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A recap of sorts

Alas, I don't know what to write.

But I feel like writing something about my blog's "growth" and "development" since 2007.

*** 2007 ***

Joy 'N' Escapade was born on 17 August 2007. It started off as my online ranting space, so to speak, as some blog newbies did, I believe.

*** 2008-2009 ***

My dear blog kinda lost its steam for about three months in early 2008 before picking up a steady speed again with 1-2 posts per day from April 2008 till December 2009.

I mainly blogged about food and movies. Yeah, I know, boring stuff. And maybe one or two heartbreak stories too, I couldn't really remember. I might have written about work and some articles for the clients I worked with at that time.

I don't drink, smoke or party, so no partying posts.

Joy 'N' Escapade remains true to its purpose and nature until today - my online journal - no niche, just life and its meaningful anecdotes.

*** 2010-2011 ***

Then I met him, my husband-to-be, in 2010. Things changed. I started Project 365 (2010) to capture all wonderful moments with him. It was fun. So I continued with Project 365 (2011). Here are the archived posts from Project 365 (2010-2011).

In these two years, as I grew up, my blog grew up too. Less rants, less projections of negativity, and more lovely things to talk about. Blog posts doubled. Blog readers too.

Oh, and I gotten engaged in December 2011.

*** 2012 ***

Then came 2012, an exciting year crazy with wedding preparations. So you could guess I wrote a lot about my wedding and related stuff.

I wasn't very keen to continue Project 365 for the third time, so I started Project Reflect 52.

June 2012 was our wedding and honeymoon month. When the excitement finally sort of tapered off, I began to blog less. :P

In fact, I only wrote when there were meaningful events in my life.

*** 2013 ***

This year, 2013, I plan to start a Project Bump 40 or something like that. But, I can't start anything yet until there's a bump you see. So, I've sort of "weaned" off blogging and gone back into an indefinite losing-steam mode.

But, there will still be random posts about food, movies, and books.

It's okay, once the project starts, Joy 'N' Escapade will see light again!



  1. Be like me - just blog about anything under the sun and never mind if no one's interested...or people do not like what they see. It's my I do as I please. They are free to go elsewhere. Shoo! Shoo!!!

    1. The problem is, sometimes I run of idea about what's under the sun. :P

      The mojo's not that strong anymore. Haha.