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Comparing notes of my two pregnancies & births

#1 - 2013
#2 - 2016

My age
#1 - 33
#2 - 36

Morning sickness
#1 - None, only mild nausea in the first month
#2 - Basically none, except nausea and vomited after dinner (3-4 times) throughout first trimester

#1 - Butter, pasta, bread, basically Western food
#2 - Spicy food especially those cooked with cili padi, petai, masak lemak. Also tea (with evaporated milk) in the third trimester

Total weight gain
#1 - 10kg
#2 - 12kg

Baby's gender
#1 - Boy
#2 - Boy

Total gestational weeks
#1 - 38 weeks + 5 days
#2 - 38 weeks + 2 days

#1 - None, smooth-sailing, very textbook, no major hiccups except for rather bad pelvic girdle pain from 37 weeks till gave birth

#2 - Drama-rama this whole pregnancy I tell you! There was spotting past implantation window, then at 5 weeks, 19/20 weeks, 24/25 weeks, 31/32 weeks (diagnosed minor antepartum hemorrhage), and 35 weeks. I went to the labor ward to get CTG done in order to monitor baby's heartbeat and movement at 31/32 and 35 weeks in case of preterm labor. I was hospitalized and given the dexamethasone jabs at 32 weeks.

I also had one blackout episode (mid third trimester) possibly due to hyperglycemia. Glucose was detected in urine at 26 weeks but luckily no GDM (Gestational Diabetes Mellitus) after blood test was done at 28 weeks.

Hours in labor (started counting from intermittent mild surges of every 10-12 minutes)
#1 - 15 hours
#2 - 6 hours

Day & time of birth
#1 - Weekday, late morning
#2 - Weekday, early afternoon 

#1 - Tropicana Medical Center
#2 - Pantai Bangsar (KL)

Labor ward experience

#1 - Unpleasant but bearable. The midwife was rather rude as far as I could remember and she treated me as an invalid. She insisted that I wore the hospital gown (okay fine, I gave in) and displeasure was written all over her face when I mentioned about my birth plan (I was a hypnobirthing mom). The nurses panicked and they weren't really clear about what to do after my baby torpedo-ed out without the ob/gyn in the labor room. Baby had to be weighed and jabbed in another room. I asked the hospital to throw my placenta away (I regretted this till now).

One good thing: I was allowed skin-to-skin and to room in with my baby the whole time and breastfeeding was encouraged till I was discharged the next day.

#2 - Very pleasant and I was very satisfied. The ob/gyn, midwife, and nurses were familiar with hypnobirthing, so my birth plan (approved by ob/gyn) was followed through. I could wear my own gown (I brought a dress pyjamas with button-down front). This time, my baby didn't fly out, so I managed to experience bearing down sensations and the infamous ring of fire. Baby was weighed in the same room and jabs were delayed till the next morning. The nurse packed my placenta nicely as requested. Roomed in and breastfed my baby till I was discharged the next day. Read my birth story.

Perineal tear
#1 - Second degree tear, was stitched but I wasn't taught how to clean the wound properly except doing sitz bath. The wound was infected and it took up to a month to heal completely. This caused so much inconvenience because I was in pain and much discomfort. Stress! Read about my postpartum experience in the first four weeks.

#2 - Superficial tear, was stitched. The postnatal ward nurses taught me how to clean the wound. I was also put on a 7-day antibiotics course. Apart from using antiseptic solution, I also spray with bottom spray mist to hasten healing. Complete healing within 10 days! Read about my postpartum essentials.

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