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Teething and amber necklaces

Baltic Amber teething necklaces for baby/toddler

My baby started teething when he was 6 months old. Currently, he's teething SIX teeth at the same time since he turns 14 months! He's 16.5 months old now. His six new teeth are two top molars, two top incisors, and two bottom molars. Goodness!

His four new teeth on top!
Didn't manage to snap a photo of his two new bottom teeth.

I bought his first amber necklace for him when he was 6 months old, which he's still wearing until today. When I saw he has started teething molars, I bought another amber necklace for him.

Guess what? After wearing two amber necklaces, I realize that he doesn't drool and he isn't cranky/fussy at all. He bites on his teething toys quite a lot but he doesn't drool all over the place. He still breastfeeds like a champ and eats his solids as if nothing is happening.

Natural and unpolished Baltic Amber teething necklaces are well-known for their relieving abilities and calming characteristics. However, teething discomfort varies from child to child. Some children may still experience quite a fair bit of discomfort although they are wearing the necklaces. Also, there are claims that teething necklaces are a hoax.

Whatever it is, as long as my toddler is not experiencing adverse effects and I see that he's doing well while wearing the necklaces, I believe they work.

Baltic Amber accessories for adults

Baltic Amber is said to be helpful to adults for general healing purposes. I'm wearing a necklace and an anklet.

Find out more information from Natural Baby Essentials.

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.


  1. I've heard good things about the amber, but never ended up getting one for my little guy. He started teething at 3 months and now with a few weeks before his second birthday he is getting his two year old molars.

    1. Wonderful! So, your little guy will have his full set of baby teeth! :D