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Left or Right?

Try this to identify yourself as a right or left brain person :)

1. Hold your hands together, as if you were praying. Look at your hands. If you see:
Left thumb is below the right thumb: Left brain.
Right thumb is below the left thumb: Right brain

2. Fold your arms in front of you, as if you are angry. If you see:
Right arm above left arm: Left brain.
Left arm above right arm: Right brain.

Based on 1+2 (order important), below is the interpretation of your personality.


1. Considerate, traditional, indirect
2. Able to read others’ emotion instantly and respond in a friendly way.
3. Not very keen to take the initiative to move forward but tend to support others.
4. Stable and considerate.
5. Give others the feeling that they are being protected.
6. Weakness: Cannot say no regardless of how unwilling they are as they care for others more than themselves.


1. Loves challenges.
2. Straight forward and will take action straight away once decided.
3. Very curious and dare to face danger without further consideration.
4. Quite popular among friends.
5. Weakness: Hard to listen to others and will listen to what whey want to listen in a conversation (very subjective).


1. Dedicated, cold, perfectionist.
2. Very logical in all aspects.
3. The only way to defeat (or win over) him/her is through logical reasoning.
4. Proud, tend to have a strong feeling to do the right thing.
5. Trustworthy although may be quite tough to deal with.
6. Weakness: Leaves bad impression as being hard to deal with after first meeting.


1. Strong tendency to take care of others, leader.
2. Has a cool and keen observation ability to see through situations, yet still can be considerate in others needs.
3. Has a strong sense of responsibility and tend to lead a group.
4. Very concerned about how others view them.
5. Always on the alert.
6. Weakness: May not be able to help themselves when they get into trouble because they tend to take care of others too much.

Me: The Left-Right type.

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