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Menya Musashi - Shiro, Kuro, Aka - Ramen

Does the photo above look familiar to you?

A little back story: Malaysians, those staying in Klang Valley to be exact, are generally trend-setters when it comes to FOOD. Ramen for instance, is the current in-food. I have compiled a list of popular Japanese Ramen restaurants around PJ/KL area.

Back to the question. Yes, the photo above shows the paintings on the wall of the famous Menya Musashi at Level 2, Eat Paradise, Isetan @ 1U.

I like the selections of oils. Shiro - onion-flavored oil; Kuro - special oil combined of fried shallots and garlic oil; Aka - homemade Musashi chili oil.

 Shiro Ajitama Ramen

Kuro Musashi Ramen

 Aka Ajitama Ramen

The noodles' prices.


Verdict: All three types are delicious but they are equally unhealthy, definitely not something fancy for the health conscious. You will become very unhealthy and equally poor. :P

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