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Celebrating my pregnancy's major milestones

First trimester 

4 weeks: Pregnancy kit shows positive result. Hurrah! 

6 weeks: Pregnancy is clinically confirmed. Ultrasound scan shows a round gestation sac. There's a life form in me!

8 weeks: Hear baby's heartbeat via ultrasound for the first time. Awesome! Very touched too.

Second trimester

14 weeks: Second trimester begins. Nuchal translucency (NT) scan shows baby is healthy.

17 weeks: Feel baby's movements for the first time. The sensations, known as "quickening" are quite sudden and feel like subtle tickles / twitches under my belly's skin.

19 weeks: Blood test results come out normal.

21 weeks: Baby's movements are getting stronger. This week marks the midpoint of pregnancy. Belly is showing.

23 weeks: Fetal anomaly scan (detail scan) shows baby's major organs are all accounted for. Baby's gender is revealed too.

24 weeks: This week marks baby's viability. Baby's kicks are stronger and I can actually see my belly's skin moves when baby moves!

25 weeks: Linea nigra (the slightly darker line down the belly) is showing.

Third trimester

28 weeks: Third trimester begins. Did glucose tolerance test. My result: 4.8 (before) and 5.7 (after) is super excellent, according to the nurse. :)

30 weeks: This week marks 75% of my pregnancy journey.

31-34 weeks: Baby's movements especially kicking are now so much stronger with prominent pattern of sleeping and awaking. Prepared our birth plan.

35 weeks: Washed all of baby's clothes, mittens, booties, etc.

36 weeks: Discussed birth plan with our obgyn. Accepted. Packed our hospital bag. Done our pre-maternity photoshoot.

37 weeks: Full term. Baby is now ready for birth.

38-42 weeks: Baby will be here soon.

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