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My toddler's Bumble Bees adventure at BeeBop Circus

After my 4-year old toddler "graduated" from his last Giggly Bees class (parent & child class), he joined the Bumble Bees classes (independent class) at BeeBop Circus.

What are these bees classes? They are carefully structured developmentally appropriate thematic lessons/programs by BeeBop Circus for young children. BeeBop Circus believes in the importance of play.

Read my earlier blog post to learn more about BeeBop Circus and my toddler's adventure throughout the Giggly Bees classes: My toddler's Giggly Bees adventure at BeeBop Circus

What is BeeBop Circus?

BeeBop Circus is a play gym for children. However, it's not a play gym where your child hops and runs around aimlessly just to kill time. BeeBop Circus recognizes that all children are born with an insatiable desire to play, so they aim to help children turn play into valuable learning experiences through structured play in the gym. There are thematic lesson each week plus energizing time of tumbles, rolls, and lots of fun! BeeBop Circus is indeed the perfect place to channel all that boundless energy!

I like how each class is kept small and the children are given almost one-to-one attention as they go along the lesson/program. There are two teachers per session and they are really experienced dealing with the children's idiosyncrasies, etc.

In Bumble Bees (independent) classes, parents don't join in but we can observe our child outside the play area. There are increased movement and gymnastic tumbling challenges to encourage the children to strive for his or her personal best. At the same time, teamwork and cooperative skills with peers are introduced and enhanced as these little people become competent problem solvers.

Watch this video:

BeeBop Circus schedule

Check out the schedule above or here.

More about BeeBop Circus




Address: Upper First Floor, The School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Contact number: 03-7492 4567


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