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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Movie: Dark Flight (2012)

Have a safe journey

Dark Flight (2012) is Thailand's first 3D horror movie. However, I didn't watch the 3D version.

Synopsis: A senior flight attendant, New (Marsha Wattanapanich) is back on the job after surviving a mysterious inflight incident many years ago. Unfortunately, she's somehow back on the same aircraft again! She realizes it but it's too late for her to turn back. Now, she has to deal with vengeful spirits from the past who are determined to take her life this time as passengers start to be possessed and kill one another.

What a huge letdown. This movie doesn't have that familiar dark and scary element projected by some of Thailand's most successful horror movies. Comedic relief moments that are supposed to diffuse tension is way too much and they are kinda lame. Some scripts are incoherent and wasted, and the CG effects are nothing to shout about.

Marsha Wattanapanich doesn't shine in this movie, not like how she outdid herself in Alone (2007). She doesn't really do much in this movie except freaking out and looking pitiful and sorry all the time. The rest of the cast is... out of place and annoying most of the time.

However, there's one character that deserves to be mentioned. Anchalee Hassadivichit who plays the bitchy woman steals the limelight when she goes berserk and starts to chop everyone up. Some gore and bloody splatters plus scary make-up jobs done on the ghost flight crew are also some of the decent highlights of this movie. That's all. :S

Well, the entire movie is not scary at all and I think it's too mild to be called a horror movie.

Oh well, I think you can give this movie a pass.


  1. Thanks for inform me wanna watch cabin in the wood

  2. Let me know after you've watched it. :D



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