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The bleeding never stops...


"Keep in touch :)"

June found herself smiling.

"It's him," she whispered gently while touching the screen of her mobile phone.

Tristan - the reason for her to go on.

She had to be away from him for a while. He agreed. He said whatever will be, will be. She could not ask for more. They were not a couple. They were the very best of friends. In fact, they were MORE than friends but...


June was intrigued by the kind of relationship that they have. Best friend? Friend? Definitely NOT boyfriend. So?

She really had to go. So, she went without him. However, they never keep in touch with one another.

A year later, she heard that he had graduated and was working at the town where they met.

"Why didn't he go back to his hometown? Is he trying to tell me that he's waiting for me?"

No definite answers to her questions because she never had the chance to ask him.

Another year passed by. She came back to the town where they met. She will work in that town as well. She saw him. He's as handsome and as caring as ever.

But something was amiss.

He was not paying as much attention to her as to Lorraine.

Lorraine? She's their co-worker.

Three months later, they were engaged. Tristan and Lorraine.


*Flash back*

Six months after June left town, Lorraine went to work at the place where Tristan worked. Lorraine was originally from that town but she never knew Tristan personally. In those one and a half years, Tristan and Lorraine began to know each other while June was in another town, awaiting, totally unprepared of what was going to happen soon...


June was heartbroken. She cried for months. She had waited in vain.

The moment the engagement was announced, her heart died within her.


Six months after the engagement, they were married.


The bleeding never stop. Until now.

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