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Introducing JoyFood Ang Ku Kueh (Not Your Ordinary AKK)

Not your ordinary Ang Ku Kueh


I love Ang Ku Kueh. Unfortunately, my delicate gastrointestinal tract couldn't tolerate glutinous rice well. If I'm not mistaken, the sticky ang ku kueh skin is made of glutinous rice flour. I avoid glutinous rice products as much as I can because they upset my stomach and I will stay bloated for many hours.

So, when my friend, Yibin, registered Dietitian and Founder of Beyond Food introduced her version of Ang Ku Kueh to me, I was beyond delighted!


What is JoyFood AKK (Ang Ku Kueh)?

JoyFood AKK (Ang Ku Kueh) is made with all-natural ingredients and high protein ingredients. They come in 3 different flavors, i.e., mung bean, black sesame, and peanut.


Fun fact: JoyFood AKK looks and tastes like ordinary ang ku kueh, but without the sticky texture of glutinous rice flour.



Yibin created and developed her JoyFood AKK according to the international guidelines of IDDSI level 4 (pureed diet). IDDSI stands for International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative.


JoyFood AKK is suitable specifically for individuals with chewing and/or swallowing difficulties.


Not only so, they are also a great option for health-conscious individuals who are looking for high-protein snacks.

These AKKs are freshly prepared using cook-freeze method to retain nutrients and provide convenience.


They are pretty easy to prepare. Just take individual AKKs out from their frozen packaging. Do not need to defrost (yay!). Steam for 8-10 minutes over medium heat. Do not over-steam (yep). Serve immediately.


Why choose JoyFood AKK?

I choose JoyFood AKK over ordinary AKK because of their high protein content. Another reason is there's no glutinous rice flour (easier for digestion) and they are so easy to swallow because they are non-sticky!


I'm having them for breakfast. I bought all 3 flavors so I get to decide which 2 flavors I want for breakfast. They are also a good option for snacks in between main meals.

Who can benefit from JoyFood AKK?

Those who can benefit from JoyFood AKK are senior citizens or people with swallowing and/or chewing issues, people who are not eating well, people who are losing weight, people who wants to have high protein snacks, and vegans.


I personally think they are great for people with digestive issue and for children too!

Source: Beyond Food website | Beyond Food Facebook


How to place order?


Contact or WhatsApp Yibin at 01124341408 to purchase JoyFood AKK.

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