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Between experienced & inexperienced

Time: Lunch

Topic: If a guy likes a girl, he'll do something to show/tell/display his feelings or affections to that girl. Or rather, whatever action he takes will give people (not only that girl) the impression that he likes that girl. Furthermore, by right, a girl should be able to "catch" what a guy is trying to show/tell/display when it comes to this direction.

Hmmm... Objection!

My argument is:

1. The girl shouldn't sense anything because what the guy is doing may be only and purely out of friendliness or politeness. C'mon! Don't misunderstand so early maa... Later malu eh... Sensibility is better than sensitivity.

2. This depends on both party's personality. This determines the way both parties evaluate what is going on, whether there's the possibility of being more than just friends or not.

But then, some argued that MOST girls should be able to sense if a guy likes you and is doing things to show how he feels.

I still disagree.

Comment from some: Experienced and inexperienced make a difference, meaning that I disagree because I'm inexperienced.

Duh... Oh well...

*eyes rolling*


  1. I agree with you. It depends on how sensitive the receiver is, I suppose. If you're not very sensitive, then it will fly right over your head.

  2. Ah well, u got a point there.

    Another extreme is that the receiver could be too sensitive and misunderstand friendliness as love signals. Lagi teruk wey...

    So, as long as a guy never tell u plainly that he likes u & wants u to be his girlfren, NEVER assume ANYTHING.

    Not too much, right?


  3. Actually, that was happened to me. Three exes and one potential had to confess to me before I realised that they liked me. :P

  4. I feel it's better that way, so the other party would not misinterpret the other one. Likewise, a guy would usually try to give hints by action AND words.

    What kind of stuff? It depends on the guy/personality...

  5. Joyce sweetie pie...

    how to make someone fall in love with you or at least like you a lot? *wink*....*wink*....maaf la lama tak visit your blog.....busy & tired lately...anyway...keep up the good motivation, writing and bla..bla...really hope can meet you and talk to you some day....boleh ke joyce? saya nak jadi kawan awak...rasa awak ni baik...bye

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    10Q kerana lawat blog I. By the way, apa nama cik/encik? Masih not so familiar pasal u... mana boleh jumpa? Mana tau... u mungkin stalker ke, criminal ke... Tak boleh main-main ni, nanti end up kat newspaper... haha...

    Harap u tak marah kat komen I ni ya... One has to be very careful nowadays :P


  7. I remember 'confronting' a guy about the issue. And he denied having 'feelings' for me.

    But I still think he lied about it! :p

    Anyway, I totally agree with you. (and also ur last comment :p)

  8. I tried the "confrontation" method before, not really face-to-face, but via actions & things like that...

    Yeah, true enuff, the guy said, it's good to be friends ONLY -_-


    I've given up hope about guys... It's so much better to be single. I can do whatever I want :P

  9. Hi Joyce,

    Never mind Joyce, I understand. You are right, one must be careful nowadays...

    But...I am not a criminal or anything like that...not in any way...*sad*sad*

    True friendship is based on trust, honesty and sincere generosity of our hearts...

    Jaga diri baik2 Joyce...bye


  10. Aiks, I don't mean to hurt your feelings...

    *sorry :(*

    I agree with what you said, "True friendship is based on trust, honesty and sincere generosity of our hearts..."