjoy this dish, take a spoonful of the mixed ingredients, sprinkle a handful of peanuts, wrap them in fresh lettuce and eat!
잘 먹겠습니다 (jal meokkesseumnida)! This is the Korean way of saying, bon appetit!

CNY Day 1 (Dinner Menu) on 22 Jan 2023

 Highlight of Day 1 Dinner is the Mookata.

CNY Day 2 & 3 (Lunch & Dinner Menu) on 23 Jan 2023

Family favorites are the highlights on these two days. Check out the braised whole pumpkin and bak kut teh.

Happy Lunar New Year 2023!

Wishing you and your family a joyful, peaceful, and wondrous Year of the Hopping Rabbit! 🐇
May this New Year bring you love, success, good luck, and may you prosper in all your endeavors!

Hoppy (yes, it's hoppy) New Year!


How does makgeolli taste like?


What is makgeolli?

I believe you have heard of soju, which is a very popular Korean alcohol. Well, makgeolli is another type of Korean alcoholic beverage.
The difference is - soju is a colorless clear liquor, with an average alcohol content of about 12-15%; whereas makgeolli is a type milky-white rice wine, with an average alcohol content of about 5-8%.

How does makgeolli taste like?

Makgeolli is sweet, tangy, fizzy. To me, it's very palatable due to its lower alcohol content.
Comparing soju to makgeolli - I find that soju (especially the non-flavored version) is quite hard to drink because I don't enjoy the "harshness" of liquor.
I will usually buy flavored soju - for example grape, grapefruit, peach, etc, and add in Yakult (yogurt drink) to tone down the soju before drinking.

So, I'm really pleasantly surprised when my first sip of makgeolli is rather good. By the way, the makgeolli that I've tried is banana-flavored because the Korean BBQ restaurant ran out of original flavor makgeolli.

I think I'll describe makgeolli as the adult version of Vitagen (the plain one). Hahaha!


16 ways to calm yourself when life gets tough


1. Walk: Walking helps clear your mind. It offers you a different perspective.
2. Indulge: Take a day off to spend a whole day doing exactly what you want.
3. Be generous: Give something to a total stranger. Acts of giving make us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

4. Sit in a coffee shop or a busy street: Soak up your surroundings; you don't have to talk to people.

5.  Educate yourself: Research what it is you are experiencing. Arm yourself with knowledge and the resources to tackle the problem head-on.

6. Preparation: Write the day's to-do list the evening before.

7.  Strengths: Write down a list of 20 of your strengths.

8. Keep going forward: Keep taking small steps, no matter what. Being stagnant doesn't serve you.

9. Revisit an old hobby: If you don't have one, create one.

10. Prioritize: Decide what's important right now. Say no to extra obligations.

11. Sleep: Get enough rest. Sleep 7-9 hours each night.

12. Be silly: Do something that you did as a child. Don't take life too seriously.

13. Cry: Release all that emotions. You will be feel better.

14. Check your self-talk: Negative self-talk does not serve you.

15.  Journal: Develop a habit of journaling. This will help free your mind.

16. Remind yourself that life is a journey: Remember that what you are going through is temporary, it will pass.

Of the above 16 points, which ones are your favorite?

I think mine is no. 9: Revisit an old hobby. My old hobby is blogging. I don't have specific topics, I focus on things and happenings in my life that I want to "immortalize".

No. 11: Sleep and no. 14: Check your self-talk are part of my ongoing goals to become a better person each day!

Let me know what's yours! Thanks for reading.