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2013 Lunar New Year: We're now eligible to give ang pows :)

Ang pows
Yup, the ang pows we packed to give away. This is our first Lunar New Year that we're eligible (or rather, obliged :P) to give away ang pows.

Huattt ahhh!!!

Here are some nice photos of rare Lunar New Year food stuff.

Steamed fresh Udang Ketak

Udang Ketak is Thenus Orientalis or Flathead Lobster or Slipper Lobster or Moreton Bay Bug. Whatever name you call, these steamed fresh "monsters" are delicious!

Garlic Tiger Prawns

My mother-in-law's garlic tiger prawns (they are huge!) are the best in town! :D

Homemade ais kacang

This is an annual tradition - make your own ais kacang. More photos taken in 2011.

Fortune cookies

And of course, don't forget to crack a fortune cookie! Mine said, "There are big changes ahead for you. They will be good ones!"

Onnnggg ahhh!!!


  1. Too bad you don't live here...or my girl can go and collect one from you. chance to try your MIL's cooking...*jeles*

    1. LOL. You should plan a holiday to Terengganu. :P