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My Birth Wishes (Plan)

Individual quotes from the Internet

"The power of a birth plan isn't the actual plan, it's the process of becoming educated about all your options!"

"My body will progress at its own pace; my body knows what to do."

"Each surge brings my baby closer to me."

"My baby is coming."

We have chosen the HypnoBirthing method of quiet, relaxed, and natural birth. Below is our Birth Plan. We understand that these choices presume a normal pregnancy and birth. Should there be a medical emergency, we will give our full cooperation after we have had an opportunity for an explanation of the medical need. We wish to have clear and adequate explanations of all procedures, of the progress of labor as it is accessed, and of any possible complications if they occur.

  • Quiet room, dimmed lights, drawn drapes/closed door at all times
  • Mother wears own gown
  • Allow usage of aromatherapy diffuser
  • Husband (and doula) to be present in labor room

  • Change positions for comfort and progress in labor
  • Freedom to walk and move around
  • Allow labor under hot shower (not for extended period of time)
  • Allow fluids and light food if labor is prolonged

  • No continuous EFM unless medically necessary

  • No suggestion of anesthetic/analgesics unless requested

  • Natural oxytocin stimulation – to be accorded the uninterrupted privacy to do so
  • No Pitocin
  • No artificial rupture of membranes
  • To be fully apprised and consulted before introduction of any medical procedure

  • Minimal – with permission – to avoid premature release of membranes

  • Gentle encouragement during final pushing stage without loud "pushing" prompts

  • Local anesthesia for repair of tears

  • No bulb suction unless medically necessary
  • Mother/father will receive baby if at all possible
  • Wait until cord stops pulsating before cutting (delayed cord clamping)
  • Immediate skin-to-skin contact, with baby on mother's stomach, no wrapping of baby
  • Allow vernix to be absorbed into baby's skin; no cleaning/rubbing
  • Bright lights temporarily removed during birth and until baby is moved to mother's chest
  • Air conditioner temporarily turn down/switch off
  • Baby to remain with mother and father for the 1st hour after birth
  • Breastfeeding only, no bottle, formula, pacifier

  • Spontaneous or encouraged with breast stimulation and nursing baby
  • No cord traction, Pitocin or manual removal of placenta unless there is evidence of excessive postpartum bleeding
  • To bring home placenta

We thank you in advance for your support and kind attention to our choices. We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth.

Note: Dr Paul Ng (Pantai Hospital Bangsar) has approved this birth plan.

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