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50 职场生存要诀 (50 Survival Tactics at Work)

1. 诚实 (Honest)
2. 守时、守承诺 (Punctual & accountable)
3. 谨言慎行 (Restricted in speech)
4. 团体精神 (Team spirit)
5. 知道自己的位置 (Know your position well)
6. 尊重上司与下属 (Respect your superior & subordinates)
7. 避免公司恋情 (Avoid love relationships with colleagues)
8. 见上司要预约 (Make appointments before meeting with superior)
9. 常打开办公室门 (Let your office's door ajar)
10. 客观与宽容 (Subjective & tolerant)
11. 谦虚学习 (Learn with humility)
12. 黑白分明 (Clear concerning right & wrong)
13. 不要以问题来回答问题 (Don't answer a question with a question)
14. 上进好学 (Willing to learn & improve)
15. 参与同事和公司安排的业余活动 (Participate in activities organized by colleagues & the company)
16. 了解上司和下属的喜好与厌恶 (Understand your superior's & colleagues' likes & dislikes)
17. 千万别开罪上司的秘书 (Never offend your superior's secretary)
18. 离职也要有风度 (Resign respectfully)
19. 有自信、有胆识、有冲劲 (Confident, risk-taking, competent)
20. 懂得说“不” (Know how to say "No")
21. 用人莫疑、疑人莫用 (Don't distrust others but don't utilize those you distrust)
22. 察颜观色 (Observant)
23. 不浮夸、不骄傲 (Neither exaggerating nor proud)
24. 小心发电邮 (Be careful when sending emails)
25. 做事有效率 (Be productive)
26. 工作自律 (Self-control)
27. 别把个人安危置之度外 (Take care of self-safety)
28. 见招拆招 (Be smart to tackle problems)
29. 从荣果断地面对决定性时刻 (Be firm when facing critical moments)
30. 定时给上司汇报工作进展 (Prepare reports concerning work progress to your superior punctually)
31. 保守秘密 (Keep secrets)
32. 不搞小圈子政治 (Don't be involved in office politics)
33. 普通常识 (Have common sense)
34. 危机意识 (Risk management)
35. 足智多谋 (Resourceful)
36. 清楚自己的职责 (Clear concerning your area of responsibilities)
37. 今日事,今日毕 (Finish today's tasks)
38. 用心聆听、专心办事 (Listen & carry out your duties attentively)
39. 良好沟通技巧 (Good conversational skill)
40. 领导也要对一切事务了如指掌 (Leadership with all-round understanding)
41. 正面的思维 (Positive thinking)
42. 健康的体魄 (Healthy body & soul)
43. 心情愉悦 (Carefree mood)
44. 苦中作乐 (Be joyful amidst suffering)
45. 不情绪化 (Not emotional)
46. 整洁 (Neat & tidy)
47. 大方得体 (Sporting)
48. 保守 (Conservative)
49. 舒适 (Comfortable)
50. 言行举止有风度 (Respectful manners)

Wow... I hope I've half of these.

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