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25 Dec 2011 - With Hand & Heart - It's a Yes ♥

December 2011 will always be remembered as truly the best blessed Christmas ever. 

It's indeed true with this quote, "Christmas isn't about finding the perfect gift, but it's about finding the perfect moment with your family." 

And yes, it's the perfect moment for an unforgettably lovely proposal. :)

The Irish Claddagh ring stands as a monument to love, friendship, and loyalty. The design is striking and unmistakable, two hands (symbolizing friendship) joined together to support a single heart (signifying love), and upon it a crown (signifying loyalty). Its motto, not surprisingly, is 'let love and friendship reign'. 

Quoting the fiance, "The Bates family motto is 'Et Manu Et Corde' - With Hand and Heart, same as the ring." 

Being a Bates, David has Irish blood in him. In fact, he explains to me thoughtfully, he has been preparing to propose with an Irish Claddagh ring when the time comes. 

David has always been a thoughtful and logical person. When he gives some thoughts into planning something, the result is always surprisingly meaningful. That's what I love best about him!


Okay, story time!

Part 1

The day we arrived for Christmas eve in Terengganu, he was sent to town to get some ice while I was sent to the kitchen to help his mom with cooking. 

You know what? Later I was told, this entire episode was actually a "show" with some help from his parents. They had discussed the plan beforehand. The reason his dad asked him to go to town to get ice was so that he could prepare the proposal bouquet. The reason I had to stay in the kitchen to help his mom was to prevent me from following him to town. :P 

When he came back with no ice, he said nonchalantly that the town had ran out of ice, I believed him. Now that I knew the story, I wondered if his parents chuckled in the kitchen at that time. :D 

Part 2 

The next day, after attending Christmas mass, he said, "Let's check out the private beach at Primula Beach Resort. It looks like a good place to take some photos." So, I agreed, unsuspectingly. 

We strolled at the seaside and enjoyed Christmas day breeze for some time, then we headed back to the lounge because he said he needed the toilet. I waited for him at the lounge. Hmm... come to think of it, he was away for quite a while at that time. :P 

Part 3 

My phone rang.

David: Are you checking Twitter?
Me: Nope, why?
David: Check Twitter now.
Me: Okay.

When my mentions page was loaded, I saw these tweets:

I panicked. 


Then, David appeared out of nowhere like a ninja with a bouquet of sunflowers and a little box. 

Part 4 

I was flabbergasted. He was nervous. We looked at each other and didn't know what to do. 

All of a sudden, he passed the bouquet of sunflowers to me, knelt down on one knee, and said a speech or something. I think my heart stopped beating, I was even more panicked, and all I remembered was I nodded my head and said, "Yes", and the ring was secured on my finger. :D
Then, he explained to me why he was asking me so many questions about Twitter mentions the day before. He also said he didn't go to the toilet, he was at his car posting tweets from his laptop and the telco's "wonderful" network wasn't really helpful but thank God I wasn't on Twitter while he was posting halfway. :P


This was my first Christmas in his hometown; and on Christmas day, he popped the unforgettable question. Quoting him, "The beach is a place that will remain forever. That's why I chose the beach." 


View more photos on my Facebook album. :)