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My 2017 Mother's Day Celebration

2017 is the first year I celebrated Mother's Day with two monkeys. My older boy is attending preschool and one day he proudly showed me his very first "Happy Mommy Day" card. He did all the coloring on his own. *sheds happy tears*

The second boy is still a baby. I'm pretty sure every day is Mother's Day to him. Haha.

We celebrated Mother's Day in my hometown. Oh how I missed my mom's homey and delicious home-cooked meals.

If you happen to visit Bintulu, you have to go to Laksa House at Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi, Parkcity Commerce Square. My brother told me they have the best Laksa Sarawak in town. But please go early, preferably before 10am. They sold off pretty fast.

Once MUST EAT Laksa Sarawak when in Sarawak! No excuse! :P

Other delicacies that I have so missed! From top right, clockwise: kompia (a kind of bread) stuffed with soy sauce minced pork, mee sup sapi (beef noodles soup), mee sapi kering (dry beef noodles), pork porridge, red kampua (dry noodles mixed with red sauce).

Not forgetting Sugarbun too! Yeah, it's just fast food but I have it way before KFC and McD came to Bintulu you know!

One can eat out every day, but home-cooked meals at home are still the best!

Here's the little one celebrating his very first Mother's Day outside the womb. Lol.

Mother's Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant in town.

I just have to try this concoction called Coke in Coffee! It's described as a blend of freshly brewed espresso coffee and maple syrup topped with coke. Errr.... let's just say I wouldn't order it again. The amount of caffeine must be insane!

Another meal eaten at home.

Mom found a box of toys and my elder one had fun "directing" his "movie" of killer lizards and soldiers.

When in Sarawak, one must never forget to buy Kek Lapis Sarawak with gorgeous colors and flavors before flying back to West Malaysia!

So yeah, that's about it. How's your Mother's Day?

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