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Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers
Activities for Preschoolers
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I have launched a series of blog posts called Featured Mommypreneurs in collaboration with mommypreneurs (i.e. mommies entrepreneurs). Let me know if you're interested to join me to feature your products / services. :)



Our Immune System is Key to Fight Off Infections

Below is a very good educational video about how our body and immune system actually make it difficult for viruses to infect us.

The only way we can be infected is when our immune system is overwhelmed by a massive number of viruses if we expose ourselves to high risk public places and weakened immune system due to many factors.

If you can understand Chinese, please watch.

Even if you can't, read the English subtitles.





My friends Eva Liew, a dietician and Philip Lee who's also a dietician as well as personal trainer hosted a Facebook Live Session to discuss about immunity and prevention and how we can do our part to battle this Covid-19 situation, including live experiments on how antioxidants work!

1st Ever LumiSpa Owners & Friends Tea Party

We are hosting a gathering for LumiSpa enthusiasts this coming weekend!

Have a LumiSpa? Bring it along to redeem a free mystery Nu Skin skincare product.

Don't have one? No worries, as we will also have lucky draws for all attendees and other activities as part of the fun.

Child Passenger Safety Malaysia advocates the awareness about child traffic safety


It's really heartbreaking to read headlines after headlines about the death of young children in car accidents.

Now that the next festive season travel period is happening in about a month's time, it's seriously time to buckle up and understand the danger of the absence or improper usage of child restraint systems (CRS) or in layman term, car seats while traveling with young children. 

Although I'm in no position to judge another parent's parenting style, but don't you agree that most deaths could have been avoided if proper child safety seat usage is in place in each vehicle? 

According to Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPSM):
  • An unrestrained child (child not fastened in any CRS) has a 49% chance of ejection 
  • A child incorrectly fastened in an age-appropriate CRS has a 35% chance of ejection
  • A child correctly fastened in a CRS of incorrect size has a 10% chance of ejection 
  • A child PROPERLY fastened in a CRS of the CORRECT size has only a 3% chance of ejection

CPSM is founded by a group of individuals passionate about child traffic safety. They aim to reduce the number of serious traffic injuries of children by being advocates of child passenger safety and promoting the usage of child restraint systems and seat belts.

According to Child Seat Safety, UK, 51% of all car seats are fitted incorrectly. Based on their experience, in Malaysia, more than 90% of car seats are either used incorrectly or wrongly installed. OMG!

Child Passenger Safety Questionnaire

Try answering the questions below to find out your level of awareness regarding the importance of using CRS in your vehicle.

  1. Do you have car seats installed in your car for your children? 
  2. Are your children fastened in their car seats when your car is moving? 
  3. Are you strictly enforcing the rule that your children must be fastened in their car seats when your car is moving? 
  4. Did you know the safest position for car seats is the backseat and NOT the front seat beside the driver seat? 
  5. If you have already installed car seats in your car, are you sure they are installed properly and correctly? 
  6. Do you and your spouse (both of you) participate in the installation of the car seats? 
  7. Do you still keep the car seat's manual? 
  8. Are you sure that the car seats are suitable for your children? 
  9. Are the car seats that you are using brand new? 
  10. Did you know all infants and toddlers should ride in a rear-facing car seat until they are 2 years of age or until they reach the highest weight or height allowed by their car seat's manufacturer?

For the sake of your children's life, please do understand that it's essential (non-negotiable!) to have a car seat that's appropriate for each child's size and age and that has been installed properly in your car.

So, how to choose the right car seat?

Here's an informative graphic from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Get help from
Child Passenger Safety Malaysia (CPSM) professionals

Don't dismiss the issue and stay in the mindset that nothing bad is gonna happen to your child. You never know. It's better to be safe than be sorry.

Did you know you can get your car seats harnessing and installation checked by certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians?

CPSM aims to create awareness and share correct information on child restraints/car seats usage and traffic safety in Malaysia.

They conduct car seat checks periodically. They also provide child restraint rental for a nominal fee. Get in touch with them via email: or follow this event page to know when's the next child car seat check event near you.

Facebook page:
Facebook group:

Child seats to be made compulsory by 2020 in Malaysia – Transport Minister

The awareness of child restraint systems usage and child passenger safety is generally still pretty weak in Malaysia. As of June 2017, Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) mentioned that the issue of child seat enforcement is relatively newer, and requires due legal processes before they are enforced under the law.

However, hope arises when Malaysia's new Transport Minister, Anthony Loke announced that child car seats will be made compulsory for all private cars by 2020.

The ministry will launch advocacy and awareness programs throughout 2019 to educate the public on the importance of these seats before implementing the mandatory requirement (child seat) to the drivers. 

Let's do our part in advocating the awareness about child passenger safety and child safety in general.

Let's start from our own family!

2018 - The Year I Became A Momtrepreneur

What is A Momtrepreneur?

A Momtrepreneur refers to a woman who has children and owns/runs a business —usually out of her home —while balancing different roles at the same time (mother, wife, business owner, etc).

In other words, momtrepreneurs almost always carry the responsibility of childcare along with  their businesses with the goal of earning extra income without the commitment of traditional employment.

What Business Am I Running?

I'm running a business of helping people to improve their lives through revolutionary anti-aging health & beauty products and business opportunity.

Health & Beauty

My own testimony of TR90 Weight Management Program

My own testimony of PowerLips

My own testimony of LumiSpa

My own testimony of R-Squared & LifePak (Supplements)

What's Next?

Chat with me, learn from one another and find out how we can come out of our comfort zone and go to where magic happens...

 Learning Curves

So much to learn. I'm ready.