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Perfect Birthday Cake Themes for Boys

 This was my son's two-year-old birthday cake last year, a custom-made jelly cake by my friend. :)

It can be quite tricky to find a birthday cake for boys. Unless you bake or order it custom-made, buying a cake from a cafe means you won't get exactly the right theme.

Luckily, you can now get novelty themed cakes online in Malaysia. I visited and immediately found a list of recommended bakers who specialize in birthday cakes for boys. They have a mix of home bakers as well as professionally-trained bakers.

Instead of browsing through a catalog, I entered my requirements into an online form e.g. the theme I wanted, what flavor I preferred, how many servings, etc. The best starting place is to find out what your son is into at the moment.

Does he like cars? Avengers? Disney? Minions? Have a look at some examples I found:

Avengers Cake

Boys adore superheroes! Since there are a lot of superhero movies coming out in the cinema, you should think of having a superhero themed cake for your son. You don't have to pick one superhero if you can get 4 superheroes at the same time. Just like this Marvel's Avengers cake, decorated with the fondant of Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America.

Sports Theme Cake

Support your son's healthy hobby with a cake shaped like his favorite sports game! Just like how this cake is shaped like a tennis court decorated with tennis balls and rackets. The additional net in the middle makes it more attractive. It would encourage him to do his hobby even more.

Transformers Cake

Does your son love Transformers? Then this Bumblebee-themed cake with Autobots logo will hit the spot. If not, there's always the familiar red and blue of Optimus Prime.

Minecraft Cake

Surprise him with this Minecraft-themed cake. I would be surprised if any boy doesn't know what is Minecraft. But for Moms who don't know much about Minecraft, you can read this guide. Look at the details! The blocks and the characters look awesome.

McDonald's Cake


Your son may not necessarily be into any specific toy at the moment, but I'm sure he loves his McDonald's. Surprise him with a McDonald's-themed cake in the shape of a burger and fries. It looks so real that he might expect to find meat in the middle (it's actually chocolate).

Animal Safari Cake

What about animals instead? If your son loves nothing more than to visit the zoo, give him this cake decorated with his favorite wild animals. The best part is, you can pick his favorite animals because it's made-to-order.

Sesame Street Cake

Source: Sweet Endings

Sesame Street cake could be a good option if your son loves watching cartoons. Pick a red velvet cake or chocolate cake and cover it with colorful icing and decorate it with Sesame Street characters such as Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar, and Big Bird.

Wow! So many options to choose from! Most bakers need at least a week to prepare (depending on how complex your cake is), so you must place your cake order in advance. It's a great place to get recommendations for the best cake bakers in Malaysia.

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