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How an Ambivert Like Me Enjoys a Beach Holiday at Club Med Cherating

What's an Ambivert?

I took this quiz: Introvert, Extrovert, Ambivert Quiz. The scoring goes like this:
0-59 - Introvert
120-180 - Extrovert
60-119 - Ambivert
My score is 70. So, I'm an Ambivert. I'm somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and display characteristics of both an introvert and extrovert such as likely to be more flexible - can adapt to different social situations; feel comfortable in different social settings, but also enjoy time alone; know when to talk and when to listen; and ambiverts are usually well-balanced people who can wear many different hats and be successful at it.

So, how does an Ambivert like me enjoy a beach holiday at Club Med Cherating?
The key to have fulfilling experiences during a beach holiday is to find the perfect balance between partying and embracing solitude and self care.

#1 - Take time to explore the grounds

For me, when I just arrive at a resort, it's always a good idea to take some time to roam around and explore the grounds - architecture, pathways, etc. Take time to soak in all that serenity, calmness, and freedom of being away from work!

#2 - Capturing timeless moments on video

When I come across something delightful or memorable, I'll record those moments for my personal keepsake. Whether or not I choose to share them on social media right away is entirely optional.


#3 - Sunset contemplation

Watching the sunset skyline can be a mesmerizing and solitary way to end the day.


#4 - Exploring nature

Look what I found when I was roaming around the area. I saw bats, monitor lizards. Monkeys too actually.


#5- Quiet reflection

Beaches offer a tranquil setting to reflect, meditate, or simply relax. No frills. Just the sun, breeze, and peace.


#6 - Solo beach walks

Strolling along the shoreline solo to enjoy the serene beauty of the beach and my own thoughts. 

#7 - Enjoying drinks at the bar

Need I say more? The main bar (Orchid Bar) at Club Med Cherating offers bottomless drinks - coffee, tea, mocktails, cocktails.

 #8 - Relaxing by the main poolside & Zen Pool

You just have to spend some time in the water.

#9 - Participate in the themed night celebrations

Club Med Cherating has themed nights with different dress codes every night after dinner. This is a fun way to participate in the night's theme.
When I was from Thursday to Sunday, we have the following themes.

Asian (Thursday)

Thursday featured an Asian-themed lion dance performance.

Black & Glow (Friday)

During the Black & Glow theme on Friday, we enjoyed a captivating neon lights performance, followed by a lively Glow Party on the dance floor. 

White & Jeans (Saturday)

The White & Jeans night on Saturday included the Music Factory show, followed by an evening of dancing to 80s and 90s hits.


#10 - Moonlight appreciation

Finally, after all that vibrant and lively festivities come to an end, there's nothing quite like a peaceful stroll back to your room beneath the moonlit sky.

In summary, anyone can make the most of a beach holiday by embracing the tranquility and opportunities for self-reflection that coastal settings offer, creating a restful and rejuvenating experience.

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