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Nokia Recycle A Phone Adopt A Tree Program

Earlier this month, Nokia Malaysia launched Nokia Recyclimpics, the nation's first recycling sporting event at Mid Valley Megamall. The catch of the event was that people attended the event with their old mobile phones, play some games, win some cool prizes, and most importantly, SAVE THE EARTH.

I had a good, fun, and educational time at the event. Here's my blog post: Nokia Recyclimpics 1-3 July 2011

After depositing four of our old mobile phones at the event, David and I received four registration cards for the Nokia Recycle A Phone Adopt A T
ree Program.

The card looks like this:

Here are the steps we took to plant trees under our name in Indonesia:

1. Log into to register.
2. Follow the instructions as shown on the screen.

3. Type in the serial number and Registration number which is located below this card.

4. Nokia will send you a planting certificate with the co-ordinates of your tree via email.

This is the notification after our registration.

We received an email with planting certificates from Nokia.

Thank you for recycling your mobile phone(s) with Nokia and participating in our Nokia Recycle A Phone Adopt A Tree Program. We are pleased to advise you the coordinates of the tree we will be planting on your behalf.

Certificate reference: NEWtrees Tree 19996.pdf

Seeing your tree in Ovi Maps is really easy:

1. Click on this website

2. For easy reference, attached are step by step instructions how to go about viewing your tree(s).

In case you have any problems, please send an em
ail to

Thank you again for participating in this program to help conserve the world's forests.
For more information about this NEWtrees program please click on
this website

With Best Regards,
Market Environmental Affairs
Nokia South East Asia Pacific

Here's how we view our trees:

2. To allocate your tree, type your name or email address, and click the button "Find Your Trees". The map at the right panel will automatically navigate to your tree's coordinate with a tree icon.

3. Double click on your tree icon at the right panel, and the tree information will be displayed.

My trees are 19996 and 19997.

Here's some information about the program.

NEWTrees Program is a re-forestation & peat land preservation project in which Nokia has committed fund to plant of more than 100,000 trees & rejuvenate the peat forest in the Sebangau & Rinjani National Parks.

Nokia has committed fund to the man-made canals damming project by WWF Indonesia. This project help to bring back the natural water table balances within the peat forest and thus prevent the drying up & underground peat fires.

The Nokia sponsored plots for re-forestation are geo-tagged (with latitudes and longitudes) with N95 device and upload to the free 'Ovi Maps' and each tree planted could be individually identified. Nokia N95 with its GPS capability will be used to take photo of the trees planted and then forward it to the program web-page in ‘Ovi Maps’ to be geo-tagged onto the park map and viewed by anyone instantly.

Read here for more info.

So, if you have old mobile phones that you don't know what to do with, do sign up for this program:

Before that, do read up about how to recycle your phones at Nokia Kiosks.


Note: This is not a sponsored post.

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