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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Movie: The Pact (2012)

Are you alone in your house?

The Pact (2012) is a horror movie feature debut by Nicholas McCarthy.

Synopsis: When her mother dies, Annie (Caity Lotz) comes back to her childhood house to meet her sister Nicole (Agnes Bruckner) for the funeral, only to find Nicole missing. Soon after, strange disturbances start to happen in the house. With the help of Officer Bill Creek (Casper Van Dien), Annie begins to unravel the mystery about her mother's dark past that might cost her life.

This movie is not your standard ghost story because it has a surprising twist! In fact, it's a hybrid of both the supernatural and psychological thriller.

There are quite a number of scary bits, most of them dwelling on Annie's slow, unguessable movements in the house, eerie phone messages that show up on their own, passing shadows, and especially the tense buildup of putting pieces of information together towards the big reveal aka the final twist.

This is a pretty good indie horror movie; it's made with a small budget and not marred by your usual dosage of Hollywood horror thingamajig.

If you are looking for a different genre of lightweight horror movie, you would like this one.

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