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FoodMatters revolutionizes healthy lunch delivery service

Who's FoodMatters?

Straight to the point: FoodMatters is a healthy lunch delivery service that provides monthly meal subscription packages that range from RM10 to RM14 per meal, thus making eating healthy a breeze. Their mission, based on their website: To banish the negativity surrounding the concept of healthy eating and to make it accessible, affordable and absolutely delicious. 

As a true blue Malaysian, eating is a big part of my life. By eating, I don't mean eating healthy because from my experience, healthy meals are either bland or too pricey. So, when FoodMatters comes into the lunch delivery scene with the concept of healthy eating, it's interesting to try their menu to find out how good can they be. 

How does FoodMatters work?

FoodMatters is a subscription based lunch delivery service. They have an array of nutritious options including healthy versions of all-time favorite local dishes, unique fusion meals, vegetarian, low-fat, low-carb, and gluten-free. Each meal even comes with calorie counts and nutritional information!

So here's the catch, it's subscription based. You can't buy a one-off, single meal. Why so? I look up their FAQ page and found this: Our meals are designed to work best when incorporated into a consistent diet. As such, we want our customers to feel the maximum results of our program and this cannot be achieved without some level of regularity.

True enough, we've been eating carbs-laden food for lunch till lunch coma every single day, so I do agree that it takes regular and consistent doses of healthy options to help us get used to the idea that eating well equals eating healthy.

Recipes by a certified nutritionist

Their recipes are crafted by American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA) certified nutritionist, Alexandra Prabaharan. Prior to obtaining her certification, she worked as a Food Editor for Friedchillies Media where she wrote food articles, hosted food shows and developed recipes for the Friedchilles website.

WOW! That explains how each meal comes with calorie counts and nutritional information. A certified nutritionist!

Okay, now let's take a look at the meals that I have sampled from FoodMatters.

Sample meals from FoodMatters

Recipe #1: Quinoa and Orange Salad
Fresh mixed salad greens tossed with quinoa, oranges, toasted almonds, and purple cabbage with miso dressing.

Calorie: 279; Fats: 20.4; Carbs: 21.0; Protein: 6.4

My verdict: Surprisingly and unexpectedly filling! Before this, I detest the idea of eating salad for lunch. I mean, how could eating vegetables keep me full? However, after trying this quinoa salad, I believe eating clean and hungry without going hungry is possible.

Recipe #2: Greek Salad with Couscous

This refreshing cold Greek salad is made up of couscous, packed with fresh veggies, and topped with a sprinkling of rich feta.

Calorie: 454; Fats: 12.7; Carbs: 68.4; Protein: 18.1

My verdict: Don't underestimate couscous. They maybe tiny but are great, healthier substitute of white rice. It takes my taste buds some time to adjust to this dish's overall taste because it's not your familiar fried rice or carbonara pasta kind of taste. Not a fan of raw onions, so I pick the tiny pieces out. My mom would have given me her look of disapproval. Lol.

Recipe #3: Chili Con Carne

This Chili Con Carne is packed with lean ground beef and protein rich beans. It's low in calories and saturated fat but high in flavor.

Calorie: 301; Fats: 7.8; Carbs: 30.9; Protein: 27.9

My verdict: This is my favorite dish! It's a familiar dish and I'm a big fan of beef and beans. Chili is my love! The brown rice adds a very tasty textured bite to the chili. Overall, a satisfactory lunch.

Recipe #4: Nasi Lemak

This nasi lemak is made from brown rice tossed with virgin coconut oil. The combination of sambal (chili), hard-boiled egg, and anchovies makes for one exciting dish and pays tribute to one of Malaysia's most iconic dishes.

Calorie: 398; Fats: 23.2; Carbs: 36.2; Protein: 11.5

My verdict: Despite no santan, this whole combo is surprisingly delicious. I love the generous amount of cucumber slices. This is indeed a well-made, healthier version of the iconic saturated fat-laden nasi lemak. It's filling as well because of the brown rice so you won't overeat.

Menu selection

Take a look at their menu selection:

How to subscribe?

Take a look at their subscription plan options and pricing before you subscribe:

For more info, check out their FAQ page or contact them at:

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