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Kamiya Etsuko (神谷悦子)

Joyce has the meaning of joy, joyous, or joyful. Joisu is just the transliterated version. So, I sought for a real Japanese name.

Here are a few samples that carry the connotation of "Joy".

1. Etsuko (悦子): From(etsu) "joy" and(ko) "child".

2. Sachiko (幸子): From(sachi) "happiness" and (ko) "child".

3. Yuki (幸, 雪, 由貴, 由紀): From"happiness" or"snow". Also from(yu) "reason" combined with(ki) "valuable" or(ki) "chronicle".

4. Yukiko (幸子, 雪子, 由喜子, 由貴子): From(yuki) "happiness" or(yuki) "snow" combined with 子 (ko) "child". Alternatively, from(yu) "reason" with (ki) "joy" or(ki) "valuable" combined with(ko) "child".


I choose Etsuko because
悦子 sounds nice. Andmeans Joy.


And Uncle Silver Fox gave me this: Usagino Etsuko (
(Note: Usagino,
is created by him, it's not a typical Japanese family name).


Arigato gozaimasu!


If you are interested, check this out: Behind the Name: Japanese Names


Saw this family name: Kamiya (神谷).

So, Kamiya Etsuko
(神谷悦子) will be the real Japanese name.


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