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Countdown to MadWorld

This is a follow-up post for MadWorld Blogger Preview. For more information about MadWorld, log on to MadWorld's official website and get glimpses of promotional videos, venues, showtimes, and even the crew behind this mega year-end production.

What's MadWorld?

This December (2010), two churches: SIBKL in collaboration with DUMC proudly presents to you MadWorld -- an edgy dance choreography show accompanied by "live" soul searching songs, augmented by visual media. An audio-visual explosion of movement that seeks to ask the question -- "What indeed is the worth of our souls".


Follow their latest updates via their blog section. I really like this post, which they put up after the special blogger preview session. Watch their latest video too.

Venues & Showtimes

MadWorld will be showing at two separate venues on separate dates.

DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, PJ
3 December 2010, Friday -- 8.00pm
5 December 2010, Sunday -- 3.30pm
5 December 2010, Sunday -- 8.00pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing: No tickets, just show up.

SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara I)
24 December 2010, Friday -- 8.00pm
25 December 2010, Saturday -- 7.30pm
26 December 2010, Sunday -- 10.00am
26 December 2010, Sunday -- 7.30pm (Yes, 2 shows on Sunday!)
Ticketing*: Contact your SIB friends or call +603-7957 2701.
* I heard that there are no more tickets!!!


I'm going to the 5 December, 3:30pm show at DUMC. See you there!


Office Christmas decor

The Christmas season in the office is hyped up with simple Christmas decor. There's a nicely done up Christmas tree on the third floor that faces the main door. It looks much prettier in real life with tiny blinking light bulbs.

A pair of bears holding the word "Welcome" is perched on top of the tree.

There's another Christmas tree on the second floor.

A colleague places an empty Krispy Kreme box with the words "Merry Christmas" on top of the tree.


Ahhh... I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet. I heard that major shopping malls in Klang Valley are already getting their Christmas decor done up. I like the romantic white Christmas theme at The Gardens Mall.


Project 365 - Photo #334

I was at D'House this morning and saw a row of these lovely bright red berries in cylinders filled with water. Nice!


KL International Motor Show 2010 @ PWTC

Latest updates on 7 Dec 2010: I've been there!

Here's a letter with 2 VIP tickets to the KL International Motor Show 2010 that I received from Toyota Malaysia.

Congratulations! Get ready for the

Dear Joyce Lee,

Thank you for your recent participation in our recent "TWEET ME TO KLIMS" contest. Enclosed herewith is your prize -- 2 VIP tickets to the KL International Motor Show 2010.

Details of the event is below:

3rd - 12th December 2010

11:00 am - 10:00pm (Mondays - Thursdays)
10:00am - 10:00pm (Fridays - Sundays)

Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)

i) Your VIP tickets entitle you to attend the media preview session for the KL International Motor Show 2010 which will be held on 2nd December from 11:30am - 6:00pm.

ii) Your tickets are valid for a single entry between 2nd - 12th December 2010.

Come by to visit the Toyota & Lexus booth. We'll be at Level 4, Dewan Merdeka in PWTC.

Do continue to follow us on Twitter for more exciting news and updates in future at

Looks really good! Okay, I'm all set to go!

Visit the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010 website for more information.

Project 365 - Photo #333

"The Dark Side - Truly Terrifying Tales", chosen by Susan Price.

Enter if you dare...

This chilling collection samples a wide range of exemplary horror writing from traditional folktales to contemporary stories of man-made terrors. Featuring twenty-four short stories and extracts by masters of the genre such as Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King, this anthology is not for the faint of heart.

Includes terrifying tales by: Joan Aiken, Philip K. Dick, Charles Dickens, Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, and John Steinbeck.


Project 365 - Photo #332

Delicious Beef Wan Tan Noodles from Restoran U Like It @ Taman Danau Desa.


My WUQkie

WUQkie, a Blueberry Tea Proton Saga. WUQkie comes from the word Wookie, one of the characters in Star Wars. WUQ comes from the car's number plate. :)

WUQkie was registered on 25 November 2010 and I drove it back from Proton's Center of Excellence on 27 November 2010.

I like this rubber air freshener. Such a cute little flower. Thanks David! :)

So, another item is now removed from my wishlist.


Project 365 - Photo #331

Christmas 2010 decor at The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur. Has anyone started their Christmas or year-end shopping?


Project 365 - Photo #330

JUMBO Zespri Kiwi, touted as the world's smallest heavyweight. So cute!


Project 365 - Photo #329

Saw this flaming red Naza Blade named Alice. Another bike which is also christened as Alice is this Demak DTM 150. :)

Well, I have a thing for superbikes even before I know David. Superbikes draw me like a moth drawn to a flame. My first, really close encounter with superbikes is at Sepang International Circuit. That's where David and I went during our second date. :P

Then, I'm thrilled to come face to face with more supercars and superbikes during the Verity Super Engine Oil Launch, 20 November 2010, also at Sepang International Circuit.

Next, I'm gonna attend the Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show (KLIMS) 2010 at Putra World Trade Center (PWTC), 3-12 December 2010. I won a pair of tickets to this show by joining Toyota Malaysia's Twitter contest. :D



Project 365 - Photo #328

Snails!!! I'm always fascinated by how laid back and relaxed they can be. I wonder, do they ever get scared of being squashed accidentally?


MY Vegetarian @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

My Vegetarian
31G, Jalan Puteri 5/20, Bandar Puteri Puchong, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Their website features information predominantly in Chinese.

Ginger Tea with Soy Milk
This is a refreshing drink. You can also choose pure Ginger Tea without soy milk but do make sure you can stand the sharp, piercing taste of ginger on your tongue. :)

Vegetarian Fried Beehoon
Not bad. The beehoon is slightly damp with soy sauce and lots of mock meat and vegetables.

Yangchuan Fried Rice
An interesting dish with seawood flakes, chopped long beans, and mock meat. A tad too dry for me and I think it'll taste better if sambal is served. In the end, I think I still prefer non-vegetarian fried rice because I need my fried rice fried with egg!

Their fried rice dishes are presented in a heart shape on the plate upon serving them to the customers. How thoughtful!

Project 365 - Photo #327

Heard of Diamond Water? This is their warehouse in Taman Perindustrian Puchong.


Verity Super Engine Oil Family Track Day, Supercars & Superbikes @ Sepang International Circuit

Verity Super Engine Oil Family Track Day was held at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) last Saturday, 20 November 2010 in conjunction with the official launch of Verity's high grade performance engine oil from Japan.

For motorsport enthusiasts and if you're interested as well, click here for more information about Verity Super Engine Oil.



  • 11:30am: Registration & Lunch
  • 12:30pm: Official Launch
  • 1:00pm: Time-trial competition on SIC track (half-track) for supercars, superbikes & other activities for the whole family
  • 5:00pm: Prize giving ceremony
  • 5:10pm: Free run on the track


It was a hot, sunny Saturday afternoon with clear blue sky. Such was a perfect day to start a fun-filled weekend. :)

Motorsport enthusiasts, be they drivers or onlookers, men or women, young or old, all are excited to see rows and rows of supercars! I was busy running across the track and in and out the pit stops under the blazing sun just so that I could recognize the supercars models!

Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, Mazda, Audi, Mini Cooper S, Volkswagen GTi, Skyline, Lancer Evo, Subaru Impreza, Civic Type R, and many more!



I was at Sepang too for my first, really close encounter with superbikes and I was immediately swooned by how handsome and manly superbikers could be when they handle their giant babies!

I'm not too familiar with superbike models but I've seen and recognized Kawasaki Ninja and Suzuki Hayabusa. The Hondas and Yamahas are harder to recognize and I couldn't remember their model numbers. :P


A Ride around the Track

Wow! I couldn't believe my luck when I actually had the chance to go for a ride around the track (half-track) in a Mini Cooper S! Top speed was capped at 220km/h on straight lane and the meter was showing 120km/h when the driver was handling the curves. Wow!


Overall, it had been a very good exposure and experience for me. I've always love the fast and furious atmosphere generated by vroooooming supercars and superbikes. :)

View my Facebook album for more photos!


Project 365 - Photo #326

This is a gorgeous, flaming red Lotus Evora seen at Proton's Center of Excellence.


Project 365 - Photo #325

This is the limited edition Satria Neo R3 Lotus Racing edition. Handsome! Click here for more information about the car.


MadWorld Blogger Preview

Coming December 2010, two churches -- Sidang Injil Borneo Kuala Lumpur (SIBKL) and Damansara Utama Methodist Church (DUMC) -- collaborate to present MadWorld -- an audio-visual feast of contemporary stage show featuring dance, drama, and music. MadWorld explores this enthralling question: "What indeed is the worth of our souls?"

A special thanks to the MadWorld team who organized a special bloggers' preview last Wednesday, 17 November. We were given an informative introductory word about the conception of MadWorld and a good, solid 45-minute show by MadWorld's multi-talented cast and crew. Amazing!


Conception of MadWorld

MadWorld came into production as a collaboration between two mega-churches -- SIBKL and DUMC.

"What began as an innocent meeting in August [2010] between Stephanie Ong, Music and Worship Ministry Head of DUMC and Pastor Lew Lee Choo of SIBKL to glean experience of the year-end Christmas show eventually became a partnership of two churches coming together to produce a large-scale stage production."
(Ref: Release note by Stephanie Ong, Head of Ministry, Music and Worship Ministry, DUMC)


What is the value of a human life?

We live in a world of the unexpected -- a mad world which seems to make little sense. In a world where tragedies beyond our imagination happen at preposterous proportions on a daily basis, how is it possible for us to continue to live as if there is no tomorrow?

Why do we care only about our own existence, when others around us could be drowning? Who are we and what is our ultimate worth? What gives a man his value -- his riches or his power over others? Have we lost the value of human lives?

What about those whose lives are shattered by shattering -- has God been unkind to them? Don't they matter?

MadWorld makes an effort to explore answers to the questions above via two main characters -- Adam and Lucas. As Adam confronts Lucas and vice versa, they're exposed to differences related to one another that centers on: "What is the value of a human soul?"


Sneak Peaks

Talented musicians from both churches form a strong live band that delivers high quality songs and sounds. You'll be amazed!

Sinister and Pearly -- the unlikely pair of narrators.

Adam and Lucas are the main protagonists -- Adam, the victim of society and Lucas, the socialite of society. They are different in many ways of their lives, both economically and socially. Catch their energetic and dramatic performance that will leave you musing upon the main theme of the show -- "What is the value of a human soul?"

Amazing songs, dance, and music. Don't miss the show.



MadWorld will be showing at two separate venues on separate dates:

DUMC Dream Centre, Section 13, Petaling Jaya
3 December 2010, Friday -- 8pm
5 December 2010, Sunday -- 3:30pm, 8pm
Ticket: No tickets! Just show up.

SIBKL Auditorium, Bangunan Yin (next to Phileo Damansara I)
25 December 2010, Saturday -- 7:30pm
26 December 2010, Sunday -- 10am, 7:30pm
Ticket: Contact SIB friends or call 03-7957 2701

Ticketing opens early November 2010.

Do come!

Movie: Skyline (2010)

Soon, our first encounter will become our last stand.

Skyline (2010) is a sci-fi movie centered on alien invasion.

Synopsis: Jarrod (Eric Balfour) and his fiancee, Elaine (Scottie Thompson) arrive in Los Angeles to celebrate Terry's (Donald Faison) birthday at Terry's posh condo. After a night of heavy partying, they are awakened in the early hours by mysterious beams of blue light. Those who gaze on the light will vanish mysteriously into thin air. It might be too late when they realize that aliens have begun their invasion to devour the entire human population. Can they outrun the aliens and save their own lives?

Well, after watching this movie, I'd say it's a complete waste of time. Why? Here are my reasons.

Storyline: Skyline's storyline isn't something extraordinarily new. Independence Day (1996) is a much, much better movie. Oh, I think Skyline is also very much like a toned-down version of the Predator series without the awesome predators.

Special effects: Being a low-budget alien invasion movie, Skyline is filled with effects that aren't any special. If you want fantastic special effects, Transformers and Terminator Salvation win hands down.

Acting: Skyline is filled with unnecessary human melodrama, especially among Jarrod, Elaine, Terry, Terry's girlfriends, Candice and Denise, and Terry's driver, Oliver. Their silly arguments and cat fights make them look like dumb idiots trying to do and say something that make sense, perhaps just to fill up the screening time.

Overall, I don't really recommend this movie unless you want to waste your time watching how sinister and destructive the aliens can be.

Project 365 - Photo #324

I've watched Skyline the movie and I came face to face with a number of Nissan Skyline at Sepang International Circuit! Nissan Skyline is waaaaayyyyy better than Skyline the movie. :P

To view more photos of supercars, view my Facebook album here. Track day at Sepang. Supercars. Superbikes. And a ride around the track!


Nutritious Soup @ TangShifu Nourishing Life, 1Utama

TangShifu Nourishing Life
LG321, 1Utama Shopping Centre (New Wing)

Landmark: Nearer to the open car park entrance and within the vicinity of Petsmore, Cold Storage, Otak-Otak Place.

I'm very delighted with the splendid varieties of soup/clear broth, porridge, mee suah (rice vermicelli), and other Chinese delicacies such as dumplings in soup, braised pork in soy sauce, etc. Most dishes have chicken, Chinese ginseng, Chinese mushroom, fish maw, dong guai, and other Chinese herbs as their main ingredients. The more supreme choices would include dishes with abalone and bird nest. For rice dishes, you may choose between brown or white rice.

Any soup lover will be definitely spoiled for choice the moment they set their eyes upon the menu.

Nourishing Dumplings Soup
I love this dish! Each mouthful of the pork-and-mushroom filled dumplings brings immediate bliss and satisfaction. The soft dumpling skin melts in your mouth smoothly. The broth is flavorful with generous amount of dried scallops bits, yu zhu (white bark-like Chinese herb), and kei chi (little red raisin-like Chinese herbs).

According to the menu, this dish's nutritious values include calming your mind, regenerates and regulates heart rate.

Mee Suah with Herbs & Rice Wine (Set)
TangShifu's Mee Suah sets come with braised beans and pork in soy sauce. The main dish comes in a metal bowl served in a pail-like bamboo case.

I love this dish, especially the broth. The rice wine is not too over-powering and the slices of ginger and black fungus enhances its flavor. The chicken thigh meat, seeping with the goodness of rice wine, is tender and delicious.

Mee Suah with Dried Scallops & Abalone Slices (Set)
This dish is exquisitely delicious. If you love dried scallops, abalone, and Chinese herbs, you'll definitely love this nutritious dish. Ahhh... and the chicken thigh meat, seeping with the goodness of Chinese herbs' infusion, is tender and delicious as well.

Price wise, I won't say they're cheap. However, I'm satisfied with their excellent food quality and good service attitude. I'll visit TangShifu Nourishing Life again when I drop by 1U. :)

Project 365 - Photo #323

During her recent business trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, my sister bought a packet of Vietnamese Coffee that came with a little metal phin filter. Gotta try making a cup soon. :)

Here's an interesting article: Make Vietnamese Coffee with a Vietnamese Coffee Maker


Movie: Let Me In (2010)

Innocence dies. Abby doesn't.

Let Me In (2010) is a Gothic horror movie set in the early 1980s, directed by Matt Reeves (director of Cloverfield).

Synopsis: 12-year old Owen's (Kodi Smit-McPhee) parents are going through a divorce. At home, his mother's estranged behavior suffocates him. At school, he's bullied by his schoolmates. One day, Abby (Chloë Moretz) and his father move into the apartment next door. Their unique friendship blossoms each day even after Owen realizes that Abby isn't the girl she seems to be.

Generally, this movie garners positive reviews that mostly centered on the beautiful and chilling chemistry between Chloë Moretz, (Hit-Girl in Kick-Ass) and Kodi Smit-McPhee. These two young stars give the audience a remarkable performance. This movie broods with heavy gloominess and eeriness and I think this is due to the fact that these two actors are still children and that makes their special and beautiful friendship outstanding.

Another point that deserves attention in this movie is the beautiful, startling element contrasts the director uses, such as coldness versus warmth, good versus evil, guilt versus innocence, and despair versus hope.

There are also quite a number of disturbing scenes of Abby the creature inflicting hurt to its victim. So, get ready to stomach some gruesome, bloody scenes.

Overall, I find this movie rather slow, gloomy, and foreboding -- the kind of feeling that I don't really appreciate while watching a movie. "Let Me In" is not your typical gore-fest type of horror movie. You gotta appreciate the slow pacing in order to give it a positive remark. As for me, I'd say I don't really like it. Well, to each man his own opinion. :)