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Activities for Preschoolers

Activities for Preschoolers
Activities for Preschoolers


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When the wind blows...

Imagine that you are standing on an elevated place... The cool mountain breeze is blowing... kissing your face... messing up your long, flowing hair... You are closing your eyes... Your arms are extended to embrace the cooling air... You are nothing but relaxed.

At this moment, you hope that someone would just embrace you from behind. Then, you could savor these moments together - the magical feeling of being "blown away" and yet still safe and sound in someone's arms.

I'm dreaming...

Well... I was at Genting Highlands. At one point, on the way back to the car park, the blowing, icy cold night air caught my breath. The feeling was awesome... At that point of time, all I could think of was this song:


The loneliness was overwhelming. I guessed it didn't show much on my face. How I wish I was there for a longer period of time. I have always wanted the wind to blow away all my grief and sorrow...

Then, it was time to go home. Home... home... home...

Another day was gone.

Back at home, I saw my best pal's photo collection in Australia in her Friendster profile. She's practically enjoying life in Australia with her hubby. Wow... I admire her, I mean her life. Yet, I know that everyone has his/her own pathway of life to tread upon. Not my luck yet.

Sometimes I wonder, what's wrong with me? My sister would always tell me, "There's nothing wrong with you, it's just as simple as your fate hasn't arrive yet." Well, I agree BUT...

If people are to ask me what are the characteristics that I want in a boyfriend, I would be like, "I've never thought about this before." Yet, I guess it won't hurt to THINK about it although I don't like thinking.

Here are the TOP 3 characteristics:
1. Stable - meaning that this guy is able to give me the sense of stability & security, not fickleness.
2. Compatible - meaning that we do share something (of course not everything) in common that causes the bonding or connection.
3. Sense of humor - meaning that this guy is able to make me laugh, either intentionally or unintentionally.

Since I'm very sensitive towards feelings, I have to guard myself from falling in love with those who treat me as "FRIEND ONLY." Once bitten, twice shy. Haha...

So, do I sound like an idiot? Nobody likes to walk alone but I'll have to bear with it until he comes into my life.

God, will you help me?

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