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Budding homegrown brands I met at Molly's Neverland Market :)

Lovely goodie bag sponsored by
vendors at Molly's Neverland Market.

Molly's Neverland was a one-day market held at Awegallery last Saturday, 14 November 2015, featuring various unique vendors of small businesses offering homegrown brands, i.e. apparel, toys, handmade, handcrafted products, art & crafts, and food & beverages for children & toddlers.

Who are these budding homegrown brands? Check them out online from the list below.

#1: The Market's host: M by Chen

Founded in 2013 by Mojo aka Esther, M by Chen is a Malaysian-based children's wear label for kids 1-7 years. Integrating high quality fabric made of cotton, M by Chen creates a unique range of indie and modern Scandinavian mix clothing's design that encourages the little ones to express their own mood and personality. Believing that imagination should be allowed to roam free, the Neverland concept takes the little minds to a land of fun and adventure.

#2: Black Crown Project

Black Crown Project produces stylish and eco-friendly clothing for toddlers and organic cotton apparels for babies. Find them on, and

#3: Little Habitats

Little Habitats is all about bringing nature indoors with micro garden landscape by featuring mini mounds of terrestrial moss and succulent plants. Find them on

#4: Boys on Teeth

Boys on Teeth makes simple but fun lifestyle pieces for the young and young at heart, featuring clothing, paintings, and houseware goodies. Find them on their website,, and

#5 - Milk & Diapers

Milk & Diapers is a line of handmade organic clothing for trendy kids. Find them on

#6 - Teehee Kids

TeeheeKids is the perfect stop that provides children to dress up and look confident yet comfortable every day in every occasion. It's about creating fond dreams for the young and at the same time reminiscence of the early days for grown-ups. They provide a wide range of quality designs for children from 0yo to 4yo at an affordable price - baby bodysuits/rompers, little girl dresses, and little boys shirts and pants.

#7 - Forever and Ava

Forever and Ava makes easy to wear clothes and accessories for babies and toddlers. They are famous for their teepees and tutus. Find them on their website,, and

#8 - By Lena

Lena is an artisan crafter who passionately creates a line of natural and organic beauty products. She lives and enjoys simple things in life. Find her on her website and

#9 - PinThread

The creators at PinThread love fabrics and they want to make kids feel special wearing them! All items are handmade and made to order. Find them on

#10 - Leetle Tateh

Leetle Tateh makes modern and quality handmade soft-soled shoes for kids. Find them on their website,, and

#11 - BebeBundo

BebeBundo is the first in Malaysia to produce handcrafted, soft-soled baby shoes from 100% genuine leather. Find them on their website,, and

#12 - Mini Me

Mini Me loves everything unique and cute. They want to bring you and your little ones a thoughtful collection of beautiful goods. They are famous for their paper storage bags and beautiful cotton cot sheets that can be used as blankets as well. Find them on and

#13 - DreamyBaby

DreamyBaby makes fun and colourful bedding goods for little ones - pillows, cot sheets, blankets, and bedding sets. Find them on their website and

#14 - Copenhagen Delights

Copenhagen Delights is a family-owned business, founded in Vietnam in 2010. Their designs represent the classic Danish look, recognized by their beautiful prints and functional styles. All garments are made from 100% natural fibres such as cotton, linen, and silk. They create and produce garments made to look good and last long.

#15 - Looloo Soap

Looloo Soap is all about natural handmade soap without harmful chemicals that triggers skin issues. All soaps are made from natural ingredients and by a certified aromatherapist. Find them on and

Not in photos

#16 - love, bubsie

love, bubsie is dedicated at ensuring that you can dress your little cuddly bundle of joy in their special outfits for various occasions with a promise of cuteness overload. Find them on their website, and

#17 - Momage

Momage is a piece of art. Momage makes a great gift. Momage is handmade. Find her on her website,, and

#18 - Sukka Project

Sukka Project is everything arts, designs, crafts, and handmade projects. Find them on and


  1. I'm a big believer in buying local (and small business) whenever possible. Nice to know there are others who feel the same way. :)

  2. Hi Joyce,

    What a fun place to shop! I love handmade craft and local produces too.


    1. Cool, I guess there are lots of similar bazaar at where you are at. :D