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Jeans shopping

Suddenly, I got the urge to buy a pair of jeans of good quality and reputable brand. Hmmm... Still thinking...

Found some interesting tips on jeans-wearing "ethics":

Hiding tummy
- choose medium to dark colored jeans; dark shades of blue, black and brown are best
- choose medium to high rise jeans that do not reach any higher than the belly button
- choose jeans that are not too tight and do not grab too much at the waist

Slimmer hips & smaller butts
- choose flattering jeans that do not have front pockets
- choose darker colored jeans provide a "slimmer and trimmer" look
- also choose straight legged, skinny jeans, or boot cut jeans
- choose low-waisted jeans instead if your hips are wide
- choose flared legs on low-waisted jeans because flared bottoms help to offset wide hips. However, avoid flared legs if legs are short
- avoid jeans with pockets on the back that have a design or embroidery

Longer legs
- lengthen your legs and shorten your body with high-waisted jeans
- skinny jeans look especially good on skinnier legs
- try jeans that flair at the bottom, which can be worn with heels

Smaller thighs
- choose straight legged, skinny jeans, or wide legs
- avoid jeans that flares at the bottom as they will put much more emphasis of the thighs

Generally, stay safe with boot-cut jeans, which look great on every body type. The slight flare on the bottom of the boot cut makes thighs look thinner and evens out wide hips or a large butt. Go with straight cut legs only if your body is naturally well proportioned. Straight cut jeans do not conceal any flaws.

Check out Buying Guide. Also Jeans Style Guide.

Buy? Not buy? Buy? Not buy?


  1. LOL!

    Am thinking about Levi's but a bit too expensive. Anyone knows any nice ladies' jeans brand?


  2. methink HangTen's quite OK. and Baleno's.. :D