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Reference Check Letter Sample

I'm quite impressed with this Reference Check Letter from Pearson Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Ms Joyce Lee
(Company Name)
(Company Address)

Dear Ms Joyce,


The above mentioned has applied for a position in our Company and from his/her application form, we understand that he/she was employed as a XXX with your Company from MM-YYYY to MM-YYYY. We would thus greatly appreciate if you would furnish us with the following information, as this would facilitate our selection process.

Date of employment:
Date of departure:
Last position held:
Last drawn basic salary:
Reason for leaving:

Overall performance: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor (Please delete where appropriate)
a) Integrity / Honesty: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor
b) Team building: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor
c) Punctuality: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor
d) Leadership: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor
e) Competence: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor
f) Quality of work: Excellent / Good / Average / Poor

Have you ever known or heard of applicant being involved with:
a) Gambling?
b) Undesirable associates?

Do you consider the applicant as being:
a) Reliable?
b) Industrious?

Does the applicant:
a) Follow instructions willingly?
b) Cooperate with fellow colleagues?

Do you consider the applicant a person in whom you would place confidence?

Would you re-hire him/her, if a suitable opportunity arises? Why?

Please state any other information which you would find helpful in our consideration of this application.

Information furnished by:

We assure you that whatever information supplied shall be kept in strict confidence and thank you for the time spent in completing the form. We look forward to receiving the completed copy via fax: 03-7781 8005 or email by DD-MM-YYYY.

Yours sincerely,

Assistant HR / Admin Manager

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