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My breastmilk keepsake jewelry crafted by Keepsake by Ryo, Singapore

Isn't this glass locket beautiful? This is the Family of Hearts Glass Locket crafted by Keepsake by Ryo.

Let me tell you a story. I have been breastfeeding since August 2013 after I gave birth to my first child. As a first-time mom at that time, I struggled with breastfeeding and I didn't have excess breastmilk to stock up. I was green with envy at mothers who so much breastmilk that they could make lovely breastmilk keepsakes, e.g. breastmilk charms. I shelved the desire to own a little piece of keepsake in the deepest corner of my heart as I knew I could survive without having one.

Three years later, in December 2016, I gave birth to my second child. My firstborn, who's then about 3.5 years old, was still breastfeeding. So, I tandem nursed both boys. Lo and behold, the Lord blessed me with an abundance of milk! However, to avoid ending up as an oversupply mom, I didn't overstimulate my breasts with extra pumping sessions. Even so, I still managed to keep a small amount of frozen breastmilk in my freezer.

 One day, when my baby turned about four months old, I realized that my firstborn was nursing so much lesser. My mommy instincts told me that he's weaning off anytime soon. It was then I was desperate to immortalize my milk to commemorate the journey of nursing my toddler and tandem nursing both boys for the past few months. As I was searching around for breastmilk keepsake jewelry crafters, I was introduced to Keepsake by Ryo in Singapore. You can read here about who's Ryo and how did she get this business started.

Keepsake by Ryo makes keepsake jewellery out of breastmilk, umbilical cord, and hair. Their mission is to help mothers immortalize love into wearable jewelry crafted using precious metals.

After much deliberation, I decided to go ahead with this lovely Family of Hearts Glass Locket. This beautiful piece consists of three breastmilk hearts placed tightly together to symbolize a loving family. Each heart represents a father's love, a mother's love, and a child's love. We could even include three names in the locket. Perfecto!

Three lovely little hearts, made with so much love, from my breastmilk.

I chose to include both my sons' name and their family name.

How to place order on Keepsake by Ryo?

On their website, click on the keepsake of your choice from these categories: Heirloom Fine Jewellery; Charms; Glass Locket Pendants; Necklaces; Bracelets; Earrings; Rings; Anklets; Cufflinks. Spoiled for choices? I did. In the end, I settled with Glass Locket Pendants - Family of Hearts Glass Locket.

First, for Glass Locket Choice, I chose L6 Round Shape Matte Rose Gold.

Second, for Locket Accessories, I chose Free Necklace.

Third, for Shimmer Choice (in milk parts), I chose None because I love simple and pure design.

Fourth, for Font Choice, I chose #6 Edwardian Script.

Finally, I added the names I wanted to include and clicked Add to Cart. Then, I received an email from them regarding payment plus instructions on how to send inclusions (breastmilk / baby's hair / umbilical cord) to them.

Based on the instructions, I packed 20-30ml thawed breastmilk in storage bags (double layers) specified to store breastmilk. Then I wrapped the package with a layer of bubble wrap before heading over to the post office. To ship to Singapore, I used Registered Mail from Malaysia.

The crafting process ranges from 2-14 weeks. Longer waiting period is expected especially when Ryo's precious metal parts run low and she's waiting for new shipments to arrive from the factory. Mine took about 12 weeks to arrive because they ran out of the matte rose gold metal.

Finally, I received my glass locket in the first week of August. Yay! It came in a lovely box and a Thank You card with caring, polishing, storage, and warranty information. The online info can be found on their FAQ Post Order page.

Warranty is one year and it covers any discoloration of breastmilk components only. You can also read up their FAQ Before Ordering page to know more about the technology / system that they're using to craft each individual keepsake jewelry piece.

I'm very satisfied with my breastmilk glass locket. It's elegant, timeless, and most importantly, it immortalizes my precious breastfeeding journey with both my children. The baby is still breastfeeding currently at nine months old.

Another close-up shot as I couldn't stop admiring its beauty. I'm a happy mama! :)

The cheeky little ones love the locket and they want to take a photo with it too!

More about Keepsake by Ryo

Just go over to and fill up your shopping cart! It's so easy! Check out the guide chart below from their website.

Happy shopping!

Disclaimer: Keepsake by Ryo has given ONE Family of Hearts Glass Locket to me for review as shown in this blog post. I did not receive any monetary compensation. All opinions are honestly mine. Thank you for reading!

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