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Gearing up before baby arrives!

Don't worry, it's just the camera angle. I know it looks like I'm gonna explode soon. Hahaha!

Just wanna blog about things done and to be done before baby decides to say "Hi!" to us. We're at 38 weeks now so it could be anytime soon.....

  • Banking stuff (update credit card PIN, change debit card)
  • Do up baby's wardrobe
  • Indulge in Häagen-Dazs dessert
  • Eat ayam masak lemak cili padi
  • Get baby car seat ready with newborn body support
  • Get hospital bags ready
  • Get ob-gyn to approve my birth plan
  • Stock up snacks in the pantry for the boy (here and here)
  • Paid road tax and car insurance
  • Get part-time cleaners to clean the house
  • Get new mattress ready with mattress protector
  • How and where to place the boy when I'm in the hospital (a few plans to choose from)
  • Put hospital bag and baby car seat into the car booth

  • Boy's preschool arrangement
  • Watch all movies I want to watch online (streaming rocks!)
  • After-birth arrangements (the plan is sort of firmed up)

  • Finish reading a book
  • Watch Fantastic Beast

Just one more photo! :P

1 comment

  1. Big tummy! All these list made me think of my pregnancies and deliveries.