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My COVID-19 Positive Experience and How Did I Manage My Home Quarantine



How did I test positive for COVID-19?


It started off with a little scratchy throat on Thursday, 10 March 2022 at night, about 9pm. Oh uh. I was pretty sure I wasn't allergic to anything I ate on that day. So was it the flu or common cold? But at the back of my mind, I kinda suspected it could be the COVID-19 virus. Anyway, worrying wouldn't cure the scratchy throat so I went to sleep.

The next morning, Friday, 11 March 2022, 7:10am, I woke up with a heavy feeling. The scratchy throat had developed into a prominent sore throat. I knew right away I needed to do an RTK-Ag self test. I used a Longsee COVID-19 Saliva Home Test Kit to do so.

At 7:30am, I saw two lines at Control (C) and Test (T). To be honest, I felt relieved because a positive RTK-Ag test result meant COVID-19 positive and I didn't have to be in doubt or worry for nothing. My focus was then to inform all my close contacts at home, workplace, and everyone whom I met from 7 to 10 March 2022.

Actually, if your RTK-Ag result is positive, you don't have to confirm with a RT-PCR test. Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin advised the public that those tested positive for COVID-19 through self-test kits do not have to undergo the RT-PCR tests to verify the results. Instead, they should start undergoing quarantine as soon as possible once they tested positive.

However, I chose to do the RT-PCR test as well because I wanted to find out what's my CT value. So I drove myself to Klinik Mediviron Bandar Puteri Puchong for the RT-PCR test. While waiting for my turn, mild fever and lethargy started to emerge. The moment I reached home, I went to sleep because I really needed some rest.

How to declare my COVID-19 positive result on MySejahtera app?

After I woke up, I uploaded my RTK-Ag positive result into the MySejahtera app. I needed to kickstart the Digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) without having to wait for the RT-PCT test result for another 24 hours or so.



Step-by-step guide to declare your COVID-19 positive status on MySejahtera


1. Launch the MySejahtera app.

2. On the homepage, select "COVID-19 Self Report".

3. On the following page, select "Update COVID-19 Result".

4. Fill in the details and upload the test result.

5. Refresh your profile after clicking 'Submit'.

6. A Home Surveillance Order (HSO) notice will be issued about one hour after the results are uploaded into the app.


Based on my answers in the questionnaire, my status was updated from Confirmed Case - CAT 1 (asymptomatic) to Confirmed Case - CAT 2a (with mild symptoms).

How does the Digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) look like?

 How does the RT-PCR test result look like?

How to interpret the CT value?

Infectious status based on CT value is up to 40 and it can be divided as follows:

  • Highly infectious: Below 20
  • Moderate: 20-30
  • Mild: 30-35
  • Severely low: 36-40

Based on what I read up here and there, if you have a high CT value, you are infected but considered to have a lower viral load than those with a low CT value. A high CT value, typically above 30, may also suggest that it's not a recent infection or one has recovered from COVID-19 infection.


I didn't have any other symptoms before that fateful little scratchy throat on Thursday night. The moment I test positive, my CT value was already more than 30. So I have no idea if I actually had the infection earlier on or the viral load just didn't get high enough? One of my friends commented that maybe the COVID-19 virus "died" in me before it had the chance to build up to the infectious viral load so I didn't get to be a super spreader. Your soldiers (immune system) must be super strong! I believe so too! All my health investments (supplements) work!

For your information, I'm fully vaccinated and boosted with the Sinovac vaccine.

Home Assessment Tool (HAT) on MySejahtera


This daily HAT assignment can be found on the MySejahtera homepage under the "Things to do" tab. You will need to complete the questionnaire twice a day.


My daily RTK-Ag self test results

On the 5th day of my 7-day Home Quarantine, I test negative. Mild fever and headache were long gone by the third day. I only have some chesty coughs which have gotten better today.


I continued taking all the supplements that I have been taking, I stayed hydrated, I took Strepsils.


Most importantly, I didn't panic. There's no reason to panic. I have all the information I need to make informed decisions.


I have my dedicated caregiver (my hubby) sitting outside my dedicated quarantine room (with own bathroom) helping me with food and other necessities. Thank you my love!


Oh yeah, if you are wondering where are my kids, they are "sent away" to be with their grandparents (my in-laws) in Kuala Terengganu. Thank you to my forever supportive in-laws!



Test negative on Day 6 of digital HSO as well.

πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ This experience has enlightened me to see that we all have the social responsibility to really take care of our immune system so that even if we are infected by the virus, the infection chain stops with us and has next to zero chance to spread to others. I believe this is more powerful than just preventing ourselves from being infected. Please do invest in taking care of your health. You will thank yourself for it. πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


#BeatCOVID19Together #StaySafeStayHome #LindungDiriLindungSemua #StopTheSpread #KitaMestiMenang #KitaJagaKita


Completion of digital Home Surveillance Order



Once the 7-day period of the digital HSO is completed, you can see the "Completed" seal on the top right of the HSO certificate.



And MySejahtera status is back to the beautiful shade of blue - Low Risk No Symptom.


For your information, when an individual is confirmed COVID-19 positive, MOH will no longer be calling you to collect the quarantine bracelet and physical home quarantine form submission / release order.


You just have to update your status on MySejahtera, do home isolation / quarantine immediately, inform all your close contacts, monitor symptoms, and complete the Home Assessment Tool (HAT) on MySejahtera daily throughout your home quarantine period.


  • Category 1 (asymptomatic) & 2A (mild symptoms) cases: DON'T NEED to go to COVID-19 Assessment Centers (CAC); just isolate yourself immediately and undergo a period of quarantine at home
  • Category 2B (moderate symptoms) cases & high risk individuals: Please go to CAC
  • Quarantine centers by MOH are reserved for those with severe symptoms (Category 3 and above)
  • Patients who need to go to the nearest CAC for further clinical evaluation will be notified via notification on MySejahtera or contacted by the CAC Call Center
  • Patients who need assistance can call CAC Call Center 03-7723 9299 (8:00am - 9:00pm daily) or CPRC Hotline 03-7723 9300 (8:00am - 12:00am daily)
  • Go to the hospital immediately if symptoms worsen
  • Any emergency, don't panic, don't hesitate to call 999 for help


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