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How I Celebrated My Birthday & Father's Day in 2022

Happy Birthday to me!


Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

My first pair of Michael Kors sneakers - Michael Kors Allie Extreme Color-Block Leather & Logo Trainer. Quoting the product description: Constructed from smooth leather and Signature-print canvas with a color-block finish, they feature a bubble sole that delivers a lightweight feel and chic "walking on air" appearance.

Thanks to hubs for this awesome gift!

My two boys spent some of their pocket money to buy this Bundaberg Ginger Beer for me.

My sister - who knows me well about my favorite fruit - bought these lovely durian as my birthday fruit!

Thanks Miki for this carrot cake! Miki is my go-to personal fashion advisor if I'm looking for some stylist pieces of attire.

Thank you Amanda for this coffee burnt cheese cake! Amanda is the principal and founder of Fusion Music Studio in Puchong. Contact her if you want to enroll your kids in music lessons.


Happy Father's Day to hubs!


In conjunction with Father's Day, all four of us took the LRT to downtown KL, the Pasar Seni area.

There was a skateboarding event by VANS at Kasturi Walk next to the Central Market building in KL.

 Since we were already in this part of town, hubby said we should try some well-known dishes at the nearby Kedai Kopi Lai Foong.

We didn't order this roast duck. But my youngest saw it hanging there and went, "Papa look! A flamingo!"

 We ordered this famous lala beehoon. My eldest loves lala so I shared this bowl of yummies with him. The portion was huge and the amount of lalas was pretty impressive. The soup was very tasty.

 My husband ordered this plate of char kuey teow.


Father's Day project by my eldest boy

He crafted and wrote sentences about the things that he appreciates his papa for on a piece of paper. Then he cut the sentences on the paper into strips and put them into a glass jar.
After that, he presented the jar to his papa for him to pull out each strip to read what was written on it. Awww!


Father's Day project by my youngest boy

This was done at his kindy. Thank you teachers for the thoughtful art & craft!

Happy 9th Father's Day to the hubs!

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