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Bid... B1d...

Oh well... well... well...

I got Samsung YP-U3 1GB MP3!

Cute little fella. Got it for RM156, am not paying the shipping charges because gonna go to Lelong's office to take it. RRP is RM219. Not bad laa...

- Color: Black
- Dimensions : 11 X 25.4 X 80 (mm)
- Capacity: 1GB
- Display: Mono 4 Line
- Battery type: Li Poly
- Audio playback time: 15 hours
- Slim USB direct
- MP3, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, ASF

Review about the product:
- Sound Quality: Good
- Ease of Use: Simple
- Look & Design: Excellent
- Range of Features: Diverse
- Value for Money: Excellent
- Recommended: YES

- Small
- Sleek
- Sexy

Can't wait to lay my hands on it! Gonna put in all my favorite MP3s! Oh yea... I bid this as an early birthday present for myself :P

1 comment

  1. One comment: Careful with the USB port at the bottom of the MP3. Once it's stuck, you'll need to send it to Samsung service center for repair.

    That's what happened to me.