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Be A Champion Against COVID-19

 Do you want to be part of the solution to COVID-19 in your community?


Let's join the Ministry of Health Malaysia on a six-week campaign to harness the good in people just like all of us and find solutions to the challenges our community is facing. Be a Champion Against COVID-19 alongside a network of amazing, committed, creative and kind people who want to drive change.


No matter who you are, no matter what you do, you can make a big difference to the world by focusing on the issues on your doorstep.


Six weeks. Six missions.

According to the Info Sihat website, participants will receive exclusive content, identify ways to make a difference, and most importantly, take action via 6 missions over 6 weeks, starting on 11 April 2022.

Missions will cover topics which include ways to share facts on how to prevent COVID-19, promote a healthy lifestyle, conduct self-monitoring, promote vaccine uptake, and to take care of your mental health during COVID-19.


By taking one small action each week, you will realize your own potential to change the world.


What values motivated you to sign up as a Champion Against COVID-19?

Your values describe the kind of person you want to be, how you want to treat yourself, other people and the world around you. You can always try to live your values, even when things feel out of your control (like in a pandemic!). What are your values?


Turn your own values into an action plan


For each value, think of one or two actions you could take that would express it. Over the next few days, see if you can take one or two of these actions.

Champions Against COVID-19 Campaign FAQs


See the FAQs below.


How to sign up?


Registration links:


BM -

Eng -


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Mission 1: Share the Facts & Stop Misinformation About COVID-19

 Mission 2: Promoting a healthy lifestyle

Mission 3: Personal responsibility & self-monitoring

Mission 4: Staying mentally healthy during COVID-19

Mission 5: Supporting COVID-19 vaccination

Mission 6: Living with the virus


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