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Introducing Raja Kayu health & wellbeing products (Featuring Menang8)

First of all, what is Raja Kayu?

Raja Kayu or Kayu Raja literally means 'King of Wood'. Its scientific name is Agathis. Agathis is a small genus of 21 species of evergreen tree found around the world and is part of a group once widespread during Jurassic period. There are three types of Agathis found in the deep jungles of Malaysia, which are Agathis Borneensis, Agathis Dammara, and Agathis Flavenscens. Each tree is about 35-60 meters tall. There are about 1000 matured trees left in the jungle.

The Orang Asli in Malaysia has sound knowledge of the mystical healing properties of trees in the jungle. They believe that Raja Kayu provides the most powerful protection to ward off negative energies. Raja Kayu wood also has these healing properties: body aches and pain relief, anti-inflammatory effects on skin, stress relief, relaxing tense muscle, heals body and mind, increases good vibes.

Source: Christina M8 RK products

What is Menang8?

Menang8 or M8 is the brand of Raja Kayu (RK) products. All M8 RK products contain NO chemicals, paraben and paraffin. All of them contain only 100% pure natural RK wood and 100% pure natural essential oils. The Raja Kayu trees were NOT chopped or destroyed; the manufacturer uses naturally fallen branches.

M8 Raja Kayu products list

M8 Raja Kayu products include soap bars, tea light candles, bath salt, Aura Spray, and handcrafted keychains and wood pendants.

Here are some photos I took when I met with mommy Christina, an M8 Raja Kayu stockist and distributor.

Soap Bars, Harmony Candle Jar, GEM Aura Spray

Here's the list of products (with their prices, correct at time of publishing, plus benefits). Do like Christina's Facebook page for up-to-date information.

Soap bars

1. Raja Kayu (RK) Soap (100g) – RM18
- Therapeutic, cooling, reduces body aches, improves oily skin condition (acne, white/black heads), alleviates eczema, promotes darker hair & hair growth

2. RK Soap with Lavender Essential Oil (EO) (100g) – RM35
- Calming, relaxing

3. RK Soap with Rosemary EO (100g) – RM35
- Soothing, effective in reducing dandruff, alleviates arthritis

4. RK Soap with Lemongrass EO (100g) – RM35
- Stimulating, helps reduce body odor, alleviates psoriasis

5. RK Soap with Patchouli & Bergamot EO (100g) – RM40
- Invigorating, reduces itchiness due to eczema

6. RK Soap with Frankincense EO (100g) – RM40
- Healing, promotes better sleep, alleviates eczema

7. Cold-processed RK Soap with Fresh Goat Milk (80g) – RM35
- Moisturizing, promotes smooth skin

8. Cold-processed RK Soap with Cedarwood & Cypress (80g) – RM35
- Calming effect, alleviates insomnia

9. Cold-processed RK GEM* Aura Soap (90g) – RM45

10. RK Lemongrass Mini Heart Soap – RM5


11. RK Tea Light Candles (6pcs/pack), good vibes – RM10 each of RM60 per pack
- Promotes calmness and happiness

12. RK Harmony Candle Jar (with Tas & Black Kemuning) (80g) – RM30
- Harmonizing and calming effect

Bath Salt

13. RK Bath Salt (15g/pack), cleansing – RM40
- Alleviates insomnia, good to treat gout by soaking feet in bath salt


14. RK GEM* Aura Spray (150ml) – RM35
15. RK Red Power** (150ml) – RM48


16. Handcrafted keychains and wood pendants – between RM150 to RM200
17. Pure RK mini wood blocks – RM100

Check out this album for more photos and product info of the list above.


*GEM Aura products contain both Raja Kayu and Gemunggal wood. Teras Gemunggal or king of wood core is also popularly known as Teras Kelor or Teras Kilo. It possesses high natural quantum energy to expel negative forces and brings in good luck, protection, and prosperity to people. More info here.

**Red Power product has a combination of Raja Kayu, Gemunggal, and Tongkat Ali Merah. More info here.

GEM Aura Spray, Lemongrass Mini Heart Soap,
Soap Bars, Tea Light Candles, Harmony Candle Jar

 My testimony

I have a little testimony for the GEM Aura Spray. This spray comes in handy whenever I need to clear my head from stress and physical headache. On terrible hazy days, I have headaches that come and go at night. So I spray the GEM Aura Spray on my head and face before I sleep. Believe me, the headache is gone and I can sleep very well. I also spray some on my pillow and where I sleep because this spray gives good aura/vibes, thus promoting good sleep.

Soap bars, Lemongrass Mini Heart Soap,
Good Vibes Tea Light Candles
The thick, cream-colored oval block (top right in photo above) is a cold-processed soap bar. On the list above, 7 to 9 are cold-processed soaps.

The thinner brown-colored soap bars are natural RK soaps (no. 1 on the list above) and with essential oils (2 to 6).

The Good Vibes Tea Light Candles are much recommended if you want to get rid of bad or negative energies/aura in your house. These odorless candles are made from soy wax and pure RK dust. They are paraffin-free as well. Read here for more info.

How to buy?

Visit Christina M8 RK products Facebook page and place your order by contacting Christina at 019-221 2819.

Thank you Christina for collaborating with me for this post.

Menang8 Raja Kayu (Christina) is listed on Featured Mommypreneurs on

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